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Paul Taylor 2003-04 Season (2nd half)
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Author:  corrival [ Mon Jan 05, 2004 11:17 am ]
Post subject:  Paul Taylor 2003-04 Season (2nd half)

I'll start the new year:


The Paul Taylor Dance Company returns to DANCE IN AMERICA with a bravura one-hour program featuring two contrasting works. Inspired by the Great Depression, "Black Tuesday" recalls an era when Hollywood movies and popular music offered a glamorous antidote to the hard times facing America. Referring to popular period dance forms and performed to Tin Pan Alley songs of the era, the work reflects the harsh reality and escapism of the times in alternately grim and optimistic terms.
"Promethean Fire" has been greeted with rave reviews and audience ovations, with some critics conjecturing that the piece represents Taylor's response to September 11. "It has grandeur, majesty and a spiritual dimension ... quite simply one of the best dance works choreographed by Paul Taylor," wrote THE NEW YORK TIMES.
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Author:  mehunt [ Tue Jan 06, 2004 3:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Paul Taylor 2003-04 Season (2nd half)

Wow, There's a possibility that PBS will air TWO dance programs in the same month? (Balanchine on American Masters is on Jan 14) WOW. Two whole programs!

Author:  Francis Timlin [ Wed Jan 07, 2004 9:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Paul Taylor 2003-04 Season (2nd half)

I agree -- this is great -- Paul Taylor and Balanchine in the same month!

Author:  corrival [ Tue Jan 13, 2004 8:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Paul Taylor 2003-04 Season (2nd half)

Well Paul Taylor is off to a great start in 2004:

They just won the Critics Circle National Dance Award (see UK news forum for all the results)
Best Foreign Dance Company
Paul Taylor Dance Company

Author:  corrival [ Thu Jan 15, 2004 7:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Paul Taylor 2003-04 Season (2nd half)

Wow, Paul Taylor Dance Company gets more good news
they are nominated for an Olivier Award for Best New Dance Production - "Promethean Fire"
see UK News forum for more details

Author:  corrival [ Wed Jan 28, 2004 6:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Paul Taylor 2003-04 Season (2nd half)

Don't forget to set your VCRs tonight.

Taylor's mastery comes twofold
Washington Times
January 28, 2004

According to weather reports, tonight sounds like a good evening to tend the home fires — and just the time to see two recent dances by master choreographer Paul Taylor premiering on PBS at 10. "Act of Ardor: Two Dances by Paul Taylor" shows the master choreographer at the top of his form.
    "Black Tuesday" is a penetrating look at the Great Depression using vaudeville routines, slapstick and popular dancers of the day as the basis for its inventive movement. The choreographer transforms this material in vignettes of down-and-outers and survivors that capture an unsettling mix of defiance, biting humor, clowning camaraderie and despair...
"Promethean Fire," however, is a more difficult challenge for a filmmaker. It's one of Mr. Taylor's grandest compositions, and it's astounding to see such undiminished creativity from an artist after more than four decades of great dance-making.
The problem was how to capture the sense of driving energy Mr. Taylor has mounted in this heroic work set to a monumental Bach score.
No small-screen viewing can possibly replicate the huge impact of the dance onstage, but the camera's eye still brings plenty to treasure.

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Author:  kurinuku [ Thu Jan 29, 2004 2:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Paul Taylor 2003-04 Season (2nd half)

PBS showcases two works by Paul Taylor Company

The Cleveland Plain Dealer
january 28, 2004

Paul Taylor has made more than 120 dances over the last half-century. But at age 73, he has not begun to exhaust his wellspring of creativity.

"Acts of Ardor: Two Dances by Paul Taylor," the Dance in America presentation that airs tonight on PBS stations, shows the brilliant New York choreographer at the height of his expressive powers.

Author:  Karin [ Sat Jan 31, 2004 12:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Paul Taylor 2003-04 Season (2nd half)

I caught the tail end of a Paul Taylor performance on public television, and by way of review - I really liked it.


