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Author:  trish2000 [ Sun Jun 05, 2005 8:50 am ]
Post subject:  Bournonville videos

Does anybody know where I could purchase dvds or videos of Bournonville's complete ballets?
Thanks for replying to my message!

Author:  ksneds [ Sun Jun 05, 2005 9:08 am ]
Post subject: 

Greetings and welcome to the Bournonville Forum!

Unfortunately, there are no current commercially available VHS tapes or DVDs of Bournonville's ballets. The only commerical DVD of the RDB that is widely available is Glen Tetley's 'The Firebird', which is most definately not Bournonville! In the past I believe there were a couple of performances available on LaserDisc, but they are no longer sold. You can try searching on EBay - I've seen copies on sale there before.

Various excerpts have been (and will be) shown on Danish TV, and there are 2 - 3 minute video clips from each ballet on the RDB website: .

The company has released a DVD of the Bournonville Classes, available as a set with two books (steps & music).


Author:  maria.c [ Mon Jun 06, 2005 5:27 am ]
Post subject: 

The is also The 50 Bournonville Enchainements Video with Rose Gad and Johan Kobborg......but as the title suggests its just a series of enchainements and doesn't feature and ballet excerpts!

Author:  Jean-Luc [ Mon Jun 06, 2005 7:25 am ]
Post subject: 

The best is to know somebody in Danmark... :wink:...because there were a few broadcastings on TV channels (La Kermesse à Bruges, Konservatoriet, 3rd act from Abdallah, etc...).

I've heard that some performances during the Festival 2005 should be broadcasted on public TV channels too. I'm still interested in them, but unfortunately, I won't be so lucky... :cry: :cry: :cry:

Author:  Tarlatane [ Mon Jun 06, 2005 7:50 am ]
Post subject: 

As Jean-Luc I'm interrested in Bournonville's videos (but I do prefer DVD as my very old video is totally out !)...
And we do not recieve Danish TV channels in France ...

Author:  ksneds [ Mon Jun 06, 2005 8:31 am ]
Post subject: 

The final gala will be broadcast live on DR1, one of the Danish channels.

As a reminder to all posting here, we have the trivia quizes going with great Bournonville Festival prizes like books, posters, t-shirts etc. for each daily quiz.


Author:  ksneds [ Wed Jun 08, 2005 10:23 am ]
Post subject: 

While no commercial videos are available, the company has posted 2 - 3 minute video clips from each Bournonville ballet, as well as the clips shown at the Tulle & Tricot exhibition: ... eoclip.htm


Edited to correct the link

Author:  Jean-Luc [ Wed Jun 08, 2005 3:31 pm ]
Post subject: 

Kate, the link does not work... :cry:

Anyway, I have announced these video trailers in the topic "Abdallah".

To view these clips, you have to go to the first website page which is :, then click on 3rd Bournonville Festival, and finally "Mirewelts Verden".
You can choose the clip and your connexion speed.

Author:  ksneds [ Fri Jul 01, 2005 5:58 am ]
Post subject: 

For those who leave near enough to NYC, there are some video clips of RDB performances available to watch (but not rent) at the NY Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center. Access to the library is open to all, as is the free ACCESS Card, which you need to get tapes/books from the research collection.

The videos available to watch include the 1902-6 Elfelt Films, recordings of Napoli and Konservatoriet as well as excerpts from many other ballets. Most clips are from the 1950s through early 1980s, presumabley before union rules etc. made releasing tapes more problematic.

This set of tapes has the following:

Le corsaire / danced by Peter Schaufuss
La ventana / danced by Frank Andersen
La ventana / danced by Bjarne Hecht

Discussion of ...equality of the sexes in August Bournonville's choreography

in Bruges / danced by Schaufuss and Lis Jeppesen
La ventana / danced by Frank Andersen, Lis Jeppesen, and the Royal Danish Ballet

Peter Schaufuss in profile. Schaufuss is seen in his dual roles as dancer and producer in various countries ; this segment also includes views of company classes at the Royal Danish Ballet and Royal Ballet.

Interviewees: Peter Schaufuss, Frank Schaufuss, Niels Bjørn Larsen, Kenneth MacMillan, Roland Petit, Maurice Béjart.

