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Royal Danish Ballet dancers performing in Barcelona
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Author:  CarolinaM [ Tue Feb 03, 2009 8:52 am ]
Post subject:  Royal Danish Ballet dancers performing in Barcelona


The Royal Danish Ballet is going to perform next Sunday in Terrassa (near Barcelona).

The program and cast being the following:


Coreografia: August Bournonville
Música: Herman S. Lovenskiold
Durada: 16 minuts

Cast: Ch.Michanek – M.Blangstrup – F.Slot – K.Howard – D.Cuni

(pas de deux)
Coreografia: John Neumeier
Música: The Beatles
Durada: 12 minuts

Cast: S.Schandorff – S.Kloborg

Coreografia: August Bournonville
Música: C.C. Møller
Durada: 4 minuts

Cast: A.Stæger – A.Lendorf

Created in 1876 as a part of the work, From Siberia to Moscou.

(pas de deux)
Coreografia: William Forsythe
Música: Tom Willems
Durada: 5 minuts

Cast: K.Howard – U.Birkkjær


(pas de deux)
Coreografia: August Bournonville
Música: Edvard Helsted
Durada: 12 minuts

Cast: D.Cuni – A.Lendorf

(pas de deux)
Coreografia: Tim Matiakis
Música: Abandoned y Hess is more
Durada: 7 minuts

Cast: K.Howard – T.Matiakis

(pas de deux)
Coreografia: George Balanchine (© The George Balanchine Trust)
Música: Piotr I. Tchaikovsky
Durada: 10 minuts

Cast: G.Bojesen – U.Birkkjær

(pas de six i Tarantella)
Coreografia: August Bournonville
Música: H. S. Paulli
Durada: 23 minuts

Cast: All
Pas de six:
A.Lendorf – A.Stæger – D.Cuni – Ch.Michanek – A.Watson – F.Slot
Man 1: T.Matiakis
Woman 1: K.Howard
Man 2: S.Kloborg
Gennaro: M.Blangstrup
Teresina: A.Watson
Solo: F.Slot
Tarantella: K.Howard – T.Matiakis


I’ve never seen the company and I’m very glad they are coming, do you have any comment about? Anything that can be useful to know before seeing them?

Thanks :)

Author:  ksneds [ Tue Feb 03, 2009 7:48 pm ]
Post subject: 

Phew! Lots of good dance - but it's one long evening.

That's a great 'La Sylphide' cast - Mads Blangstrup is probably the finest James still performing today (Thomas Lund is fabulous, but I don't think anyone does the emotion like Blangstrup).

I've never seen that Neumeier pas de deux, though it's an interesting duo since Schandorff is months from retiring and Kloborg is the company's newest soloist (he's the son of former AD Frank Andersen and teacher/character dancer Eva Kloborg).

The jockey dance is short, but fun - it can be done by two women, two men or one woman and one man. This will be a slight mismatch - Stæger is one of the taller men in the company, Lendorf is probably the shortest. I'm happy to see Lendorf doing so well as I first noticed him back when he was a student. At that point he was called up to do what was basically a walk on role in "Kermessen in Bruges", and I remember being very impressed by his talent and professionalism though he couldn't have been more than 15. But he was still very short when he was named apprentice - fortunately he he appears to have grown a bit and now seems to have a more elongated/less chunky musculature.

I'm not sure I quite get his pairing with Cuni in Flower Festival though. I would have thought Birkkjær or Blangstrup might have been better. However, Lendorf and Cuni are probably a good match in height/colouring.

I've only ever seen pictures of Tim Matiakis' piece, but it should be a treat. The Tchai Pas Deux cast is quite a treat.

And you won't find too many better Napoli casts!

Have fun and let us know how it went!

Author:  CarolinaM [ Wed Feb 04, 2009 2:59 am ]
Post subject: 

Uauuu :shock:

Many, many, thanks ksneds!!! I couldn’t have dreamt of a best input! :)

I’m so happy with Terrassa’s dance season, I think the company has never performed in Spain, at least not since many years ago.

If I was already eager to see them now I’m really excited about. Of course I will tell, even if it’s a bit difficult for me because of my English and because of my still poor ballet background. But we'll try :)

Many thanks again!!!

Author:  CarolinaM [ Tue Feb 10, 2009 7:33 am ]
Post subject: 

I enjoyed the show very much :)

Although the program was not what I wanted most to see and that this so great difference in styles seemed a bit odd, one could really appreciate how a company who is preserving the tradition of one of the top romantic choreographers is also able to dance the most impressive contemporary pieces with great command.

The show run as announced with the sole difference that Silja Schandorff didn’t dance and was substituted by Susanne Grinder.

The Sylphide…. so short excerpt! what a pity! Let’s hope the Liceu presents it one day by this very same company! Mads Blangstrup and Christina Mickanek danced the principal roles. She was, together with the three Sylphides (F.Slot – K.Howard – D.Cuni) simply magic. They were those legend creatures and of course their dance keep on the purity of style of the master that conceived it. A delight to our senses.

Neumeier piece is a fusion between romanticism and current times, in this case it was a wonderful Suzanne Grinder accompanied by a great contemporary James, amazing Sebastian Kloborg (he is still on the RDB website as corps but I know he was promoted to soloist and this does not surprise me at all). I liked this piece. Here the Sylphide does not die; on the contrary, he turns to a human creature on James arms.

In the Jockey Dance, both Alban Lendorf & Alexander Stæger did a great performance. Some steps were amazing.

In the Middle…. Very good again! Kizzy Howard and Ulrik Birkkjaer.

Second part opened with Genzano Flowers Festival. For me this was the very best of the gala. How a nice p.d.d. it was, wonderfully performed by Diana Cuni & Alban Lendorf.

One and seven, contemporary piece performed by Kizzy Howard and Tim Matiakis (choreographer).

Tchaikovsky p.d.d. Gudrun Bojesen and Ulrik Bikkjaer, brilliant, without the fire and virtuosity of some Latin dancers but with wonderful lines and elegance.

And the final feast, Nappoli, with nearly all the dancers on stage showing what Bournonville style is about.

A very nice show. Audience left very satisfied. Me too. I really would like to see the whole company in a complete ballet one day. Looking at their web page I’ve seen that there is a young Catalan dancer in the corps, good luck Alba! and congratulations for being in this troupe!

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