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Choreographing a Mark Morris-Style Work
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Author:  qualitygirl69 [ Sat Nov 30, 2002 6:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Choreographing a Mark Morris-Style Work

hey i was just wondering if anybody out there has choreographed anything in the style of mark morris?? We are currently choreographing a mark morris style piece for our third year degree dance production and was wondering if anyone had any tips?? I mean, i know the music informs the whole piece, but we are actually finding it much more difficult to 'dance to the music' rather than have a theme or narrative to the dance!!

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Author:  Azlan [ Sat Nov 30, 2002 8:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Choreographing a Mark Morris-Style Work

Hi, that's an interesting question. I'm clarifying the title and moving the thread to Backstage where perhaps some people can see it.

Author:  LMCtech [ Mon Dec 02, 2002 2:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Choreographing a Mark Morris-Style Work

I haven't choreographed a Morrisish piece, but have seen a lot of his work. He works directly off the musical score and will structure the dance to fit the structure of the music. He uses quirky movements and will set up theme and variations among the dancers and the sections of the dance. There is often a narrative running through the piece, but not always. Also keep in mind that though the music drives the choreography, the movements aren't completely tied to it. Morris will contrast movements to the music as often as he mimics it. Concentrate on the rhythms in the music as well. He tends to pick up on those and use them to inform movement phrases.

Author:  agntrypod [ Tue Dec 03, 2002 4:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Choreographing a Mark Morris-Style Work

1.put the music on
2. (dim the lights in the studio)
3. relax-(have a (1)drink or something)
4. dance
throwing out all preconcieved notions just move for the sake of moving-slowly youll find some you like to keep and it will come together with work.
5. stop thinking of it as a morris-esque-peice-and start thinking of it as yours-hes not the only choerographer that uses music in such a way
P.S. make sure you like the music

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