Author:  corrival [ Sat Jan 31, 2004 1:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Paul Taylor 2003-04 Season (2nd half)

If you liked it on TV, you would love it live. I saw Promethean Fire last year and the dramatic effect was amazing. TV diminished it's power on a bit, although it was still great.

Author:  kurinuku [ Thu Mar 04, 2004 10:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Paul Taylor 2003-04 Season (2nd half)

ARTS: Le Grand Puppetier/ Paul Taylor Dance Co City Center, New York

The Financial Times
March 4, 2004

The world premiere of Le Grand Puppetier is not the first time Paul Taylor has used a Stravinsky score for his own idiosyncratic version of a famous ballet, even though he rarely echoes the original in storyline or choreography.

Author:  kurinuku [ Sun Mar 07, 2004 6:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Paul Taylor 2003-04 Season (2nd half)

When Adams Meet Eves in Teletubbyland

The New York Times
March 5, 2004

At the end of "In the Beginning," Paul Taylor's screwball-comedy take on the Book of Genesis, an angry Jehovah turns into a forgiving God. Mr. Taylor can be pardoned for "In the Beginning," the New York premiere that the Paul Taylor Dance Company presented on Wednesday night at City Center. It is hardly a masterpiece: it lacks depth but is a whimsical diversion.

Author:  kurinuku [ Thu Mar 11, 2004 8:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Paul Taylor 2003-04 Season (2nd half)

A Portent of Death Cast Shadows on a Sunny Flirtation in the Park

The New York Times
March 10, 2004

Sad in the revival of "Sunset" and funny in last year's "Dream Girls," Paul Taylor seems in full Janus mode in these two pieces, part of the latest program in the Paul Taylor Dance Company's season at City Center.

Yet ambiguity is Mr. Taylor's middle name, and it is just as easy to read a bittersweet happiness into "Sunset" as it is to ponder the existential loneliness under the comic veneer of "Dream Girls."

Author:  kurinuku [ Sun Mar 14, 2004 11:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Paul Taylor 2003-04 Season (2nd half)

Pauline Gospels

The Village Voice
March 10 - 16, 2004

In his formidable 1980 Sacre du Printemps, Paul Taylor cocked an astute eye at the Diaghilev era of ballet history, the theme of sacrifice, and the lives of dancers. In 2004's Le Grand Puppetier, he mines the Ballets Russes again...

Author:  Stuart Sweeney [ Mon Mar 15, 2004 3:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Paul Taylor 2003-04 Season (2nd half)

Taylor’s Jumping-Off Places: Revivals and Playful Premieres
by Robert Gottlieb for The New York Observer

Every year, it seems, when the Paul Taylor Dance Company steps out at the City Center, at least one work from the past reasserts itself as especially masterly. Last year it was the pastoral Images. This year it’s Mercuric Tidings, Taylor’s glorious outburst of kinetic excitement to excerpts from Schubert’s first and second symphonies.

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Choreographer Taylor reworks 'Petrouchka'

NEW YORK, March 14 (UPI) -- As a prelude to its 50th anniversary tour of all 50 states, the Paul Taylor Dance company is presenting a two-week New York season at City Center that includes the world premiere of Taylor's version of Igor Stravinsky's "Petrouchka," the choreographer's 120th work for the stage.

Re-titled "Le Grand Puppetier" (The Great Puppeteer), Stravinsky's tragic love story of three puppets at a Russian fair -- the hapless Petrouchka, a beautiful Ballerina, and a jealous Moor -- has been changed into a Napoleonic political fable demonstrating that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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Author:  Diana [ Tue Mar 23, 2004 8:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Paul Taylor 2003-04 Season (2nd half)

From the San Francisco Chronicle,

A modern master retains his mystery, 50 years after his company's first steps

Allan Ulrich, Special to The Chronicle

But if any one choreographer has brought the defiant glories of modern dance out of the shadows, eradicated its cult status and suffused it with universal appeal, it is Paul Taylor.
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