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Royal Danish Ballet - Bournonville Festival 2005
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Author:  Stuart Sweeney [ Wed Feb 09, 2005 11:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Bournonville Festival 2005 - Welcome

A feast of Bournonville choreography
By Mary Clarke for Dancing Times

The Royal Danish Ballet is celebrating the bicentennial of the birth of its greatest choreographer, August Bournonville, 1805-1879, with its third Bournonville Festival which takes place in Copenhagen from June 3-11. The Festival will be an ambitious undertaking of historical significance with performances of the nine Bournonville ballets in repertoire and a closing night gala. It will also feature the documentation of the Bournonville school on film for posterity and the publication of several books on Bournonville as a cultural personality.

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Author:  Stuart Sweeney [ Fri Feb 11, 2005 1:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Royal Danish Ballet - Bournonville Festival 2005

Here is the programme of ballets in the Festival:

Programme for June 3rd – 11th, 2005

Friday June 3rd 2005
La Ventana | The Kermesse in Bruges

Saturday June 4th 2005

Monday June 6th 2005
La Ventana | La Sylphide

Tuesday June 7th 2005

Wednesday June 8th 2005
Le Conservatoire | Far from Denmark

Thursday June 9th 2005
The King's Volunteers on Amager | La Sylphide

Friday June 10th 2005
A Folk Tale

Saturday June 11th 2005
Bournonvilleana - Gala

And there are lots of associated events:

Author:  ksneds [ Thu Feb 17, 2005 11:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Royal Danish Ballet - Bournonville Festival 2005

The official festival website can be found at:

Information on Bournonville - the man, the ballets and the style, can be found at:

Author:  ksneds [ Thu Feb 17, 2005 11:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Royal Danish Ballet - Bournonville Festival 2005

Links to Ballet-Dance reviews and interviews that may be of interest in relation to the RDB and Bournonville:


Frank Andersen, RDB Artistic Director
Back to Basics, Back to Bournonville

Thomas Lund, RDB principal dancer:
Thomas Lund: Making a DVD of Bournonville Classes

Interview with Thomas Lund

Tim Matiakis, RDB soloist:
Tim Matiakis: Through three royal houses

Tina Højlund, RDB soloist:
Interview with Tina Højlund

Kristoffer Sakurai, RDB soloist
Interview with Kristoffer Sakurai

Niels Balle, RDB corps and RDB School Deputy Director:
Guiding the Next Generation



A Folk Tale

A Folk Tale

The King's Guard in Amager

La Sylphide

Author:  Stuart Sweeney [ Wed Apr 13, 2005 7:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Royal Danish Ballet - Bournonville Festival 2005

Danish Delights
By Mary Clarke for Dancing Times

The Royal Danish Ballet, under the direction of Frank Andersen, has not only been preparing, by introducing revivals, one by one, for the Bournonville Festival which takes place in Copenhagen in June, but also paying tribute to another former ballet master, Harald Lander, whose centenary falls this year and who was instrumental in rescuing so many Bournonville ballets for the repertory. A gala performance, on February 25 in the Royal Theatre, Old Stage, admirably illustrated both aspects of the work in progress.

Le Conservatoire (Konservatoriet in Danish) is well known inside and far from Denmark in the form of the single act which so delightfully, and convincingly, takes us to a classroom as it might have looked in the 1820s at the time when Bournonville studied with Vestris in Paris.

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Author:  Stuart Sweeney [ Thu Apr 21, 2005 7:50 am ]
Post subject: 



Exhibition at Thorvaldsens Museum, 16 March - 12 June 2005

In celebration of the bicentenary of the birth of August Bournonville, Thorvaldsens Museum currently features an exhibition on dance as depicted in contemporary 19th century pictorial and sculptural art.

"Everything dances, believe my word", Andersen wrote in the lyrics to a dance song from 1832. Thorvaldsen was at the pinnacle of his career in the day and age when August Bournonville performed at the Royal Danish Theatre and when it was come il faut for the Copenhagen bourgeoisie to stage open-air dance events in natural settings. Works by Thorvaldsen, Eckersberg, Marstrand and Hans Christian Andersen, whose bicentenary we also celebrate this year, offer a unique opportunity to experience how ballet and dance influenced the arts at the time.

A fully illustrated exhibition catalogue will be published written by Ole Nørlyng. The exhibition is later to be featured at the Funen Art Museum.

For further information, visit the Thorvaldsens Museum website:


A unique opportunity to experience the time-honoured Bournonville Schools on stage.

The Bournonville Schools will be presented at Stærekassen by the Royal Danish Ballet and children from the Royal Danish Theatre Ballet School as a prelude to the evening's ballet performance.

