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Audition fees
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Author:  griffindance [ Sat Feb 09, 2013 6:59 am ]
Post subject:  Audition fees

I was wondering if you might consider a topic.

Audition fees!

Ive recently noticed some dance companies, mainly american, posting a fee for auditions. Usually somewhere between $10-30. Its not a sudden happening but I have noticed this fee appearing more often on european websites (z.B. etc).

Some background on this topic...

Charging audition fees in the UK at least is illegal.

By paying an audition fee/registration fee guarantees the applicant of nothing. The company is not obliged to offer work to anyone attending the audition.

Ive been contacting various companies who use audition fees. Some get back to me but only one has ever answered a second email. He wasnt particularily polite though.

Answers about this fee essentially boil down to,

"Holding auditions costs money, the dancers can pay for our searching for them!"

Which I firmly believe is an in-house cost. Much like costumes and make-up, it is a part of being in business.

Another reason given is,

"Everyone else does it!"

Which to me is like a 14yr old girl trying to explain to her mother why she should be allowed to wear lipstick. (One director took this analogy as meaning I thought he WAS a 14yr old girl. Interesting email that one was).

Last and certainy the least is,

"We've always done it that way!"

I may bring up slavery or it being socially acceptable to be publically racist or homophobic as practices that enjoyed long observation of practice. It still doesnt make it right!

The director (who isnt a 14yr old girl) did insinuate that perhaps my objection to this practice is purely personal and that I am alone in finding it objectionable. Therefore I thought Id ask other people.

So now you know my feelings on the topic. Could you also ask other people please?

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