Dance excerpts:
Don Quixote pas de deux / danced by Schaufuss and Elisabetta Terabust -- Napoli / chor., Schaufuss after Bournonville ; danced by the National Ballet of Canada
The shepherdess and the chimney sweep / recorded for Danish television, 1960 ; chor., Harald Lander (?) ; danced by Schaufuss and unidentified ballerina
two solos danced by Schaufuss, possibly Flower festival at Genzano and Le corsaire
A folk tale / chor., Schaufuss after Bournonville ; danced in rehearsal by Schaufuss and Eva Evdokimova
La sylphide / chor., Schaufuss after Bournonville ; danced by Schaufuss and Evdokimova

A rare Konservatoriet Treat:

Konservatoriet [motion picture] / choreography by August Bournonville.
Imprint 1955.

Descript 1 film reel (13 min., 453 ft.) : si. b&w. ; 16 mm.
Note Filmed by Carol Lynn at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, Lee, Mass.
Performer Danced by members of the Royal Danish Ballet.
Cast Frank Schaufuss (Ballet Master) and Mette Möllerup, Kirsten Petersen, Kirsten Ralov, Inge Sand, Viveka Segerskog, and Mona Vangsaa (Girls) and Fredbjørn Bjørnsson, Flemming Flindt, and Stanley Williams (Boys)

Jacob's Pillow gala celebration

Konservatoriet / music by H.S. Paulli; performed by Flemming Ryberg (Ballet master), Eva Kloborg (Elisa), Annemarie Dybdal (Victorine), and the company (18 min.)
Pas de deux from Flower festival at Genzano / music by Edvard Helsted and H.S. Paulli; performed by Dinna Bjørn and Frank Andersen (9 min.) -- Homage to Bournonville (excerpts from Paul and Virginie, Robert of Normandy, Pas de trois) / choreography reconstructed by Dinna Bjørn; performed by Dinna Bjørn, Annemarie Dybdal, Lise Stripp, Anne Marie Vessel, Arlette Weinreich, Arne Villumsen (18 min.)
Gypsy solo from The troubadour / music by Giuseppe Verdi; performed by Eva Kloborg (2 min.)
La Cracovienne / choreography by reconstructed and performed by Dinna Bjørn (4 min.)
Pas de trois from Soldier and peasant / music by Michele Enrico Carafa; performed by Eva Kloborg, Anne Marie Vessel, Bjarne Hecht (7 min.) -- Pas de trois from King's guards on Amager / music by V.C. Holm; performed by Dinna Bjørn, Lise Stripp, Flemming Ryberg (7 min.)
The street singer from Napoli / music by H.S. Paulli, Helsted and Gade; performed by Niels Bjørn Larsen, Tommy Frishøi (4 min.)
Sailors reel from King's guards on Amager / music by V.C. Holm; performed by Tommy Frishøi, Niels Kehlet, Ib Jeppesen, Arlette Weinreich, Dinna Bjørn, Anne Marie Vessel, Annemarie Dybdal (3 min.) -- Presentation of Bournonville bust (7 min.)
Pas de six and Tarantella from Napoli / music by H.S. Paulli; performed by the company

Napoli/Abdallah: Variations and La cracovienne [videorecording]
Imprint 1982.

Note Videotaped in rehearsal. Choreography reconstructed by Knud Arne Jürgensen. Edited June 1, 1982 by Knud Arne Jürgensen and Henning Urup. Performed by Royal Danish Ballet members Lis Jeppesen, Johnny Eliasen and Eva Kloborg.
Contents CONTENTS. - Napoli, 3rd act: solo variations; choreographed by Hans Beck; music by Holger Simon Paulli. - Abdallah, 1st act: solo variations; choreographed by Auguste Bournonville; music by Holger Simon Paulli. - La cracovienne; choreographed by Auguste Bournonville after Joseph Mazilier; music by Jozef Damse and Karol Kurpinski after Polish folk-tunes, arranged by Ambroise Thomas.

The Elfelt Films:

Royal Danish Ballet, 1902-1906 [motion picture] / a joint production of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Danmarks Radio, Historisk Archiv) and the Dance Film Archive, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York ; producers, John Mueller and Ole Brage.
Imprint c1979.