The Schools are part of Danish ballet heritage and have been maintained by generations of ballet dancers at the Royal Danish Ballet. Bournonville's step designs were originally organised into training programmes by his later successor as ballet master, Hans Beck.

The Bournonville Schools have recently been fully documented in celebration of the 3rd Bournonville Festival. On 1 June, a DVD and two books will be published featuring all six Bournonville Schools.

The schools are performed on the following days:

Saturday 4 June at 6 pm: Saturday School

Monday 6 June at 6 pm: Monday School

Tuesday 7 June at 6 pm: Tuesday School

Wednesday 8 June at 6 pm: Wednesday School

Thursday 9 June at 6 pm: Thursday School

Friday 10 June at 6 pm: Friday School

Order tickets for the Bournonville Schools: ... vent=KB655


Excerpts from Bournonville's magnificent ballets are featured on the festival website. The website currently features Le Conservatoire. Click here: ... eoclip.htm

For further information on the 3rd Bournonville Festival, visit

Author:  ksneds [ Wed May 11, 2005 3:59 am ]
Post subject: 

The casting for the Festival and the program for the final gala have been released. As always, casting can chage at any time....

June 3
La Ventana

Senorita- Gitte Lindstrøm
Senor- Jean-L. Massot
Pas de Trois- Caroline Cavallo, Gudrun Bojesen, Tim Matiakis
Spejldans- Camilla R. Holst

Kermesse in Bruges
Mirewelt- Mogens Boesen
Eleonore- Susanne Grinder
Greit- Ulla Frederiksen
Trutje- Jette Buchwald
Marchen- Tina Højlund
Johanna- Marie-Pierre Greve
Carelis- Kristoffer Sakurai
Adrian- Martin James
Geert- Thomas Lund
Burgermeester Potter- exander Sukonnik
Cirkusmester- Morten Eggert
Linedanserinde- Esther Wilkinson
Klovn- Sebastian Kloborg
Fru v. Everdingen- Christina Olsson
Claes, hushovmester- Poul-Erik Hesselkilde
Psyche, solister- Silja Schandorff and Andrew Bowman
Contessa - Maria Bernholdt

June 4

Gennaro- Thomas Lund
Teresina- Tina Højlund
Veronica- Jette Buchwald
Golfo- Niels Balle
Fra Ambrosio- Poul Erik Hesselkilde
Giacomo- Alexander Sukonnik
Peppo- Flemming Ryberg
Giovania- Louise Midjord
Pascarillo- Mogens Boesen
Trommeren- Kenn Hauge
Carlino- Ib Jeppesen
Coralla- Lesley Culver
Argentina- Susanne Grinder
Balabile- Amy Watson, Izabela Sokolowska, Cecilie Lassen, Femke M. Slot, Julie Valentin, Louise Østergaard, Morten Eggert, Nicolai Hansen, Dawid Kupinski, Asger Schlichtkrull, Cèdric Lambrette, Ulrik Birkkjær

Pas de six
Herrer- Andrew Bowman and Mads Blangstrup

Damer- Caroline Cavallo, Gudrun Bojesen, Gitte Lindstrøm, Silja Schandorff

1 Herresolo- Tim Matiakis
1 Damesolo- Caroline Cavallo
2 Herresolo- Andrew Bowman
3 Damesolo- Gitte Lindstrøm
4 Damesolo- Silja Schandorff
1 Tarantel- Morten Eggert and Izabela Sokolowska

3 damer- Femke M. Slot, Cecilie Lassen, Susanne Grinder

June 6
La Ventana

Senorita- Silja Schandorff
Senor- Mads Blangstrup
Pas de Trois- Diana Cuni, Femke M. Slot and Andrew Bowman
Spejldans- Haley Henderson


Sylfiden- Gudrun Bojesen
James- Thomas Lund
Madge- Lis Jeppesen
Gurn- Nicolai Hansen
Effy- Tina Højlund
Anna- Kirsten Simone
Nancy- Cecilie Lassen
1. Sylfide- Christina L. Olsen
2 Bønder- Vincent van Webber, Fernando Mora
3 Musikanter- Alexander Sukonnik, Poul-Erik Hesselkilde, Kenn Hauge
2 Koner- Ann Kolvig, Nadia Dahl

June 7

Abdallah- Morten Eggert
Hassan- Asger Schlichtkrull
Irma- Amy Watson
2 veninder- Diana Cuni, Cecilie Lassen
Fatima- Kirsten Simone
Gabidgi Bachi- Mogens Boesen
Sheik Ismail- Peter Bo Bendixen
Omar- Alexander Sukonnik
Sadi- Tobias Praetorius
Palmyra- ???
Palmyras 2 tjenestepiger-Christina L. Olsen, Ellen Green
Selim- Yao Wei
Gulnare- Femke M. Slot
Arzeli- Camilla R. Holst
2 sønner- Nicolai Hansen, Cèdric Lambrette

