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Kirov dancers and oligarchs wives
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Author:  Cassandra [ Thu Jul 13, 2006 9:21 am ]
Post subject:  Kirov dancers and oligarchs wives

In ‘times 2’, the daily magazine section of the Times newspaper today there is an article about the wives of Russian oligarchs, the kind of women that make Victoria Beckham look like a class act. The article is of interest from a political point of view as it raises the pertinent issue of the UK’s eagerness to take on board (and in one case offer political asylum) to Russian tax-evaders that are increasingly unwelcome elsewhere in Europe, people that are currently even being flushed from their former favourite bolthole, Monte Carlo.

What has this to do with ballet you may ask; well it seems that at a recent charity bash in London, which raised a miserly £26K for Russian orphans, the ranks of oligarchs wives were increased by the inclusion of dancers from the Maryinsky Ballet. One, a very ethereal blond girl, is pictured in a red dress, though I didn’t recognise her I’m afraid. As the company doesn’t arrive here until the week after next, I’m very interested as to what these Russian dancers were doing at a party at one of London’s lesser hotels. Imported for decorative effect I suppose, but are dancers from the Kirov Ballet now available for hire? I’ve heard of ‘rent-a-crowd’, but ‘fly-a-dancer-in from-Russia’ is a new one on me. Is this a new company enterprise? Has anyone out there ever hired a dancer from the Kirov, and if so for what purpose, I’d love to know the details

Here’s the link to the article in question:

It’s not an edifying read, but if indeed the Kirov was roped in to bump up the numbers in an attempt to add some much needed class to this unappealing event, they have my sympathy.

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