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XVII Mariinsky International Ballet Festival 2017
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Author:  Buddy [ Sat Jan 07, 2017 1:54 pm ]
Post subject:  XVII Mariinsky International Ballet Festival 2017

Awhile ago I read that the Festival dates will be March 30 - April 9. I can’t find out where I got this information, but I assume that it’s correct and it fits in with the open space at the Mariinsky performance site. ... ype=ballet

This would be my initial Festival Wish List for guest artists.

Veronika Part - ABT (as usual — Swan Lake)
Olga Smirnova - Bolshoi
Myriam Ould-Braham - Paris Opera Ballet (a classic, Swan Lake, Giselle, La Bayadere….)
Simone Messmer - Miami City Ballet

Two younger Mariinsky artists that seem to be getting more attention are Yelena Yevseyeva and Renata Shakirova. I thought that Yelena Yevseyeva did beautifully in the “Bronze Horseman” at last year’s Festival. She added a lovely, touching depth of portrayal to her technical prowess, that was very evident in her lively Kitri (“Don Quixote”) from an earlier Festival. She continues to add sensitivity as shown in her Giselle debuts last year.

Renata Shakirova shows very fine expressiveness, very noteworthy in modern material.
(this performance was originally posted by the performance site, so I assume it’s ok to post here)

She also seems to be developing a very fine classical presence. I hope both these young dancers will be seen prominently at this year’s Festival.

Ulyana Lopatkina, because of injury(?) and Alina Somova, because of maternity leave, may be out for much of the season. Ulyana Lopatkina remains perhaps the most beautiful ballerina in the world. Alina Somova is capable of amazingly beautiful and expressively inventive performances as shown in her rendering of Fokine’s “The Swan” several Festivals ago.

Some personal favorites that may be prominent at the Festival are Oxana Skorik, Yekaterina Osmolkina (wonderful Giselle last year) and Yekaterina Kondaurova, among so many remarkable Mariinsky artists.

Another young dancer, Nika Tskhvitaria, Vaganova graduate, formerly Stanislavsky Ballet, may be a very lovely and alive new face at the Festival. Eleonara Sevenard, still at the Vaganova I believe, is a very mature and fine artist who will hopefully be a Festival star someday.

Young choreographers. As usual, any new work by Maxim Petrov would be greatly welcomed. Also hoping that Maxim Sevagin will once again be presented.

As a choreographer, Yuri Smekalov showed great creativity last year with his “Bronze Horseman.” It would be very good to see more of his work at future Festivals.

Author:  Buddy [ Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: XVII Mariinsky International Ballet Festival 2017

Another young artist that has already been given one debut lead this year is Anastasia Lukina, She would be a fine addition to the Festival.

Nadezhda Batoeva performed a lively and charming Kitri two Festivals ago. She reminds me somewhat of Anastasia Kolegova. It would be good to see both of them again.

Xander Parish is the subject of a recent article by Sara Crompton in The Times. It’s always great to see him. His performance with Ulyana Lopatkina of Frederick Ashton’s Marguerite and Armand two years ago was perhaps the finest at that Festival. ... -zgnrg3tvg
(thanks to BalletcoForum for posting this)

Maxim Petrov, mentioned above, is a young choreographer that I like very much. His two lengthy works, Cinema and Ballet No 2 to Alexander Tsfasman's music were probably the highlights of The Young Choreographers’ Workshops, as well as of most of the new Russian works that I’ve seen over the years. Both featured Andrey Ermakov. Cinema also featured Viktoria Brilyova, who was vibrant. Both her and Anna Lavrinenko (Tolmachyova), whom I can’t find listed, were bursts of sunshine in his second work.

I always have to mention Oxana Skorik. She is the artist that I always find myself going back to for pure beauty of motion.

Again, a mention to Yelena Yevseyeva, who is developing a lovely sensitivity.

Yekaterina Osmolkina’s Giselle last year was magical and heart touching. It’s performances like this that bring me back to Saint Petersburg year after year.

Author:  Buddy [ Fri Jan 27, 2017 4:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: XVII Mariinsky International Ballet Festival 2017

This year's Festival. ... t_fest_234

Author:  Buddy [ Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: XVII Mariinsky International Ballet Festival 2017

This Year's Festival

30 March Paquita

31 March Paquita

1 April Romeo and Juliet

2 April La Bayadère

4 April A Creative Workshop of Young Choreographers

5 April Swan Lake The Perm Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre

6 April Paquita

7 April Don Quixote

8 April Jewels

9 April Ballet gala ... t_fest_234
(Click on each event for casting)

Author:  Buddy [ Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: XVII Mariinsky International Ballet Festival 2017

There's a beautiful flow in life. The clouds in the sky. The waves in the ocean. The children at play. The dreams in one's heart.

Sometimes it's expressed in dance.

Why ?

Dancing can make us happy !

Dancing can be beautiful.
Dancing can be ourselves.

So each year Saint Petersburg has a Festival of ballet dance. It has its own definite style, its own definite beauty.

It's a lyrical dance. Only one type, but one of the most developed, most refined and in many ways one of the most beautiful.