June 8

Monsieur Dufour- Poul-Erik Hesselkilde
Bonjour- Jette Buchwald
Elisa- Yao Wei
Victorine- Gitte Lindstrøm
Alexis- Jean-L. Massot
Ernst- Dawid Kupinski
Rambaud- Ib Jeppesen
Jeanne- Ulla Frederiksen
Larose- Alexander Sukonnik
1 Jockey- Tim Matiakis
Soloherre- Kristoffer Sakurai

Far From Denmark

Rosita- Marie-Pierre Greve
Wilhelm- Mads Blangstrup
Don Alvar- Fernando Mora
Konsul Fernandez- Poul-Erik Hesselkilde
Poul- Diana Cuni
Edvard- Izabela Sokolowska
Chef for fregatten- Ib Jeppesen
Ole Sluproer- Frederik Farrington
Bådsmand- Kenn Hauge
Hovmester- Alexander Sukonnik
Rositas 4 veninder- Femke M. Slot, Cecilie Lassen, Susanne Grinder, Alba Nadal
Kineser solo herre- Tim Matiakis
Høvding- Marcin Kupinski
Eskimodame- Ellen Green
Eskimoherre- Kristoffer Sakurai
Jason - Gàbor Baunoch
Medea- Elisabeth Dam

June 9
The King's Guard in Amager

Edouard- Peter Bo Bendixen
Steffen- Thomas Flindt
Otto- Kristoffer Sakurai
Carl- Nicolai Hansen
Emil- Dawid Kupinski
Louise- Silja Schandorff
Sophie- Diana Cuni
Andrea- Susanne Grinder
Tønnes- Poul-Erik Hesselkilde
Thays- Kenn Hauge
Cornelis- Flemming Ryberg
Bodil- Kirsten Simone
Sisse- Ulla Frederiksen
Ane- Christina Nilsson
Else- Izabela Sokolowska
Trine- Elisabeth Dam
Jan- Martin Stauning
Dirk- Asger Schlichtkrull


Sylfiden- Caroline Cavallo
James- Mads Blangstrup
Madge- Jette Buchwald
Gurn- Morten Eggert
Effy- Maria Bernholdt
Anna- Eva Kloborg
Nancy- Femke M. Slot
1. Sylfide - Marie-Pierre Greve
2 Bønder- Vincent van Webber, Thomas F. Jeppesen
3 Musikanter- Alexander Sukonnik, Mogens Boesen, Kenn Hauge
2 Koner- Ann Kolvig, Nadia Dahl

June 10
A Folk Tale

Hilda- Gudrun Bojesen
Muri- Eva Kloborg
Diderik- Peter Bo Bendixen
Viderik- Lis Jeppesen
Birthe- Tina Højlund
Junker Ove- Kenneth Greve
Fru Kristine- Marianne Rindholt
Hr. Mogens- Thomas Flindt
Cathrine- Kirsten Simone
Morten- Alexander Sukonnik
Else- Henriette Brøndsholm
Dorthe- Louise Midjord
2 Kammerpiger- Kristine Andersen, Camilla R. Holst
Poul- Flemming Ryberg
Pas de Sept- Diana Cuni, Amy Watson, Femke M. Slot, Lesley Culver, Thomas Lund, Andrew Bowman and Nicolai Hansen

The program for the gala on the 11th is as follows:

Valkyrien - ouverture
Eksempler på Bournonvilles daglige skoler
Uddrag af Kermessen i Brügge
Pas-de-deux’en fra Vilhelm Tell
Finalen fra Livjægerne på Amager
Pas-de-deux’en fra Blomsterfesten i Genzano
Bournonville potpourri:
- Troubaduren
- Hvide Rose
- La Lithuanienne
- Polka Militaire
- Jockey dansen
Napoli, 3. akt
Finale - salut for August Bournonville

Author:  Stuart Sweeney [ Tue May 17, 2005 8:19 am ]
Post subject: 

Press release:

The 3rd Bournonville Festival is just round the corner.

Preparations and rehearsals are in full swing at the Royal Danish Theatre. Exhibitions have opened on Bournonville and a magnificent array of books and CDs have been issued to coincide with the festival.

Lloyd Riggins’ debut as Bournonville director
Former solo dancer with the Royal Danish Ballet, Lloyd Riggins, celebrates his debut as ballet director within the Bournonville heritage he himself has interpreted on stage.

