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San LuisJazz Dancers Invited to Cuba
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Author:  Press [ Mon Jul 24, 2000 10:38 am ]
Post subject:  San LuisJazz Dancers Invited to Cuba

[[img][/jpg]<BR>Lori Lee Silvaggio, AD of the San Luis Jazz Dancers<P><BR>The San Luis Jazz Dancers (San Luis Obispo, CA) under the direction of Lori <BR>Silvaggio are going international again! This renowned troupe of dancers, <BR>heralded as young, bright, fresh examples of American culture at the Festival <BR>de Danza in Barcelona, Spain and in the People's Republic of China during <BR>last summer's cultural exchange performance tour, have the distinguished <BR>honor to be the first American performance troupe to be invited to entertain <BR>in Cuba since 1957.<P><BR>This incredible invitation comes on the heels of The San Luis Jazz Dancers <BR>tour to China documented by Tony Cipolla and KSBY-TV in the Emmy nominated TV <BR>special entitled "In Step with China." Cuban Minister of Culture, Pietro <BR>Zuniga, on behalf of Cuban Diplomatic corps, has extended this historical <BR>opportunity to these dancers and their director Lori Silvaggio beginning on <BR>August 12, 2000.<P><BR>In Mr. Zuniga's own words describing the San Luis Jazz Dancers, "your <BR>international success story is legend here in Cuba ... and you have been <BR>proven to be nothing less than ambassadors. It will be a joy to see what we <BR>can accomplish together."<P><BR>Ms. Silvaggio and her 19 performers, representing the whole of the United <BR>States are looking forward to this cultural interaction with the same spirit <BR>of enthusiasm as the world's Olympic Athletes. As Ms. Silvaggio so aptly <BR>puts it, "Dance is an incredible communicator ... all you have to do is look <BR>into the eyes of the dancers and their audiences to get a sense of the <BR>harmony, peace and love being exchanged. It is truly magical."<P><BR>FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS HISTORICAL EVENT, PLEASE CONTACT JILL AT (805) <BR>773-1421 OR VIA EMAIL AT ILONAJILL@AOL.COM<BR>THANK YOU.

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