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Qualifications & Experience for Vocational Teaching Role
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Author:  Elida [ Mon Apr 30, 2012 10:31 am ]
Post subject:  Qualifications & Experience for Vocational Teaching Role

Hi Guys!

RE: Query into Qualifications & Experience to Apply for Vocational Teaching Role

To all teachers, studio owners and vocational school faculty members:
I would like to ask you all for some advice regarding my continued professional development.

Although I have worked successfully as a recreational ballet teacher and Associate Lecturer at various schools and colleges for many years, I have found that some avenues of employment have been closed to me due to a lack of experience dancing professionally prior to teaching. Sadly, my lack of professional dance experience was due to suffering from several overlapping injuries I endured part way through vocational training; collectively ensuring that not only did I have to abandon training, but that I had no chance to return.

My question to the group is therefore:

Is it possible to compensate for a lack of professional dance experience by educating oneself to a high academic level, and attaining numerous academic credentials?

In other words, would it be theoretically be possible to viewed alongside and equal to ex-professional dancers in job interviews if I had, for example, the following:
• BA(Hons) Dance Education [RAD/University of Surry]
• PGCE Post Compulsory Education
• MA Ballet Studies [Roehampton University]

(This list is only for illustrative purposes only, drawing upon known courses in the UK).

Personally, while I hope it would indeed be possible to attain a prestigious vocational teaching role at some point in the future, I am concerned that such academic achievement might still be insufficient in attaining a teaching role in of the countries top vocational schools; and as pursuing such a path will be costly in both time and money, I wish to embark on such a challenge only if it seems likely to get me ‘from a to b’. Therefore I wished to ask you all your opinions on the matter before I more seriously entertain the idea of enrolling on any such course - and make such a serious commitment.

In addition, I would be happy to hear if you believe any of the above example qualifications would be specifically unnecessary (i.e. if you think attaining a degree would help, but a MA would be superfluous).

Also, if in your opinion no such academic route would be sufficient to compensate for a lack of professional dance experience in applying for prestigious teaching roles, could you offer any advice as to what else might? For example, I wondered if the Royal Ballet’s new ‘Course in Ballet Education Practice’ might make for a suitable CPD route:

Course in Ballet Education Practice’ (The Royal Ballet School / Royal Opera House Diploma in Ballet Education Practice) [ ]

Many thanks everyone - I looking forward to hearing your opinions!

Kindest Wishes,

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