Lloyd Riggins will direct The Kermesse in Bruges, a vivacious ballet which in the first act features one of Bournonville’s most popular pas de deux.

La Ventana will be staged by artistic director Frank Andersen and the set design for this gracious chamber ballet is by Christian Friedländer. Spanish folkdance and classical ballet mingle in this charming genre piece.

Premiere at the Old Stage on 21 May at 8 pm. Tickets available at: ... vent=KB652

Three Bournonville exhibitions to open shortly in Copenhagen
Three different exhibitions reflecting three different approaches to August Bournonville are set to open at the Round Tower, the National Museum of Denmark and the Theatre Museum.

The Theatre Museum features the exhibition Børn, Ben og Bournonville (Children, Legs and Bournonville) drawing on the extensive archives of the museum. The exhibition traces the history of the Royal Danish Theatre Ballet School featuring documents and images from the age of Bournonville to the present day – an impressive account of the history of the world’s oldest ballet school. The exhibition opened on 12 May.

An exhibition entitled Striking Sylphs & Posing Trolls will open at the Round Tower on 13 May. Through old photographs, rare film footage and contemporary music the exhibition traces how Bournonville’s ballets have been interpreted by the Royal Danish Ballet since the 1920s.

The following day, on 14 May, the National Museum of Denmark will open the exhibition Tulle and Tricot – Bournonville’s ballet costumes that highlights the ballet costumes of the Bournonville tradition. The Royal Danish Theatre, the Theatre Museum and the National Museum of Denmark have all contributed with unique costumes and costume designs from the many Bournonville productions throughout the ages rendering insight into costume tradition and history.

For information on opening hours etc, please visit the official festival website: ... linger.htm

Nine ballets rerecorded by the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra
If you have ever longed to hum along to the music from Bournonville’s ballets at home or perhaps even attempted a few steps yourself then now is your chance to do so with new recordings.

Enjoy music from La Sylphide, Napoli, La Conservatoire, etc, performed by the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra. The complete collection of Bournonville ballet music is available on 9 CDs and was released by Det Schønbergske Forlag/Danacord on 3 May.

The recordings are currently available in a box set featuring an extensive accompanying book on the subject. The book, Dansen er en kunst. Bournonville - den levende tradition (Dance is art. Bournonville - The living Heritage), features articles on the music itself, the composers, Bournonville’s choreography and choreographer himself along with ballet synopses. The articles have been contributed by ballet experts and are edited by Ole Nørlyng. Each recording will in short time also be available for sale separately.

Royal Danish Ballet Porcelain
Royal Copenhagen and the Royal Danish Theatre have launched a magnificent white commemorative cup.

Bournonville’s ornate signature in the classical blue of Royal Copenhagen adorns the cup in an elegant design by graphic designer Camille Lotte Friis Jensen. The Bournonville Cup is part of the Royal Copenhagen thermal cup/mug series, which keeps beverages warm and therefore allows users ample to time to admire the magnificent design.

The Bournonville Cup holds 24 cl. and is issued in limited edition at the price of DKK 350 (approximately 50 euro).

The cup is retailed at the Royal Danish Theatre Store (Old Stage) and at the Royal Copenhagen flagship store by Amager Torv in Copenhagen

For those looking for something unique to serve with their Bournonville Cup, the Copenhagen-based classic tea store A. C. Perch’s Thehandel has created an exquisite Bournonville tea blend. The tea is available at both the store and box office of the Royal Danish Theatre as well as at the tea store A. C. Perchs Thehandel on 5 Kronprinsensgade.

Author:  Stuart Sweeney [ Tue May 17, 2005 8:23 am ]
Post subject: 

ksneds visits

The National Museum of Denmark - Tulle & Tricot
- Costumes for the Bournonville Ballets

Ana and Mary, this is an exhibit that you definitely need to see as it's
brilliantly put together.

It's housed in one large, strikingly lit room, with the costumes on tailor's
dummies (just torso and arms) suspended from the ceilings. This allows the
whole costumes to be visible as the dummies twist in any breeze and the
exhibit to be spacious. In a neat touch, a series of slyphide costumes from
"La Sylphide" are hung in a row, climbing from floor to ceiling. It would
have been nice to be able to get closer to some of the costumes, but they
probably wanted to keep the older ones out of touching distance.

Each costume is labeled with ballet, designer and the dancer(s) who wore it,
and range from the 40s to the present day. I found it intriguing how many
of the costumes had been worn by just one dancer because I know that in
companies like the New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre,
costumes re rebuilt for different dancers many times until they are worn
out, so often they are worn by many dancers.

