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R. Hatter (Hattori's new work)
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Author:  sachikom [ Thu May 05, 2005 11:13 pm ]
Post subject:  R. Hatter (Hattori's new work)

Last summer Yukichi Hattori, who is a amazing soloist of the Hamburg Ballet, choreographed a one-act ballet work "Banjo no Teki("The Player on the Other Side" in English) which was danced by his friends(Helene Bouchet, Yohan Stegli and Galien Johnston) as well as colleague and himself. That was so wonderful.
Then this summer he will give new ballet works - R. Hatter on public in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan. Please click the below site about R. Hatter.
But I am afraid this site has only Japanese version. Maybe almost English readers cannot read anything, so I should write down a bit.
There are two parts. The First one is....

Hattori challenges KUROSAWA !!!

This is the eye-catcher copy I thought. He is preparing to adapt the novel "Yabu no Naka" written by Akutagawa Ryunosuke for a ballet work, and that's the novel which Kurosawa adapted for his film "Rashomon". Are you interested in it? I don't know who will dance, however, some of the Hamburg Ballet dancers, Ivan Urban, Alexandre Riabko, Helene Bouchet, Yohan Stegli, Galien Johnston, Loris Bonani, Stephanie Minler and Stefano Palmigiano are coming. I imagine that some of the persons who are reading this would like to come to see these performances.
The second part will be a show time with Takarazuka girls, maybe. Hattori's grandfather was one of the most famous pop music composers in Japan, for example, Tokyo Boogie(Tokyo- Bugi-ugi), China Baby in My Arms(Soshu-Yakyoku), I'll Come to You(Mune-no-Furiko), Let's Love(Aoi-Sanmyaku) and so on. Alomst Japanese peole can sing his songs, I expect. So Yukichi is going to choreographe about his grandfather's songs.
The schedule is as follows:
July 21, 22 - Tokyo
July 24, 25 - Osaka

Author:  sachikom [ Tue May 31, 2005 8:21 am ]
Post subject: 

What is "Yabu no Naka" like ?
Did you become aware of the number of the performers that are composed of 3 female dansers and 6 male dansers ?
According to his interview, it seems that three stories are performed simultaneously, sometimes synchronously, sometimes differently, sometimes like fugue style of music( I don't know how to say exactly).
Yes, one role is played by three dansers.
I am very curious about that.
The music is composed by his elder cousin Hattori, Takayuki who is a music composer like his grandfather.
Yukichi talked about his new work in Japanese, then I translated what I understood into English. So I should owe them to myself if there are some misunderstandings about his new work.

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