Prod cntry Denmark.
Descript 1 film reel (15 min., 528 ft.) : sd., b&w ; 16 mm.
Note Danced by members of the Royal Danish Ballet.
Music arranged for piano and performed by Elvi Hendriksen.
Contents King's voluntary corps on Amager: reel / music, W. Holm ; danced by Valborg Borchsenius, Hans Beck, Ellen Price.
The elf-hill: children's dance / choreography, Poul Funck ; music, F. Kuhlau ; danced by Gudrun Christensen and Helga Smith.
La sylphide: opening solo / music, H. Løvenskjold ; danced by Ellen Price.
La sylphide: opening solo (another, longer version) / danced by Ellen Price.
Napoli: tarantella / music, H.S. Paulli ; danced by Valborg Borchsenius and Hans Beck.
Il trovatore: gypsy dance / music, G. Verdi ; danced by Valborg Borchsenius.
Pas de deux / original choreography and music unknown ; music used, E. Helsted (from Flower Festival at Genzano, Act I) ; danced by Margrethe Andersen and Clara Rasmussen.
From Siberia to Moscow: jockey dance / music, C.C. Møller ; danced by Gustav Uhlendorff and Richard Jensen.
Orpheus and Eurydice / choreography, Hans Beck ; music, Gluck ; danced by Valborg Borchsenius, Ellen Price, Elisabeth Beck, and Anna Agerholm.


Released as a videotape in 1987 by Home Vision, a Films Inc. Company, Chicago, Illinois.
Videotaped in performance at the Royal Theatre, Copenhagen.
Credits Scenery, Ove Christian Pedersen ; costumes, Søren Frandsen ; lighting, Erik Bremer Sørensen and Jørn Melin ; [video] executive producer, Robin Scott.
Performer Performed by members of the Royal Danish Ballet.
Cast Arne Villumsen (Gennaro, a fisherman) ; Mona Jensen (Veronica, a widow) ; Linda Hindberg (Teresina, her daughter) ; Flemming Ryberg (Peppo, a lemonade seller) ; Fredbjørn Bjørnsson (Giacomo, a macaroni seller) ; Tommy Frishøi (Fra Ambrosio) ; Annemarie Dybdal (Giovanina) ; Michael Bastian (Pascarillo, a street singer) ; Thomas Berentzen (Carlino, a puppeteer) ; Aage Poulsen (a drummer) ; Palle Jacobsen (Golfo, a sea demon) ; Marianne Rindholt (Coralia, a naiad) ; Kit Dyring (Argentina, a naiad). Act I Ballabile: Anne Adair, Mette Bødtcher, Marisa Luther, Henriette Muus, Christina Nilsson, Benedikte Paaske, Peter Bo Bendixen, Bjarne Hecht, Ib Jeppesen, Alexander Kølpin, Morten Munksdorf, and Kim Thonsgaard. Act III Pas de six: Lis Jeppesen, Mette-Ida Kirk, Benedikte Paaske, Heidi Ryom, Mogens Boesen, Bjarne Hecht. Variations (in order of appearance): Kølpin ; Paaske and Ryom ; Lis Jeppesen ; Kirk, Paaske, and Ryom ; Hecht ; Ingrid Glindemann, Marianne Rindholt, and Anita Søby ; Villumsen ; Hindberg ; Ryom ; Kirk. Tarantella: Anne-Marie Vessel, Johnny Eliasen, Hindberg, Villumsen, Rindholt, Ib Jeppesen, Søby, Claus Schrøder, Lise Stripp, Peter Bo Bendixen, and others.

Margot Lander i memoria [videorecording]
Imprint 1983.

Note Produced by Danmarks Radio. Producer and director: Thomas Grimm. Narrated in Danish.
SUMMARY: Documentary film on Danish ballerina Margot Lander (1910-1961) as remembered by members of the Royal Danish Ballet and as seen in still photographs and lengthy film excerpts from Swan lake (Harald Lander's one-act version), Coppélia, and Giselle. Pianist Elvi Henriksen, dancer Dinna Bjørn, and film editor Kai Michelsen are shown working on dubbing piano accompaniment to the originally silent footage. Includes conversations with Mette Bødtcher, Henriette Muus, Niels Bjørn Larsen, Gerda Karstens, Edel Pedersen, Erik Bruhn, Hans Brenaa.

