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Author:  grace [ Mon Jun 26, 2000 1:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TOP TWENTY DANCE BOOKS-A Subjective List

TUK, i agree that these are both excellent books for ballet teachers. i think trina was trying to be all-inclusive - which inevitably means that a lot gets missed out!!! Image<P>i'm sure both you and trina know what i mean...i think aiming to reduce it to 20 was an ambitious but VERY worthy plan.<P>grieg was one of my first teachers in australia! <P>i think you are right about the kostovitskaya book being extremely important - but until fairly recent reprinting, it was largely unavailable (unless you lived somewhere with a place like dancebooks! Image ) - and also it's format puts off, all but the most dedicated. of course, you and i are obviously among the 'most dedicated'! Image<P>as to the syllabus manuals - i think they're only really 'indispensable' to teachers of THAT syllabus, unlike the kostrovitskaya, which has value for ALL ballet teachers.<P>i would still put my money on gretchen's picture book (Classical Ballet Technique), though, as the REAL indispensable - if a ballet teacher could only have ONE book - THAT's the one! Image<P>

Author:  grace [ Tue Jun 27, 2000 5:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TOP TWENTY DANCE BOOKS-A Subjective List

as this thread is now BOTH long and heavy with image-links, i am closing it, so we can discuss MORE books, or discuss THESE books MORE Image-whichever you like- with a bit more ease and speed. <P>the booklist will stay here, until azlan formats trina's list as a reference page for the site.<P>trina has said she is open to suggestions, so please don't stop! she'll be back from belize (how exotic!) any day now! Image<P>new book thread is [b]"More TOP DANCE BOOKS"[b] at <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <BR><p>[This message has been edited by grace (edited June 27, 2000).]

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