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Young Adult Beginner with ALOT of Problems...
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Author:  Taima [ Tue Dec 04, 2012 8:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Young Adult Beginner with ALOT of Problems...

Hi there x My name is Ebony and I'm new here.

Basically I am a bit of a jack of all trades across visual art, writing, equestrian sports, music etc, so dance is not my only focus, but something I really want to do. My mother made a passing comment when I was 17 that she hoped I would have turned out a dancer or something, so I went to 1 ballet class (and they couldn't deal with me :( ) and have been doing stretches/messing around with balletic-type movement at home. As I have so many hobbies, I couldn't possibly afford to fund tuition in any of them so I am entirely self taught.

I work for a video production company and was asked to dance for a music video (improvisation) and I've never really worked in a studio or seen what moves I do look like properly, but having how some of what I tried out looked like on the tape I thought it looked alright for someone with no training, which has encouraged me to keep it up and start aerial hoop classes.


I just got out of hospital (scared of losing flexibility from bedrest) I have Aspergers syndrome, arthritis, endometriosis, anterior pelvic tilt, scoliosis, supinated feet, flat feet, a leg length discrepancy and hyperextended knees. Because of these problems, and my age, things are a little more complicated for me and the strict russian teacher just yelled at me instead of helping correct me. I suppose it is doubly hard for them as I haven't danced from an early age and poor technique is best ironed out at an early age :(

I was wondering if anyone here, keeping all these muscolo-skeletal problems and the fact I have no training into consideration, could gently critique me?

Would it be ok if I post photos in this thread? I did a little bit of pointe work (I know, I SHOULD NOT have, but they asked me to for aesthetic purposes and I've found it has improved my flat feet) so I'd also like some tips on how best to continue without injuring myself. I'm a full time student as well as having freelance jobs and practise 5 instruments, so I do not have the time or extra cash to get in the studio unfortunately.

This is a big ask, so THANKYOU in advance and hello everyone x

Author:  Dean Speer [ Thu Dec 06, 2012 1:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Young Adult Beginner with ALOT of Problems...

The most important thing any dancer can do is get themselves into class. Even social dancing is best learnt in a group and under the care of a knowledgeable and watchful teacher.

I would recommend shopping around [this means doing some research but also talking to and trying out some teachers/studios]. You would best fit into a Open Beginning Adult class but also introduce yourself to the teacher and let them know some of your specific goals. Even once a week is better than none. Most studios understand time and money constraints and will be willing to work with you. There are also more than a few that offer day or evening classes as well as Saturdays and some even on Sundays.

Take it gradually. Acquiring skill and technique is a long, continuing process. There is no magic formula nor overnight success -- as there is in accomplishing your musical skills and ability.

Best wishes with your studies!

Author:  Taima [ Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Young Adult Beginner with ALOT of Problems...

Hi there and thankyou for your response x

Even once a week would help indeed. When I get the all-clear to start working again, I have found a pole dancing studio to book my aerial hoop (My dyspraxia made routines across the floor impossible, despite being told I had good strength/potential etc for a total novice) Aerial hoop requires me to me relatively static, but the lady who runs this studio is an ex professional ballerina and offers a ballet-pole fusion. If I get my hoop classes booked with her, I am going to consider asking her for help from a ballet technique point of view, but without the pressure of perfectionism from the start the intimidating Russian studio chucked at me. The class is on a Sunday so it should be ok.

As for where I'm at now (or prior to my illness) would it still be ok to post a few pictures and have someone tell me how ugly my lines are and how to fix them :lol: I'd never seen myself prior to doing this video and it's all I've done prancing around my living room without a mirror, but I have stills that I'd like someone to give me pointers on in the meantime, whilst I'm still on bedrest.

Arggg! I just want to stretch! So scared I'm going to lose what I've worked on so far. It's only one pursuit of many, but dance is such a beautiful thing. I will never be the next Anna Pavlova but I can try to improve what I've got..

I've been asked to do another music video now :shock: plus a photoshoot en pointe... I don't want to make a mockery of dance! Got to try and look the part at least...

Thanks for your support guys x I am not doing anything crazy en pointe by the way, because of my lack of training/technique and the risk of injury. Considering my feet are as flat as it gets, what do they look like?




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