Silence is the end of our song ; Swansong [videorecording] / co-produced by Danmarks Radio and RM Arts ; produced and directed by Thomas Grimm ; choreography by Christopher Bruce.

Silence is the end of our song (c1983 ; ca. 40 min.) / titles in Danish, English and German ; narration in English ; commissioned by Danmarks Radio

music, Victor Jara, Violeta Parra, Isabel Parra, Horacio Salinas, Patricio Manns, Inti Illimani
set and costumes, Ves Harper
danced by members of the Royal Danish Ballet: Mette Hønningen, Erling Eliasson (now a character dancer), Ann Kristin Hauge, Annemari Vingård, Mette-Ida Kirk, Heidi Ryom, Mette Bødtcher (just became a character dancer), Niels Balle (assistant head of the school), Thomas Berentzen, Morten Munksdorf, Bjarne Hecht

narrator identified on frame as Erik Mørk [possibly Danish narrator] and in accompanying booklet as Daniel Pageon. Dance work inspired by "the struggle of the Chilean resistance against the junta which overthrew the Allende government" ; includes b&w footage from news telecasts.

Another tape:

100 years of Russian dance

La sylphide. The sylph's opening solo (longer version) (b&w) / filmed in 1906 ; choreography, August Bournonville ; music, Herman Løvensjold ; danced by Ellen Price -- [Act I, excerpts] (col.) / danced by the Royal Danish Ballet.

(this is from the video clips we saw at the Gala)
Napoli [not listed on accompanying data sheet]. Portions of the tarantella from Napoli (b&w) / filmed in May 1903 ; choreography, August Bournonville ; music, Holger Simon Paulli ; danced by Valborg Borchsenius and Hans Beck -- [Tarantella from Napoli, excerpts] (col.) / danced by the Royal Danish Ballet.

Airs [videorecording]
Imprint 1981.

Descript 1 videocassette (U-matic, PAL) (27 min.) : sd., col. ; 3/4 in.
Note A production of Danmarks Radio, 1981. Producer and director: Thomas Grimm.
Choreography: Paul Taylor. Music: Georg Friedrich Händel. Scenery: Curt Hviid. Costumes: Gene Moore. Lighting: Knud Scheldt.
Performed by members of the Royal Danish Ballet: Linda Hindberg, Inge Jensen, Lise Stripp, Liselotte Sand, Johnny Eliasen, Arne Villumsen, and Arne Bech.

Aureole ; [and] Firebird [videorecording] / presented for BBC TV by Jann Parry and Julia Matheson.

Aureole (ca. 24 min.) / a Danmarks Radio production ; directed by Thomas Grimm ; choreography, Paul Taylor ; music, George Frideric Handel ; design, Curt Hviid ; danced by Rudolf Nureyev and members of the Royal Danish Ballet: Vivi Flindt, Eva Kloborg, Anne Sonnerup, Johnny Eliasen ; music played by the Radio Orchestra, conducted by Russell Harris. This recording also appears on *MGZIA 4-4014 RNC [Rudolf Nureyev], and on *MGZIC 9-172 Aureole.

Bournonville ballet and the Royal Danish Ballet company [videorecording]

Produced by ARC Videodance as part of the television series Eye on dance. Recorded on June 13, 1988 at the studios of WNYC-TV, New York. Telecast on June 23, 1988. Producers: Celia Ipiotis and Jeff Bush. Video director: Richard Sheridan. Program director: Celia Ipiotis. Technical director: Jeff Bush. Host: Celia Ipiotis.
SUMMARY: Two-part interview with four dancers from the Royal Danish Ballet. Appearing in the first half are Alexander Kølpin and Nikolaj Hübbe, who discuss various aspects of August Bournonville's ballets and the Bournonville technique. Among the topics they cover are male dancing, male-female relationships in Bournonville's ballets, the use of mime, and the challenges of performing story ballets. Kølpin recalls Hans Brenaa's coaching when he was preparing to dance the role of James in La sylphide. The second half of the program features Linda Hindberg and Heidi Ryom, who demonstrate some typical mime gestures, contrast performing in Bournonville and contemporary ballets, and compare the Bournonville and Balanchine techniques. The program is illustrated with numerous excerpts from Kirsten Ralov's staging of Napoli, with Hindberg and Arne Villumsen in the leading roles. In Esoterica balletica, Christine Spizzo and Johan Renvall of American Ballet Theatre give a further demonstration of mime gestures used in classical ballets such as Giselle, La sylphide, and The sleeping beauty.

