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 Post subject: Learning Goals - Age 4 years
PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2000 2:17 pm 

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<B>Rabbit</B> has generously offered the following guidelines. Discussion welcome. Image<P> <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Learning goals for dance students - 4 years old:<P>1. Listening skills<BR>*Able to follow verbal instructions from the teacher<BR>*Able to listen to what others in class have to say<P>2. Looking skills<BR>*Able to follow movements as demonstrated by the teacher and by other<BR>students.<BR>*Able to move in the space without bumping into others<BR>*Able to observe pictures and objects then translate the visual images<BR>into body shapes and movements<BR>3. Concentration skills<BR>*The ability to focus on more challenging finger games, especially ones<BR>that require staying on time with music or that require faster actions<BR>*More difficult balancing games, e.g. narrower beam & moving backwards<BR>and sideways on it ,<BR>*More difficult shapes to hold a balance in, longer holds in the<BR>balance<BR>*Useful folk dance "Seven Jumps"<P>4. Control Skills<BR>*All skills from 3 year olds applied asking a greater level of control<BR>*Moving about an obstacle course following directions, e.g. staying<BR>outside the hoop, going over the puddle, between the books…..<BR>*Training the ability to focus on what the teacher is doing without<BR>being distracted by other students etc.<BR>*Training the ability reproduce a movement accurately.<P>5. Co ordination skills<BR>*More difficult hand eye co ordination games using props. E.g. Instead<BR>of passing the beanbag, toss it and catch it. Instead of rolling a ball<BR>to a partner with two hands do it with one hand. Instead of simple<BR>rhythms with the sticks try more difficult ones….<BR>*Combine 2 different movements at the same time, e.g. While walking,<BR>tap your nose with one finger, while hopping on one foot pull on your<BR>ears…the more bizarre the better to encourage practice and the ability<BR>to inspire originality<P>6. Body Awareness Skills<BR>*continue on from 3 year old program, developing a greater range of<BR>movements vocabulary and movement potential<BR>*explore how movement of one body part affects the movement of other<BR>body parts<BR>*explore the concepts of how movement changes when a different body<BR>part leads or initiates the movement<BR>*explore the joints and the purpose of joints<BR>*learn about muscles and their purpose,<BR>*talk about how it feels when we try to make<BR>*muscles stronger or more flexible<P>7. Space awareness<BR>*all the concepts from 3 year olds demanding a greater understanding<BR>*maintaining personal space in a circle formation<BR>*standing in lines and maintaining spacing,<BR>*being able to move about the space and return to the same spot in the<BR>lines<BR>*being able to move across the space in lines of 2 or 3 and maintain<BR>spacing<P>8. Spatial Orientation<BR>*All the concepts from 3 year olds<BR>*Plus toward and away from<BR>*2 or more of the different combinations combined in sequences. E.g.<BR>" junior dance Olympics game" high jump over the hat, slither under the<BR>chair, hop on one foot between the bean bags, run toward the door, sit<BR>down with your hands on top of your knees.<P>9. Shape understanding<BR>*Continue with the concepts of 3 year olds<BR>*Plus, add some shapes as they relate to dance, e.g. the arms make<BR>round shapes (bras bas, first fifth) or straight shapes (2nd), the body<BR>makes a tall and narrow shape (posture), the legs make a triangle shape<BR>when standing in parallel 2nd position……<BR>*Awareness that by connecting the dots between people we can create<BR>shapes on the dance floor, e.g. Circle, triangle, diamonds..<P>10. Locomotor skills<BR>*All those from 3 year old level expecting greater musicality and<BR>precision<BR>*Taken moving forward back wards and sideways.<BR>*taken at different speeds<BR>*Starting and stopping (e.g. run and stop)<BR>*Sneaky walks, introducing the concept of dancers walk with their toes<BR>first<BR>*Add the concept of running and leaping, marching, character runs,<BR>pony gallops, pony prances, pony step on flat<P>11. Movement skills<BR>*All those from 3 year program and start putting them together in<BR>patterns<BR>*Start combining them with locomotor movements start combining them<BR>with arm or head movements e.g. swaying with circular arm movement,<BR>bounces with opposition arm swings, bend and stretch with jumping jack<BR>arm…<P>12. Flexibility<BR>*Increase the awareness of and acceptance of discomfort that comes with<BR>stretching exercise.<BR>*Increase the length of time a stretch is held with control.<BR>*Incorporate movements that enhance flexibility, e.g. Bear walk.<BR>*Start work on back flexibility, "seal and cat exercises".<P>13. Strength<BR>*Continue upper body strength, e.g. Kitten drinks his milk (kiddy<BR>push ups), some type of chin up activity.<BR>*Begin to train awareness of abdominal strength, e.g. leaning back on<BR>the elbow and make rain storm sounds with your toes.