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Vladimir Issaev's New CD - Vol 2 - On sale now
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Author:  Press [ Sun May 21, 2000 7:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Vladimir Issaev's New CD - Vol 2 - On sale now

PRESS RELEASE<BR>FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT:<BR>Aventura Dance Academy<BR>19048 NE - 29th Ave - Aventura, FL 33180<BR>Tel. 305 935 3232 Fax: 305 354 4578<BR>FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE<BR> EMAIL<P><BR>VLADIMIR ISSAEV'S NEW CD: <BR>Ballet Technique Class Vol. 2<BR>A TRIBUTE TO JULIUS PLAHT<P><BR>"Teaching Ballet in the Vaganova Style requires not only to have the <BR>knowledge of it, the complete domain of the style, but a certain kind of <BR>music that will give the student the feeling of each combination. Due to the <BR>lack of recorded music I have found to teach Vaganova Style I was motivated <BR>to record these two CD's, with the help and expertise of Marina Stolyar., <BR>pianist and accompanist at Harid Conservatory.<BR>This CD could also motivate pianist accompanists to extend their classical <BR>repertoire and make it available to every Vaganova style teacher. This CD is <BR>a tribute to one of my Ballet Teachers who I consider one of the greatest <BR>teachers in the history of the Soviet Ballet: Julius Plaht. The exercises are <BR>meant to fit Ballet Technique Classes for Advanced and beginners. It easily <BR>can be used for Pointe class as well. "<BR>These are the words of Ballet Master Vladimir Issaev, after releasing his <BR>second CD.<P><BR>From the series Music for Ballet Masters by Vladimir Issaev, this new CD <BR>features music of the most renown composers for ballet music, such as: Adam, <BR>Drigo, Minkus, Hertel, Gounod. Marina Stolyar, pianist and accompanist at the <BR>Harid Conservatory, not only contributed with her exceptional <BR>interpretations, but she also composed some of the pieces recorded. <P><BR>Issaev, presents a tribute to Julius Plaht, (2-8-1918 / 2-8-1988) Born in <BR>Herson, Russia. This great Ballet Master and Choreographer, graduated as a <BR>dancer in 1941 at the Choreographic School of Leningrad. Among his teachers <BR>we find the renowned V.I. Ponomariov. In 1950, Julius Plaht finished his <BR>studies as a Choreographer at the San Petersburg Conservatory, having as his <BR>Ballet Mistress the very well known and Ballet Syllabus creator Mme. <BR>Agrippina Vaganova. From 1951 until 1973 Mr. Plaht worked as Classical <BR>Ballet Teacher in Pas de Deux at the Perm Choreographic School; from 1965 to <BR>1973 he was appointed as the Artistic Director of the Perm Opera and Ballet <BR>Academy. He also worked in Uzbekistan and until his death in 1988 Mr. Plaht <BR>was Ballet Master at the Odessa Ballet and Opera House, which is one of the <BR>most important theaters and ballet companies in Russia. <P><BR>"To rehearse and to take class from Mr. Plaht was a pleasure. His knowledge <BR>on classical ballet was outstanding. Mr. Plaht is one of the most famous <BR>teachers and choreographers in the history of the soviet ballet. Not only did <BR>he create a generation of exceptional professional dancers, but also great <BR>teachers as well", says Issaev.<P><BR>Among his students we found some of the most acclaimed, honored and <BR>prize-winning dancers of Russia; principal dancers of International <BR>Companies, and ballet masters of the most prestigious schools in the world, <BR>such as C. Alexandroff, Leon Asaulac, Marat Daukaiev, G. Malhaziants, , A.. <BR> Muntaguirov, Yuri Petouhoff, Yuri Sidoroff, G. Sudakoff, Stanislav Issaev, <BR>Luba Fominich, Galina Ragozina, Galina Schlappina, Nadia Pavlova, Luba <BR>Kunakova, Sabirjan "Sasha" Yapparov, and myself.<P><BR>To order , call : 305 935 3232 or email<BR>$ 29.95 plus shipping and handling<P>VLADIMIR ISSAEV is currently Ballet Master, Choreographer & Artistic Director <BR>of Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida and Ballet Master of Miami City Ballet <BR>School and Aventura Dance Academy. He was born in Siberia, Russia, 1954. At <BR>the age of 11, he began his ballet studies at the Choreographic School of <BR>Voronezh, obtaining the degree of "Ballet Artist" in 1973. <P><BR>He worked as ballet dancer for several years at the Opera House of Ufa and <BR>Opera House of Odessa, dancing the whole classical and modern repertoire, <BR>later he was admitted at the State Institute of Arts Lunacharsky G.I.T.I.S <BR>where he graduated in 1986 as Ballet Master and Master Choreographer with the <BR>highest grades and honors of the Institution. <BR> <BR> He has been Academic and Artistic Director at the Choreographic School of <BR>Frounze, Ballet Master and Regisseur for the Ballet Metropolitano de Caracas, <BR> Ballet Concierto de Puerto Rico and Ballet Master for Ballet Nacional de <BR>Caracas. During those years he has prepared, with the finest technical <BR>skills, the principal dancers of the company for their soloist roles.<BR> <BR> As a choreographer he has produced several ballets in Russia, United <BR>States, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. He has also been invited as guest Ballet <BR>Master by several international companies such as: Le Jeune Ballet de <BR>France, Ballet Nacional de EspaƱa and Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal among <BR>others.<BR> <BR>Since 1991, Vladimir Issaev has been invited repeatedly by the Dance <BR>Educators of America Association and by the Russian Ballet Seminar to hold <BR>Russian Ballet Seminars together with the great stars of the Kirov Ballet <BR>Alla Sizova and Irina Kolpakova in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ballet Theater of <BR>Scranton, California University, Santa Barbara and Sacramento. <P><BR>Most recently, he has developed the Imperial Ballet Seminar of Russian <BR>Technique in Miami, Florida, under the sponsorship of the Miami-Dade Cultural <BR>Affairs Council, having as guest ballet teachers; Ms. Irina Lebedeva, soloist <BR>of Perm Opera Ballet House, and Mme. Alla Osipenko, world renowned prima <BR>ballerina and star of the Kirov Ballet, and one of the latest students of <BR>Agrippina Vaganova. Mr. Issaev is a repeated yearly guest Ballet Master for <BR>the Florida Dance Festival.

Author:  Azlan [ Sun May 21, 2000 8:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Vladimir Issaev's New CD - Vol 2 - On sale now

Image <BR>Vladimir Issaev

Author:  grace [ Mon May 22, 2000 3:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Vladimir Issaev's New CD - Vol 2 - On sale now

it is true that a vaganova style class requires a different type of accompaniment, to that often provided on ballet class CD's and cassettes, especially for the training years, where things are taken slower than with other ballet teaching methods, with far fewer waltzes/more 'square' rhythms, and less allegro work at the lower levels.<P>this CD is for the advanced work, so i imagine there are fewer differences here. <P>it's good to get quite an explanatory background article like this, to understand what one is getting when ordering a tape/CD.<P>it's even more useful if they provide a list to indicate what each piece of music is -for example:-<P>1. plies 64 bars of 12/8 (barcarolle) played twice, with 1 bar introduction<BR>...that sort of thing.

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