Bournonvilles verden [videorecording]

Narration in Danish with English subtitles. English title: The world of Bournonville. Taped at the Old Court Theater, Copenhagen and other locations. Producer: Thomas Grimm. Narrator: Ebbe Mørk.
Summary: Documentary on Auguste Bournonville with excerpts from his ballets performed by the Royal Danish Ballet. Also includes discussion of Antoine Bournonville, Auguste Vestris, and Lucile Grahn.
Contents CONTENTS: Cassette 1: Life guards on Amager Point (1905); mus: V. Holm; danced by Hans Beck, Ellen Price, Valborg Borchsenius. -- Amors og Balletmesterens Luner (1975); chor: Vincenzo Galeotti; mus: J. Lolle: danced by Anne-Marie Vessel, Niels Kehlet. -- Life guards on Amager Point (1976). -- Conservatoriet (1978); mus: H. Paulli. -- Bournonville-skolerne (1967); classroom exercise danced by Peter Martins. -- Polka militaire; mus: H. Lumbye; danced by Annemarie Dybdal, Arne Villumsen. -- Pas de la Vestale (1967); danced by Toni Lander, Flemming Flindt. -- La sylphide (1906); mus: H. Løwenskjøld; female solo danced by Ellen Price. -- La sylphide (1977); danced by Sorella Englund, Flemming Ryberg. -- William Tell: pas de deux (1967); danced by Kirsten Bundgaard, Niels Kehlet. -- Napoli: pas de deux (1903); mus: N. Gade, H. Paulli, E. Helsted; danced by Hans Beck, Valborg Borchsenius. -- Napoli (1969); danced by Niels Kehlet, Kirsten Simone, and corps de ballet (continued on cassette 2). -- Cassette 2: Napoli (conclusion). -- Kermessen i Brügge (1979); mus: H. Paulli. -- La sylphide (1977); female solo danced by Mette Hønnigen. -- Jockey dance from Fra Siberien til Moscow (1905); mus: C. Møller; danced by Gustav Uhlendorff, Richard Jensen. -- Jockey dance (197-); Frank and Ib Andersen. -- Bridal waltz from Et Folkesagn (1977); Sorella Englund, Henning Kronstam.

Coppelia: Acts I and III excerpts (Motion picture)

1 reel. 23 min. 558 ft. : si. b&w. ; 16 mm.
Note Filmed by Carol Lynn at Jacob's Pillow.
Performed as: Coppelia, divertissements from Acts I and III.
Choreography: Hans Beck and Glasemann. Cast: Inge Sand (Swanhilda), Fredbjorn Bjornsson (Frantz), Kirsten Ralov (Swanhilda's friend), Stanley Williams (Frantz' friend) and artists of the Royal Danish Ballet.
Contents CONTENTS.--Solos, Inge Sand and Fredbjorn Bjornsson.--Pas de deux, Kirsten Ralov and Stanley Williams.--Czardas, Company.--Danse de fête, Inge Sand.--1st hongrois solo, Fredbjorn Bjornsson.--2nd hongrois solo, Flemming Flindt.--Pas de deux, Inge Sand and Fredbjorn Bjornsson.--Finale, company.

La cracovienne [videorecording]
Imprint 1982.

Descript 1 videocassette (U-matic, PAL) (4 min.) : sd., b&w ; 3/4 in.
Note Videotaped in rehearsal. Choreographed by August Bournonville after Joseph Mazilier, reconstructed by Knud Arne Jürgensen. Music by Jozef Damse and Karol Kurpinski after Polish folk-tunes; arranged by Ambroise Thomas. Performed by Lis Jeppesen of the Royal Danish Ballet.

Dancing Bournonville [motion picture]
Imprint 1979.

