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The Results To Date Are.....
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Author:  BabsLights [ Fri Nov 21, 2003 1:42 pm ]
Post subject:  The Results To Date Are.....

1. HAPPY -
bright pink, yellow, red, light pink, "all the colors of the rainbow"

2. SAD -
grey, dark blue, blue

3. BLUE -
grey, blue,dark blue,

grey, blue, dark green, brown, beige, white

5. LIGHT -
yellow, yellow-white, orange, light blue, pale amber, pale yellow, ivory

6. AIRY -
orange, light blue, white, light lavender, sky blue, yellow

7. WATER -
blue, light blue, light blue/green, sky blue, light green, darker blue

8. COLD -
white, blue white, light blue, ice blue, darker blue/green

pink, light rose pink, yellow, bright pink/purple

10. SUNSET -
red, orange, brown, pinkish amber, primary red, dark amber, sky blue, yellow/orange, peach

purple, primary red, red/black, rich red

12. RAINY -
grey, sky blue, dark lavender, grey/white

dark blue, navy, black, primary blue with green, blue/black, dark dark blue

green, maroon, white, light green, light purple

15. WAR -
red, black, brown, sepia, blood-red


As I was putting these together, I noticed something else here interesting - that words besides color words were used to describe a color - ice, blood, etc.

But my main point of this was to illustrate how some words that you think can be so obvious to say to someone, be it a designer or an artist or a choreographer, etc., have many different meanings to people.

I would go a step further to theorize that if I was to place before you color swatches, and you had to wrote down what color it is, there would also be different names.

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