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Censorship and partiality in the Guardian arts section
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Author:  Cassandra [ Mon Feb 18, 2013 11:49 am ]
Post subject:  Censorship and partiality in the Guardian arts section

When newspapers open their articles to comments they are perfectly within their rights to moderate the public’s responses, viz. libellous or inflammatory remarks and obscenities. The Guardian newspaper, once a bastion of progressive socialist thought, but currently a shadow of its once great self, actually allows obscene language in its comments section (putting off many from contributing no doubt) but on its arts pages it appears a policy of suppression of truth prevails.

On Friday 15th February the following piece about Tamara Rojo was published in The Guardian with the opportunity to comment at the bottom: ... amara-rojo

I had the temerity to comment on the circumstances of her appointment at ENB, only a couple of lines, nothing insulting or inflammatory and I provided a link to CriticalDance’s discussion of the Eagling sacking and Rojo’s involvement. My very innocuous comment was removed, though paradoxically the highly critical comments by ‘Karatekidwaxoff’ were allowed to stand. Interesting, wouldn’t you say?

Even more interesting is the fact that last year I approached a political journalist at The Guardian who was a former colleague of mine; I felt that the article about Tamara Rojo published in the Standard that referred to her connection to George Osborne, The Chancellor of the Exchequer, deserved the attention of an investigative journalist. ... rnalSearch

Despite initial interest I got the brush-off, but the reply he sent was fascinating and it is only with great reluctance (it was sent to me in confidence) that I have decided not to post it here.

However I must now conclude that the ‘powerful backers’ he refers to in an email he sent me must include staff at The Guardian. Actually the one positive in all this is that at least discussion is still allowed on some areas of the internet if not on others.

For your information here are what are laughingly called ‘Community Standards’ by the Guardian and I promise you I broke none of them.

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