Descript 1 film reel. 54 min. 1944 ft. : sd. color. ; 16 mm.
Note Subtitled A film about a living tradition at the Royal Theatre with The Royal Danish Ballet. Produced for Statens Filmcentral and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs by The Film Company. Directed by Jørgen Leth. Research/manuscript: Ole John. Advisor: Ebbe Mørk. Lighting: Jan Weincke and Barney Fick. Sound: Niels Bokkenheuser. Production chief: Ole John. Narration: Clive Barnes. Choreography: Auguste Bournonville.
Contents CONTENTS. - Brief excerpt from a performance of Conservatoriet. Direction: Flemming Ryberg. Scenery and costumes: Ove C. Pedersen. Music: H.S. Paulli. - Brief segments showing various teachers in class: children's class conducted by Flemming Ryberg; Fredbjørn Bjørnsson teaching a men's "Wednesday" class; Henning Kronstam teaching an adult class; Erik Bruhn, as guest director, teaching a women's class. - Hans Brenaa teaching a mime sequence to Mette-Ida Kirk and Ib Andersen in preparation for restaging of Kermessen i Brügge. - A week later, Brenaa rehearsing the same ballet with Kirk and Andersen. - Another week later, Brenaa directing Kirk in the same ballet on stage. - Backstage preparations before the premier of the same ballet shows dancers making up and warming up, and Brenaa giving a brief pre-performance talk to the dancers. - Mette-Ida Kirk and Ib Andersen in the Pas de deux, Act I, from Kermessen i Brügge in performance. Direction: Hans Brenaa. Scenery and costumes: Lars Juhl. Music: H.S. Paulli. - Performance of Tarentella from Act III of Napoli. Direction: Kirsten Ralov. Scenery and costumes: Søren Frandsen. Music: Paulli. - Kirsten Ralov instructing Linda Hindberg and Arne Villumsen in a run-through of the Pas de deux from Flower Festival at Genzano.

For my daughter [videorecording]
Imprint 1983.

Note A co-production of Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) and Danmarks Radio. Produced and directed by Thomas Grimm.
Choreography: Robert North. Music: Leos Janácek. Scenery and costumes: Andrew Storer. Lighting: Erich Nohl.
Performed by Linda Hindberg, Arne Villumsen, Erling Eliasson, Kit Dyring, Ann-Kristin Hauge, and members of the Royal Danish Ballet. Pianist: Bohumila Jedlickova.

Greening [videorecording]
Imprint 1981.

A co-production of Danmarks Radio and Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) Producer and director: Thomas Grimm.
Choreography: Glen Tetley. Music: Arne Nordheim. Scenery: Nadine Baylis. Lighting: Gerhard Niewiadomski.
Performed by Mette Hønningen Torben, Flindt Jeppesen, Ann-Kristin Hauge, Claus Schrøder, Thomas Berentzen, Inge Jensen, Annemari Vingard, and members of the Royal Danish Ballet.

Kwaidan [videorecording]
Imprint 1979.

Note Produced by Danmarks Radio, TV-Byen, Copenhagen. Producer and director: Thomas Grimm. Concept and choreographic direction: Kenneth Tillson. Music: Japanese folk music arranged by Akio Yashiro, and Asterism, by Toru Takemitsu. Scenery and costumes: Søren Breum. Performed by members of the Royal Danish Ballet: Eske Holm, Flemming Flindt, Mette Hønningen, Elsa Marianne von Rosen, Erik Holmey, Svend Erik Jensen, Niels Theilsø, Tommy Edvardsen, and others.

