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There Really Is a Santa
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Author:  Basheva [ Wed Dec 20, 2000 10:11 am ]
Post subject:  There Really Is a Santa

There Really is a Santa………..<P>My neighbor, Andy, is a very large jovial man, with a deep infectious laugh. In fact he is the personification of what Santa Claus is supposed to look like, sound like and be. Big rosy cheeks, rolly belly, huge smile. One year he was asked to be Santa at a very large Christmas party. No expense was spared to rent a really great Santa suit and all the accoutrements. <P>On Christmas Eve my young six year old son, had just fallen asleep, when Andy in full Santa regalia, rang my doorbell and wanted to see Edward. I told him the child had just fallen asleep a short while ago, but Andy was not to be put off. After all, Santa has certain privileges. So in he came and went straight for the child’s room. I preceded him and by the half illumination of a night light in the bedroom, I woke Edward up and told him someone very special had come to see him. He sat up in bed, amidst his pillows and blankets, his eyes droopy with sleep. Then he glanced over my shoulder as Santa loomed into the room. Those eyes got very large, VERY LARGE, his jaw fell open.<P>Santa greeted him and Edward whispered back “Hello, Santa”. Then he was asked if he had been a good boy. Dumbfounded, the child nodded and looked at me for confirmation. Then Santa asked “Will you be a good boy next year?” Edward very quickly and emphatically promised “OH YES!!”. Then Santa gave him a present and left.<P>The next day I overheard my young son, as he sat with a little friend on the front step, discussing the holidays. His friend voiced skepticism about the existence of Santa Claus. Edward quickly spoke up “You can take it from me THERE REALLY IS A SANTA.”<P>Do you have any Holiday stories you treasure?<BR>

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