<P>14. Feet exercises<BR>*Learn terminology, flex, point, demi point, metatarsal<BR>*Learn that there are two parts of the foot that have to work when<BR>pointing, the ankle and the toes<BR>*Picking up scarves with the feet<BR>*Continue "foot inspections" but add the awareness that the legs must<BR>be stretched and lengthened and kept in a straight alignment at the same<BR>time<P>15. Right and left skills<BR>*More difficult games that develop and awareness of right and left and<BR>start the process of recognizing one side of the body as right and the<BR>other as left<BR>*Incorporate the awareness that travelling to the side can be to the<BR>right or to the left<P>16. Posture and stance skills<BR>*All skills as outlined in 3 year olds.<BR>*Reinforcing standing tall in all appropriate activities.<P>17. Dance Vocabulary<BR>*All the concepts from 3 year olds.<BR>*Plus in parallel learn: knee bends and stretch, rises, transfer of<BR>weight forward and back, heel tendu, parallel retirez (the flamingo<BR>stand.<BR>*Turns - twirling on two feet versus spinning on one foot (as a free<BR>movement.<BR>*Beginning of allegro - bouncing, jumping, hopping and leaping.<BR>*In a natural 1st position in tall posture<P>18. Hand movement skills<BR>*Continue to build awareness of the hand and wrist, awareness of what<BR>the fingers are doing, e.g. Pulling petals off a flower, pretend sewing,<BR>stroking an imaginary kitten, playing with water, lacing fingers<BR>together to make a basket, holding an imaginary bird in a finger cage…..<P>19. Arm movement skills<BR>*Continue with all the skills developed in 3-year-old program.<BR>*Teach the concept of opposition (one arm forward and the other back).<BR>*Pointing toward a direction (preparing the hand for arabesque lines).<BR>*Hands on waists with fingers together.<BR>*Begin to build awareness that the arms make shapes, rounded or long,<BR>and create lines, horizontal, and vertical, diagonal.<BR>*Develop an awareness of the joints, wrist, elbow and shoulder and<BR>explore their range of movement and how they affect the lines the arms<BR>make.<BR>*Begin to combine arm movements with locomotor & movement & action<BR>skills.<P>20. Head movements<BR>*All skills from 3 year level.<BR>*New vocabulary, head turn R & L, raised and lowered<BR>*plus head circles incline R & L, turn & incline<BR>- listening to a sea shell (head under)<BR>- looking at a cloud to R or L (head over)<P>21. Musicality Skills<BR>*Continue all concepts from 3 year old level<BR>*Teach concept of pulse or beat.<BR>*Teach concept of 2/4 time signature.<BR>*Teach concept of 1st beat of the bar and last beat of the bar.<P>22. Musical Qualities<BR>*Continue on with all 3-year-old concepts.<BR>*Use more challenging music and exercises, e.g. do one thing when the<BR>music is loud and something else when the music is soft. They must<BR>listen for the changes in the music and respond with the appropriate<BR>movement<P>23. Energy and Dynamics<BR>*Continue with the concepts learnt at the 3-year-old level.<BR>*Incorporate it into music skills or other movement skills<BR>*relate it the emotions and feeling<BR>*Others to explore - Tired versus energetic<BR>- Enthusiastic versus bored<BR>- Shove versus drag<BR>- glide versus brittle<BR>- jagged versus curvy<P>24. Action Skills<BR>*Take the concepts from the 3-year-old program and start combining them<BR>in combinations.<BR>*Explore more actions: lifting, waving, holding, pinching, tickling,<BR>pointing, snapping, rubbing, patting, tapping, squeezing, scratching,<BR>kicking…<P>25. Patterning Skills<BR>*Continue to work on build pattern phrases as with the 3 year olds.<BR>*Develop memory skills to build and remember longer phrases.<P>26. Interactive Skills<BR>*Work all the interactive skills of the 3-year-olds but incorporate<BR>them into other movements and with other activities.<P>27. Improvisation Skills<BR>*Explore a greater range of movements,<BR>*Explore movement concepts and develop them with the music.<BR>*Build a relationship between improvisation and musicality.<BR>*Build a relationship between feelings & emotions and improvisation.<BR>*Build a relationship between improvisation and dance vocabulary,<BR>locomotor skills, actions, arm movements…<BR>*Let improvisation build a bridge between all the skills of movement<BR>and dance.<P>28. Mime Skills<BR>*Explore more, for example: wedding, no, you go over there, you come<BR>over here.<BR>*Encourage making up some of their own.<P>29. Pantomime Skills<BR>*Develop more difficult pantomimes to act out<BR>*Develop pantomimes that require 2 people working in co-operation.<BR>*Have one group act out while the other group tries to guess what they<BR>are doing.<P>30. Memory Skills<BR>*Continue to build memory skills.<BR>*Longer patterns, longer poems, longer sequences…<P>31. Building respectful relationships<BR>*Formal end ing to class- Bow/curtsy + Applause.<BR>*leaving the dance floor neatly<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


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