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Author:  Catherine Pawlick [ Wed Jul 26, 2006 9:33 am ]
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Buddy -

Zhanna returned from maternity leave this January, took classes, rehearsed and prepared for the filming of "Jewels", in which she danced "Emeralds" in, I believe it was early March. She was then slated to dance in "La Sylphide" (billed as such officially on the web site) but Tarasova stepped in for her near the end. I haven't seen her onstage or off since late Spring. I do know she has been living some of the time in Finland (or was until January), and it is possible she is there again with her family now. I don't know what her future plans are -- ie if she will dance in St. Petersburg this fall, if she is planning on retiring (she is 39 or 40 now) and so on. I agree with you that her emotional pull is one of her greatest qualities. Unfortunately with a the young new addition to her family, I would guess she won't be returning full time to the stage soon. But with her of course, any performances at any sort of frequency are welcome!

You or someone else had asked me about the Mariinsky festivals already. There has been no official word to that effect either way. I can only say that without a venue that offers a proper stage/backstage setup (and the only one I know of aside from the Mariinsky is *Possibly* the Maly, but even that wont allow productions of the MT size) I dont think festivals will happen during its closure. Gergiev has stated publicly he intends for the MT to reopen in time for the 2008 White Nights. I doubt that is technically possible given the rates of construction and renovation in Russia (speed-wise) and the necessary renovation needed on the theatre.

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