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 Post subject: Come on board and help me create something for you!!
PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2006 4:51 pm 

Joined: Wed Jul 19, 2006 4:26 pm
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I'm looking for people who can write and want to review a Contemporary dance performance in the style of a music journalist!

Why can't dance be written in a way that engages with fans and is warm hearted, funny, ironic and intelligent. As an audience and Contemporary dancers we are some of the most creative people but reviews are often conservative and do nothing to promote our passion. At the moment I am working on an MA project which will be a Contemporary Dance magazine. My ultimate aim is to produce a publication that will be sleek, engaging and something that you lot want to buy. If you're interested in helping me please let me know. Or have any advice then say. As I said before, this is all about Contemporary dance and I want to make something that you are proud of.

Don't hesitate to contact me on This could be a very interesting venture and project for all those involved.


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PostPosted: Wed Aug 09, 2006 3:04 am 

Joined: Sun Oct 24, 1999 11:01 pm
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Location: London, England; Tallinn, Estonia
Hi Becs and welcome to CriticalDance.

Up until a few years ago I was an investment banker and the money side of the dance world interests me: my MA dissertation was a comparison of contemporary dance funding in the UK and Estonia.

If you examine the finance side of a UK contemporary dance publication, I suspect it will look horrific. From conversations and seminars I suspect that most of the UK dance magazines struggle to break even. I don't know about the finances of the market leader "Dancing Times", but I am aware that they have a lot of advertising for clothing etc because of their coverage of the dance school scene.

And these magazines have a lot of ballet coverage, which is the bulk of the dance going market. We have always tried to devote our activity to a range of dance forms, but it is a struggle to get a critical mass in contemporary/modern dance.

One magazine that is perhaps comparable to your concept, in another sphere, is "Pulse", the South Asian dance magazine, which is small circulation. It may be worth contacting them for a discussion about small magazine publishing, especially as you would not be a direct competitor.

I don't know whether there is a market in the already small contemporary dance world for your product, but do tread carefully before you put your own money or worse, borrowed money into the venture. Sorry to be negative, but dance magazine publishing is a very tough world.

Also, I'm not sure what your suggested writing style would look like. Why not post a review or two here, so people can see what you propose.

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 Post subject: Stuart
PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2006 8:03 am 

Joined: Wed Jul 19, 2006 4:26 pm
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Location: London
Hello Stuart,

It has been 4 months since I received your message and have taken your advice on board. You are right that dance publications probably do struggle to break even but to be honest they are not the most attractive of magazines. Dance Agencies, schools etc buy them more out of necessity rather than because they want to (please people tell me that I am wrong). What I have been working on is something sleeker in appearance that focuses on articles such as the collaborations between fashion and dance, how site specific work differs and what makes dance attractive: the visual impact.
At first the advertisers may well be dancewear labels but surely there is a way to make dancing attractive to the bigger advertising players. I mean it is an Art form on a par with the Tate Modern. Last night, I went to see Michael Clark's latest piece and I was surrounded by students, artists, musicians alike who all enjoy dance. Why not try and home in on that audience rather than creating somhting rather staid and alien. Dance is one of the most engaging arts around because it is live and alive. Artists, musicians, designers etc.. can also use Contemporary as a platform; so why can't there be something out there that explores this and lets them see how dance can help them. Advertisers are already using dance in their campaigns and we really shouldn't alienate the dancing world from it's potential, that companies etc are already exploring. I hate to say it but dancing is sexy - not in a trashy, Jordan pole- gyrating way- but there is something so attractive about watching trained bodies make 180 degree split in the air look easy. The choreographer is an artist in their own right, intelligently articulating their thoughts into a piece on stage and engaging with the audience.

As part of my magazine, I have asked people with little prior knowledge of Contemporary Dance to go and watch and comment on The Place Prize finals. Their remarks were pretty amazing- they enjoyed the performances and they really didn't think it would be such a good experience.

I really do think that it's time to start believing that dance is as cool as fashion, art, music etc.. because it is, it really is... and that's what my magazine aims to do...


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