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Easy Quiz (not dance related)
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Author:  Alex R [ Tue Dec 27, 2005 4:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Easy Quiz (not dance related)

Here's a nice easy(?) quiz I did today:

1. How long did the Hundred Years War last?

2. Which country makes Panama Hats?

3. From which animal do we get catgut?

4. I which month do the Russian's celebrate the October Revolution?

5. From what is a camel's hair brush made?

6. The Canary Islands are named after what animal?

7. What was King George VIs first name?

8. What colour is a purple finch?

9. Where are Chinese gooseberries from?

send me a private message for answers if you should get stuck!

Author:  corrival [ Wed Dec 28, 2005 8:26 am ]
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Well I know catgut doesn't come from a cat but i don't know where it comes from
and I know the color of a purple finch but the other questions will require research!

Author:  salzberg [ Wed Dec 28, 2005 9:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Easy Quiz (not dance related)

7. What was King George VIs first name?


9. Where are Chinese gooseberries from?

Chinese geese?

Author:  Alex R [ Wed Dec 28, 2005 2:00 pm ]
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nice try Jeff, but none of these are trick questions!

Author:  crandc [ Wed Dec 28, 2005 4:47 pm ]
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I know the October Revolution is celebrated in November (2 different calendars).

Author:  Liscarkat [ Thu Jan 05, 2006 5:06 am ]
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But where did Fred Astaire lose his hat, in Royal Wedding?

Author:  salzberg [ Thu Jan 05, 2006 5:18 am ]
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On the sound stage.

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