Soloists of the Royal Danish Ballet [videorecording]
Imprint 1986.
Descript 1 videocassette (VHS, NTSC) (96 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
Note The picture has poor resolution and the recording of Sad songs is very dark.
Contents Homage to Bournonville (Pas de cinq, duet and variation, pas de trois) / choreography by August Bournonville, reconstructed by Dinna Bjørn; performed by Christina Nilsson, Marianne Rindholt, Lise Stripp, Benedikte Paaske, Heidi Ryom, Peter Bo Bendixen (19 min.) -- Jockey dance [from From Siberia to Moscow] / choreography Bournonville; music by C.C. Møller; performed by Frank Andersen and Ib Jeppesen (3 min.) -- Polka militaire [excerpt] / choreography by Bournonville; music by Hans Christian Lumbye; performed by Lise Stripp and Poul Erik Hesselkilde (2 min.) -- Dance of the three graces [from Acclaim to the graces] / choreography by Bournonville; performed by Christina Nilsson, Benedikte Paaske, Marianne Rindholt (4 min.) -- Pas de deux from Flower festival in Genzano / choreography by Bournonville; music by Edvard Helsted and H.S. Paulli; performed by Heidi Ryom and Mogens Boesen (10 min.)
Dance of joy [from The little mermaid] / choreography by Hans Beck; music by Fini Henriques; performed by Lise Stripp, Marianne Rindholt, Benedikte Paaske, Dinna Bjørn, Frank Andersen, Peter Bo Bendixen, Ib Jeppesen, Poul Erik Hesselkilde (6 min.) -- Sad songs / choreography by Nils Christe, assisted by Annequin Sneep; music by Gustav Mahler; performed by Christina Nilsson, Heidi Ryom, Lise Stripp, Marinne Rindholt, Dinne Bjørn, Peter Bo Bendixen, Ib Jeppesen, Mogens Boesen, Frank Anderson (26 min.) -- Pas de six and tarantella from act III of Napoli / choreography by Bournonville; music by H.S. Paulli; performed by Lise Stripp, Benedikte Paaske, Marianne Rindholt, Dinna Bjørn, Christina Nilsson, Heidi Ryom, Peter Bo Bendixen, Ib Jeppesen, Mogens Boesen, Frank Andersen, Poul Erik Hesselkilde (24 min.)

Author:  Izabela [ Sat Jul 09, 2005 12:39 am ]
Post subject:  Thanks!

Thanks a lot for this wonderful list! At last a detailed Bournonville videography - just what I need! Thanks again!


Author:  Guest [ Sat Jul 09, 2005 4:26 pm ]
Post subject: 

From Stuart: My thanks too, Kate, for this super information. I dream of a time when the copyright laws enable crucially important dance performances to be readily available. I supect that this will only happen in 50 years or so when they are out of copyright.

For instance, there is a terrific BBC film of MacMillan choreographing two short works and answering questions about the process. This is, perhaps, one of the most important videos for aspiring choreographers, but it is only availably for view at the British Film Instittute and occasional screenings at the National Film Theatre, both of which are above copyright, by legislation. The curator of the festival where I saw this film said it would take 5 man years to get the permissions to make this generally available - oy vey!

Author:  Bob [ Fri Aug 26, 2005 2:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Bournonville performances on video

I've got the RDB laser discs of Napoli and La Sylphide. They are easy to copy onto VHS and I've done so for a number of my friends. I think that performance of Napoli is probably the most wonderful thing I own...I don't think I could live without it!
I also have two videotape compilations that include the Flower Festival at Genzano pas. The good one is from a dance festival in Los Angeles - all the other dances are bad, but Villumsen and Hindberg dance Flower Festival and it is very fine. The weird one is from a compilation from the Kirov and they get it entirely wrong trying hard to make it Petipa virtuoso dancing and missing the grace and charm totally. It's not right at all, but very interesting and the tape does has some very nice things including a really delicious Pas de six from La Vivandiere by Saint Leon danced very charmingly (and with all the Kirov virtuosity) by Boris Blankov and Alla Sizova and an equally terrific Diana and Actheon Pas wonderfully danced by Tatiana Terekova.
I'd love to trade for any other Bournonville dance videos (or any other format that one can look at) out there.

Author:  ksneds [ Fri Aug 26, 2005 3:27 pm ]
Post subject: 

As a reminder we ask that people not use these forums or the attached e-mail/private message system to initiate or conduct video/DVD trades. Copying from a commercial VHS/DVD/Laserdisc is a violation of copyright, and thus it is not an activity we can condone via the use of this board.

If you wish to trade, please make offers and contacts via private e-mail.

Thank you
Kate (moderator)

Author:  ksneds [ Sat Jan 21, 2006 5:11 am ]
Post subject: 

Apparently, 'La Sylphide' is being released on DVD (Region 2) in March. It would appear to be copied from the earlier LaserDisc release, and has Nikolaj Hübbe and others from the late 1980s or early 1990s. ... 80-6988435


Author:  coreutica [ Tue Mar 21, 2006 1:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bournonville videos

I have Napoli Bournonville vhs. Are you interested? :lol:

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