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What Common Issues for Debate Do You Come Across Regularly?
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Author:  Elida [ Mon Apr 30, 2012 10:16 am ]
Post subject:  What Common Issues for Debate Do You Come Across Regularly?

Hi Guys!

Question: What Common Issues for Debate Regarding Classical Technique Do You Come Across Regularly?

I am trying to collate regularly asked questions which usually prompt debate, particularly those which different ballet techniques disagree upon, and wished for your feedback.

So far, common examples have included:

• Is 180 degree turnout required?

• Where (and how) should the foot be placed sur la cou-de-pied?

• Should teachers permit dancers knees to ‘give’ when closing into 5th position?

• When extending and closing the foot for tendus and dégagé etc, should the dancer use floor pressure, or only articulate the foot? If the former, how much floor pressure is required?

• Is a warm up both beneficial and indeed required prior to the commencement of a ballet class, or is this an unnecessary modern addition?

• Should the foot of the working leg be encouraged to pronate (or “wing”), particularly when executing arabesque?

• For battement frappé fouetté, should the movement quality be ‘sharp for the extension, squeezey for the return’ or, ‘controlled on the extension, whipping in for the return’?

• Whether or not you should be permitted to 'slip your heal' (of the back foot) before commencing a pirouette?

Do please add your own to the list – both questions you have heard raised, debated, argued or otherwise!

Kindest Wishes,

[NB: Please note, I am not advocating or denouncing any of the above, merely listing them as points for discussion. My reason for posting was therefore not for me to argue what I believe to be correct, and to 'condemn' those who think otherwise, but to try to collate ‘controversial’ points of debate and discussion. For, personally, I not only believe this subject to be fascinating, but also quite educational.]

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