I suspect here that at the Royal Danish ballet, the ballets have been in the
repertory for so long, dancers stay in the company for so long and the roles
are done by so few dancers, that costumes are likely to wear out or be
replaced by a newer design before a dancer leaves.

It was particularly interesting for me to view the older costumes, as I've
seen most of the current ones up close many times, either on the dancers or
on the costume rack in the hall. To see costumes worn by the likes of
Henning Kronstam, Kirsten Simone, Flemming Ryberg, Eva Kloborg, Lise la Cour
is amazing. And also it was intriguing to examine the detailing and to see
and compare the sizes of the costumes.

Along the walls were photos from various ballets and costumes sketches of
various productions of the ballets. It's fascinating to see how the designs
have evolved over the course of the century - it seems like the trend is
towards more simplicity. Not that the costumes are any less intricate, but
more modern materials.

One whole side of the room was given over to a movie screen with clips from
four Bournonville ballets (current casts) being played. The clips are well
edited and in parts slowed down so you can really see the steps. Having
seen "Napoli" just two nights before, the clip from Napoli was my favorite!

There's an accompanying paperback guide for around $7/£4, which is well
worth buying. ... ndex2.html

Author:  Stuart Sweeney [ Thu May 19, 2005 11:09 am ]
Post subject: 

We have set up a dedicated forum for the Bournonville Festival 2005:

Please go there for all the latest news and comments.

Author:  Stuart Sweeney [ Sun May 22, 2005 10:26 pm ]
Post subject: 

By Tobi Tobias for Arts Journal

2005 is the 200th birthday of August Bournonville, the dancer, choreographer and ballet master who gave the Royal Danish Ballet its distinctive profile. To mark the occasion, the company has organized the 3rd Bournonville Festival, which will take place in Copenhagen, June 3-11. All of the Bournonville ballets that are still danced today will be performed on the stage of the Royal Theatre, along with the codified classes devised to preserve the choreographer’s unique style. A host of museum exhibitions will complement these events.

click for more

Author:  Effy [ Mon May 23, 2005 12:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re costumes

The nametag in the costumes used for identification will often be the name of the last dancer wearing the costume, so a lot of the costumes will have been worn by several dancers. There are a few mistakes in the labelling at the exhibition The junker Ove costume contributed to Johnny Eliasen, had never been worn by him, he has never danced this part, but Erling Eliasson has, so it is probably his costume and would probably be the one made for Peter Martins who premiered the production. I think as a rule that there are at least two costumes made for the firsts casts, and these will be altered when the ballets are recast. You can also se one costume having been worn by Anna Lærkesen (one of the tallest dancers) and Petruskja Broholm, who is one of the shortest.

Author:  Stuart Sweeney [ Mon May 23, 2005 3:39 am ]
Post subject: 

Thanks for this information, Effy. Looking forward to more of your postings.

Author:  Stuart Sweeney [ Tue May 24, 2005 6:23 am ]
Post subject: 


Press Release

"Bournonville and Ballet Technique", by Erik Bruhn and Lillian Moore

As an initial salvo in the Bournonville bicentenary celebrations, Dance Books is pleased to announce publication of "Bournonville and Ballet Technique", by Erik Bruhn and Lillian Moore.

In this facsimile reprint of a now very rare 1961 publication, the great Danish dancer Erik Bruhn and the American historian Lillian Moore discuss August Bournonville's principles of ballet technique as set down in his Études chorégraphiques. In their introduction the authors write 'We simply want to discuss a few things which are sometimes neglected even in the best schools, and describe some of the ways they are taught in the Danish school, where they are still remembered.'

Erik Bruhn was trained in the Bournonville tradition, and through his appearances as guest artist throughout the world he had the opportunity of comparing his training and technique with other methods. This interest impelled him to study anew Bournonville's principles, and in collaboration with Lillian Moore, he compiled what he modestly described as 'a book of studies and comments'.

Paperback, 104 pages; ISBN 185273 107 9, Price £10.00

Copies of the book may be ordered at:

or from:

Dance Books, The Old Bakery,
4 Lenten Street, Alton, Hampshire GU34 1HG
Tel: 01420 86138 Fax: 01420 86142

Author:  Serenade [ Sun May 29, 2005 1:27 pm ]
Post subject: 


I'm looking forward the festival but unfortunatelly I'll not be able to come to all the performences. Do you know if it will be dvd or video?
I have also one comment. I think this festival is a necessity to remind the Bournonvilles heritage and I don't understand why we can enjoy it only in Copenhaguen. This year is the Andersen's year as well and there're exhibitions and performence everywhere in Denmark. Why not the same for Bournonville and ballet?


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