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Music for a Dance!!
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Author:  x_lil_ballerina_x [ Fri Jul 07, 2006 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Music for a Dance!!

Hello again everyone here @ CD!!!
On the 18th of July (eek! very short time away) my friend and i are performing one of our exam dances at school and as i cannot get ahold of the original music the dance is too we need help!!!
Its quite a slow, calm dance-our exam dance- and i was wondering if anyone here has any ideas of music that i will be able to buy/download that might work!! I would really appreciate your help because the 18th is getting closer and closer!!! In desperate need of a quick reply!! Thanks! x

Author:  x_lil_ballerina_x [ Fri Jul 07, 2006 2:09 pm ]
Post subject:  oops...afterthought...

Heehe and as an afterthought i do realise that that info is quite if someone could give us a few suggestions it would really really help!!

Haha Wow!! Its amazing at how stressed i am getting over this!! :) None of the music i have tried so far seems to fit :( i've tried some nutcracker, some chopin, even Mozart!!! pllllllllllzzzzzzzzz help!!

Author:  Gina Ness [ Sat Jul 08, 2006 1:27 am ]
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Hello, x_lil_ballerina_x...It's pretty difficult without seeing your dance to know what to recommend. What is the original music? That might help us to know what might be a good substitute.

Author:  Joanne [ Sat Jul 08, 2006 3:14 am ]
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Why don't you ask your teacher if he/she could lend you a copy of your origninal music. I know if any student comes to me to ask if they can perform something they have learnt at class at school I am delighted and only too happy to help.

Author:  x_lil_ballerina_x [ Sat Jul 08, 2006 3:45 pm ]
Post subject:  music...

Hmmmmmm.......well, i am really not sure and thats why i am so confused!! Heheh i am pretty sure its something to do with Cechetti so maybe that helps..although it probably doesn't. If i found out the time signature would that help?!? And thanx for the response Joanne but the music isn't on CD it is played by a pianist. :( When the pianist isn't at our lessons our teacher has to sing to us because it isn't on CD. *Sigh*

Author:  Joanne [ Sun Jul 09, 2006 3:37 am ]
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Why don't you ask the pianist what the piece of music is called?

Author:  x_lil_ballerina_x [ Sun Jul 09, 2006 3:37 pm ]
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Good idea Joanne!! Thankyou!! i will at the next chance i get!

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