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Ballet Barre: Glissade Theme
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Author:  Basheva [ Sun Oct 15, 2000 1:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Ballet Barre: Glissade Theme

Barre – Theme – Glissades<P><BR>Assumptions: <BR>1. same level class as Rabbit described.<BR>2. that all barre work will, of course, be done both right and left sides<BR>3. that all positions are 5th ,except when otherwise noted<BR>4. I am not giving specific arm and head positions – assuming that all of you are familiar with the classical compliment of head and arm to specific pas.<P>I am only going to describe those parts of the barre that include the theme – glissades<P>The object of this barre, and center, is to inculcate the idea that glissades are a very basic and important step. That they can reflect different tempi, mood and intent. The student needs to know that glissades can go front, back and side, can be en tournant and either change’ or sans change’. Glissade is both a step by itself, but also a connecting step of great importance, often setting up larger and more complicated pas and enchainement.<P>Exercise One: this is usually done facing the barre, includes demi plies’, ankle rotations, foot flexes, easy eleves’, and gentle side and circling stretch.<P>Exercise Two: Plies’ in lst, 2nd, 4th and 5th. As noted in previous posts I only give grand plie’ in second position – all other positions are demi plie’. Would include more simple stretches, and a finishing balance. (I am not going into detail here, because the theme is not yet introduced.<P>Exercise Three: Here is where the first emergence of the theme takes place – Starting in 5th position, 2 tendus avec plie’ devant, a third tendu devant - transfer to the stretched front foot, close back foot to 5th, demi plie’. Then tendu sans plie’ devant, seconde , derriere, close demi-plie’ 5th. Repeat sequence to the back. This is will finish with the outside foot in 5th front. Then to the seconde (all change’) – two tendus avec plie’, a third tendu to seconde, transfer the weight to tendu foot (this will take the student away from the barre, demi plie. Student is now away from the barre, in 5th position, left foot front. Repeat the tendu combination to seconde with left foot which brings student back to the barre. Port de corps. Balance. Turn to other side.<P>Exercise Four: Degage’ – In 5th position, 6 degage’ devant and then glissade devant. Repeat to the back with inside foot. Repeat, 6 degages’ to seconde and one glissade change’ moving away from the barre – and then with left foot, 6 degages’ and one glissade change’ moving back to the barre, sous sus, port de corp, (forward and back bends), pas de bourree’ with back foot en dehors – to reach the other side.<P>Exercise Five: Rond de jambe a terre – I would not put glissade into this. Giving the student’s mind and body a rest from glissade. To me, rond de jambe is so very important to warming up the hip – that I would concentrate solely on that.<P>Exercise Six: Fondu – en croix, and then again to seconde – but this time into a controlled glissade change’ away from barre, close to 5th (left foot is in front), glissade devant, glissade derriere, and glissade to seconde (back to the barre) right foot in front closes 5th, quick tendu a la seconde, close 5th back and reverse. The fondu can now be done releve’ – without the glissades, for a final balance a la seconde in releve’. The level of the fondues for the first part are done low because they are going into glissades – but the second en croix fondues releves’ are done 90 degrees. The music is not terribly slow so that the leg is not as yet asked to maintain height for any length of time.<P>Exercise Seven: Frappe’ – Four singles en croix, 2 sets of doubles en croix, petite serre’, glissade a la seconde away from the barre and then back to the barre, ending in 5th, right foot front. Pick up back foot, pas de bourree’ en tournant en dehors to other side ending in 5th left foot front, and a quick glissade devant. Repeat other side. <P>Exercise Eight: I would not put glissades into rond de jambe en l’air. Again giving the body a rest from glissades and concentrating on sustaining the leg en l’air. In this exercise I often liked to end with fouettes (or pirouettes) at the barre, ending in attitude derriere releve’, and then again ending in a la seconde, and then for a final ending and balance in attitude devant releve’. Order could of course be reversed.<P>Exercise Nine: Adage – Developpe’ devant, enveloppe’ to retire’, developpe’ again devant, fondu standing leg, and pique’ devant to arabesque (inside leg is up behind in arabesque). Close 5th on half toe, lower to full feet, demi plie’ and glissade forward as slowly and controlled as possible –( very different from the glissades done in degage’ and frappe’). Repeat with inside leg to the back – (the pique’ will be moving backwards and the lifted leg will be in front.) Then developpe’ a la seconde, enveloppe’ to retire’, developpe fondu a la seconde and pique’ away from the barre, close 5th on half toe, demi plie’ full foot and glissade back to the barre. Then a deep alonge’ devant, stretch out forward and back, pull up to arabesque (inside leg) and balance.<P>Exercise Ten: Grand battements – begin with outside foot tendu back and swing into grand battement devant ending again pointing 4th back – 7 times, on the 8th count, leg goes through first to tendu devant – repeat to the back – only this time on 8th count close in first. Eight simple grand battement a la seconde closing in first.<P>In the center glissades would be given in a tendu exercise, to the front, side and back avec plie’ and reverse.<P>For a petite allegro center – 5th right foot back – glissade a la seconde sans change’, petite jete’, coupe’ saute’ change’, (right foot is now up on ankle of left foot), ballone’ a la seconde change’, then four glissades a la seconde entournant change’ – so you would end up in 5th, left foot back and ready to go to the left. This is very interesting to reverse. <P>En Diagonal: Three pique’ turns and one glissade – (speed depending on level of class). Pique’ turns could also be done with the beat and a precipite’ <P>

Author:  dance4fun1 [ Sun Mar 18, 2012 7:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ballet Barre: Glissade Theme

I just got a portable ballet barre for my home so I can practice these moves over and over again. They are very hard and the more time I spend on them the easier they become. I think my dancing as taken a huge step forward since I started using my ballet barre at home. I found a really good deal on it here I recommend to anyone trying to learn to dance that they get a ballet barre for home it really makes a huge difference.

Author:  Gina Ness [ Tue Mar 20, 2012 9:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Ballet Barre: Glissade Theme

Hello and welcome to CriticalDance, dance4fun1! I am glad you are enjoying dancing and working hard at it. Nothing replaces taking class on a regular basis if one wants to feel improvement in technique and strength, though. Your teacher can give you corrections which will help you improve. A little bit of work at home is okay, but being in class with a teacher and other students is the best way to study dance...

Author:  Gavin Roebuck [ Thu Mar 22, 2012 12:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ballet Barre: Glissade Theme

I agree with Gina Ness.
There is an expression that practice makes perfect - but it is perfect practice that makes perfect.
It is important that you practice correctly and do not repeat errors which is why even professional dancers need the eye of a professional teacher upon them.

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