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While CriticalDance publishes Ballet-Dance Magazine, we still encourage writers of all levels and backgrounds to contribute to our site and participate in the open discussions that take place in our forum.

What Ballet-Dance Magazine is looking for.

Ballet-Dance Magazine publishes reviews, features and/or interviews profiling people, companies and events in the dance world each month and is most interested in well-written articles from people who love dance. You need not be an “insider” or a long-time dance expert to write for us. We are, in fact, always on the look-out for new and interesting writers who bring a passionate point of view to their appreciation of dance.

We favor articulate, thoughtful articles that capture or illuminate the world of dance and dance performance, whether it’s ballet or butoh.

We also strive to cover a range of geographic areas and dance styles. Ballet and modern dance feature strongly, but we will be delighted to receive articles on Flamenco, Indian Dance, Musicals etc. We currently publish in English.

Article Submission
Ballet-Dance Magazine welcomes submissions relating to dance and dance performances. This includes reviews of dance performances, interviews, features on companies/dancers/dance-related subjects, and dance-related book reviews. At this time we are NOT able to provide any compensation for submissions that are published.
   • All articles and images should be submitted to articles@criticaldancemail.com
   • To help our editors, please make the company/festival/date of performance/topic of your submission clear in the e-mail   subject line
   • We will not respond personally unless there are edits or we need more information. If you would like a reply, please let us know in the e-mail.
  • The author’s name MUST be included with the submission. BDm will NOT publish any article using a pseudonym rather than the author’s real name in the byline

Timelines for submission

Reviews of performances attended using BDm press tickets should be submitted or posted on the forum within ONE week unless a company requires/requests faster publication.  All other reviews should be submitted within two weeks. 
Reviews submitted more than a month after the performance will not be published unless in a monthly wrap-up, converted to a feature or prior permission received.
    * If a company requires publication faster than one week, please try to let the editorial staff know in advance or publish first in the forum.
    * We understand that life can interfere with being a critic, so let us know ASAP if you may have a problem or not meet a deadline.

In general, BDm does not publish during the last two weeks of the year in order to give the staff time off during the Christmas holiday. Special arrangements may be made if the staff is available and willing.

We love to have images with our reviews and features; however, our volunteer staff has limited time to request images. Thus, it is helpful if you can request images from the venue or press staff and submit them to the e-mail address above. Alternatively, if the company or venue posts images on a website, you may provide us with the log in/password.
   • Photos should be accompanied by information for the caption (company, dancers and name of piece) and the name of the copyright holder (photographer or company)
   • Please ensure that permission has been obtained to use the images(s) prior to submission to BDm. We will not publish images under copyright without the name of the copyright holder.
   • Please do not use symbols, accents or spaces in image file names
   • Please make it clear if the copyright holder requires a specific caption to be used
  • We usually will not identify specific dancers if more than 4 or 5 are in the image or the names of the dancers in the image are not provided

To help our editorial staff, it is much appreciated if you can try to work within these basic formatting guidelines.
• General
   o MS Word documents preferred
   o Arial, 10 or 12 pt
   o Single or 1.5 space
   o Avoid symbols, accents or foreign alphabets – they don’t work with our current web publishing system

• Reviews
   o List the company/festival, venue, city, date and names of pieces at the top
   o Names of companies, ballets, dances etc. should be in single quotes or italics
   o Try to stick with a single tense within a review where possible

• Interviews
    o Try to separate out the interviewer questions and interviewee responses using bold, italics and/or spacing
    o It is fine to edit a direct transcript, but the reader should be made aware if the words are not direct from the interviewee. Please indicate in the introduction or in a note if the transcript has been edited or altered.

Our staff tries to edit pieces where possible. If the changes are more than basic spelling grammar or typos, we will provide the author with ‘track changes’ version of the submission. Authors are free to make further changes, accept the edits or decline publication. If you would like feedback or extra feedback, please let us know, as we are happy to try and provide help to new or improving critics.

Conflicts of Interest
In order to maintain our journalistic integrity, we ask that our critics abide by our guidelines regarding conflict of interest. If you have any question regarding a possible conflict of interest, feel free to let us know.
   • As a general matter, critics should NOT review a performance if the critic, a spouse, partner, colleague, or family member is:
    o a performer, choreographer, designer, artistic director or producer involved in the performance
    o employed by the company or festival involved with the performance(s) or a employed by a press/communications company paid to provide support for a company/festival
    o a major donor to the company/festival (> than $500 per year)

   • Under certain circumstances, as long as you indicate any conflict of interest in the context of the article, we may consider publication at our sole discretion.
   • If a situation arises in which you want to conduct an interview, review a performance, or write a feature where there may be a conflict of interest, please contact us in advance of submitting the article.

Submitting to Multiple Publications
   • We ask that authors not submit to other publications at the same time as BDm. If authors do submit to multiple publications, they are responsible for handling any issues regarding copyright etc. If BDm is forced to pull a piece after editing or publication on more than one occasion, the editors reserve the right not to consider further submissions from the author.
   • BDm is pleased to reprint articles from other publications when time permits, and will happily provide a link or reference to the original publication. However, the author is responsible for securing the rights to reprint with the original publication.

Press Tickets
BDm may be able to secure press tickets & other opportunities for approved critics from many venues, festivals and companies. However, unless you have been formally accredited by our staff (i.e. you currently are permitted to request press tickets), please do NOT request tickets or other press opportunities using our name. You are welcome to independently request press tickets, set up interviews or attend press events, but we cannot guarantee publication of any submission until review by our editorial staff.

If you would like to seek accreditation, you will need to go through the following process:
   • Provide a brief bio that indicates your previous reviewing experience, other writing experience and dance-related experience. We do NOT perform any formal checks, but we may turn down submissions if we are not confident that you are writing under your real name and will be professional in dealings with companies.
   • Submit three previous pieces or submit three reviews not using press tickets.
   • If the quality of these pieces is sufficient, we will give you an OK. Otherwise, we may ask for further pieces or work with you on your writing before approving your request.
   • Requests from authors with previous experience as dance critics can be expedited with references and/or submissions of recently published articles.

• Copyright to the text remains with the author, copyright to the version as published in the magazine stays with BDm. Generally BDm will not remove a published article unless there are legal or safety issues.
• All submissions to BDm must comply with copyright, libel and other regulations/laws in the UNITED STATES, regardless of the location ofthe performance or the residence of the author.
• Authors should note that BDm is accessible on the web in most countries. BDm is not responsible for ensuring that content is in compliance with regulations in any country.


We welcome your comments and feedback. Please feel free to post to our forums.

Please note that CriticalDance and Ballet-Dance are Web-only. We do not have centralized real-world offices, and so the best way to contact us is via email.

To submit press releases, please post them in the forum

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