Thus it can become a place to dream and hopefully a place to launch future and even more beautiful dreams.

The Festival, folks in the streets, stars in the sky -- it can all become part of the same thing.

A beautiful flow. A beautiful dream.

Author:  Buddy [ Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: XVII Mariinsky International Ballet Festival 2017

This year because Critical Dance has changed its format I've done most of my Festival posting elsewhere. This is because the ongoing access for new viewer comments and discussion has now been ended. Maybe someday it will be reintroduced.

I do want to say that I've really enjoyed all the years that I've posted at this topic and thank Critical Dance very much for giving me the chance to do.

I would like to post something now that might be of interest. It's reorganised excerpts of what I wrote elsewhere about several of the ballerinas (from so many outstanding artists) who I thought made this year's Festival so wonderful. I hope that it makes it easier to appreciate what each of these wonderful artists accomplished and to share my enthusiasm for what they did.


Dream Nights Festival

The Lyrical Flow of The Ballerina Dancer


Olga Smirnova

La Bayadere

Lots of really great stuff tonight, but what I'm compelled to say is....

Olga Smirnova

I was thinking

Anna Pavlova

....a lot.

Olga Smirnova

This is Stuff
Of the Stars
Above the Stage
(William Shakespeare(?)  :D )

There were large, large passages where each move looked like history being made.

On the way home I was totally tranquil and at peace, only wishing to write a few words of deepest appreciation and to embrace the memories and feelings of what she had done.

Often each of her moves looked like masterpieces that should be placed in the world's great art museums.

Seamlessly, she looked into your eyes…. as she drew you into her world of soulful enchantment.

In the final act, a dream introduced by a chorus of spirit-like, angel-looking women, she established a spell. All was hushed, a silence not to be broken by loud response, until you were compelled to enthusiastically do so just to let her know that she’d indeed drawn you into a world of magical beauty.

In fact, it may have been the greatest ballet performance that I've ever seen ! In fact, it may have been one of the greatest ballet performances ever ! -- and she's just beginning !

My experience was almost overwhelming. I just sat in my chair, almost limp, after each of her Acts, and then walked(?) back to my hotel lost somewhere in the clouds.

I’ve been watching a video clip, and one of the things that strikes me about her dance magic is her phrasing or timing of her moves. One thing in a million. I was too entranced at the Festival to notice much in the way of detail, but I certainly noticed and felt the overall beauty.


Yekaterina Osmolkina

Queen of the Dryads
Symphony in C
Celestial (twice)

They should just put her in an enchanted bubble and let her float through the entire Mariinsky repertoire.

She’s so beautiful ! She dances like a gorgeous cloud no matter where she is….Tonight as the Dryad Mistress she was once again a dream with light, airy jumps as effective as those of Renata Shakirova. (Don Quixote)

In my last post I mentioned her wonderful effect. I referred to the dreamlike beauty of her dancing. I felt that she represented the overall aura of this year’s Festival. In the absence of Ulyana Lopatkina and Oxana Skorik, both not appearing, I believe because of injury, it was probably her who carried the Mariinsky banner of ethereal beauty.

Always a dream, in the work, Symphony in C, performed a series of high, backward bent-leg sweeps that were as beautiful and compelling as anything that I saw.

I hope we’ll see a lot more of her prominently at future Festivals and although I don’t usually get into this, it wouldn’t bother me at all if she was made the next Mariinsky Principal (and I told her so at the Reception :D ).


What I didn’t mention was her remarkably mature artistry, best seen in her Gamzatti. Last year she ‘was’ Giselle and because of her artistry or portrayal and her absolutely lovely dancing, I considered it to maybe be the best performance of that Festival.

Her portrayal, for me, was excellent.She held her own very well in response to the expressionistic genius (and I do mean “genius”) of Olga Smirnova. She did indeed create a brilliant and sensitive multi-dimensional character. She was both humanly vulnerable and life demandingly imperious.


Yekaterina Chebykina


During the duet from Diamonds, when Yekaterina Chebykina dreamily looked up from the poetically embracing partnering of Xander Parish, I could almost sense George Balanchine looking down at her and gently saying,

"Think stars, my dear, thousands and thousands of sparkling stars."

In Diamonds, I've never seen Yekaterina Chebykina perform more beautifully ! She was different from anything I've seen of her before. Having been excited about her way of combining expressiveness with refinement, here she had an embracing purity. She was truly a Mariinsky ethereal dream.


Renata Shakirova

Kitri — Don Quixote
Cardusha — Paquita

Thus, I can see Renata Shakirova, who performed a vibrant Kitri, someday being an enchanting Odette or Giselle. She is known for her technical prowess, but I also saw beautiful gracefulness and she’s absolutely loveable !

She has a lot of everything. She has very fine dance capability. Her technique was solid, graceful and clear. She had some jumps in the first act that brought Natalia Osipova to mind. Her fouettes were almost all single, single, doubles. I remember on the Bolshoi competition when the judges agreed that they’d never seen a women before do some difficult moves that she accomplished. I also think that she has the ability to be a wonderful Odette or Giselle and I look forward to seeing this. She’s beautifully expressive in character and very loveable.

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