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Author:  Press [ Fri Sep 01, 2000 7:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Maxine Moerman Dance Theater

Image <P><BR>Maxine Moerman Dancetheatre<P><BR>August 1, 2000<P><BR>FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For information <BR> 564-9853 <BR>NEWS FLASH:<BR>Saturday September 16th<BR>Special Appearance One Night Only <BR>Tin Hat Trio<BR>plays live with Maxine Moerman Dancetheater<BR> <BR>Maxine Moerman Dancetheatre presents sly and wry dances at the ODC Theater, <BR>3153 17th Street @Shotwell. 8pm. September 8,9 and 15th, 16th. With new works,<BR> live music, surprises and guest stars.<BR> Tickets $10-15 sliding scale. For reservations call 863-9834.<P><BR>Dance works include the olfactory extravaganza Salt of the Earth, with music <BR>by Tin Hat Trio, the popular Tank Hill Ballads, with live music by The Tank <BR>Hill Ramblers, the premiere of Youkali Tango and an excerpt from Christy <BR>Funsch’s After The Kiss.<P><BR>For four evenings only Maxine Moerman Dancetheatre brings the site specific <BR>work Tank Hill Ballads into the intimate space of the theater. Originally <BR>created and performed on a high hill with a vista of the city these dance <BR>vignettes resonate with an eerie and haunting psychology when brought into <BR>the taught confines of the theater. Overturned buckets and a wicker love seat <BR>set the stage for ballads of murder, loss and redemption. Set to live music <BR>from Appalachia, the Ozarks and the American West.<P><BR>The tantalizing Salt of the Earth presents a Fellini-esque world of wry <BR>humor, passion and onions. Knife wielding dancers are propelled forward by <BR>the lush, circus like tunes of the popular local jazz group Tin Hat Trio. A <BR>dance in homage to the dark underside of the onion.<P><BR>Youkali Tango (premiere) is the first in the Small Songs series that Ms. <BR>Moerman is creating to the music of Kurt Weil. This duet was created for the <BR>dancers Audrey Cooper and Megan Nicely.<P><BR>Guest Choreographer, Christy Funsch presents and excerpt from her work After <BR>The Kiss which takes its title from the W. H. Auden quote “after the kiss <BR>comes the urge to throttle”. Inspired by the intoxicating texture of vinyl <BR>and the compelling driving rhythms of rock and roll After The Kiss corners <BR>the performers between control and abandon, caution and indulgence. Dancing <BR>in the work are Ms. Funsch, Jenice Acosta and Jody Pettle. The original score <BR>is by Patrick Francis.<P><BR>Moerman invents self-contained, theatrical dream-worlds in which simple <BR>movements create a full-body gestural language. She uses humor and surreal <BR>themes to create wry portraits of human experience. Referring to MMDT, Jack <BR>Anderson of The New York Times observed, “it [is] hard to resist the odd <BR>charm of Maxine Moerman.” The work of Maxine Moerman Dancetheatre has been <BR>performed extensively in San Francisco and New York City, as well as at <BR>venues in London, Montreal, Toronto, Washington DC, Los Angeles and <BR>Sacramento. In New York her work has been presented at The Kitchen, <BR>Performance Space 122, Dancespace St. Marks, Movement Research at The Judson <BR>Memorial Church and numerous other venues. Ms. Moerman holds an MFA in dance <BR>from Sarah Lawrence College, is the Director of The Field San Francisco, and <BR>is the recipient of numerous grants and commissions. Her dance work for film <BR>and video includes a commission by House of Dance through the San Francisco <BR>Art Commission. The development of Tank Hill Ballads was assisted by the <BR>C.A.S.H. creative assistance grant from Theater Bay Area in association with <BR>Dancers Group and The San Francisco Art Commission’s Special Projects Grant.<P><BR>Dancing in the evenings events are: Jenice Acosta, Andrea Anderson, Audrey <BR>Cooper, Christy Funsch, Deborah Hull, Megan Nicely and Jody Pettle.<p>[This message has been edited by Press (edited September 01, 2000).]

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