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dance questionnaire please help!
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Author:  traceyplatt [ Sat Mar 11, 2006 11:16 am ]
Post subject:  dance questionnaire please help!

My name is Tracey Platt and I am currently studying an Foundation Degree in Theatre and Performance. I have been taking dance training at local dance schools since an early age including numerous dance exams so that I can reach teaching levels. However, the exams I undertook are not a recognised qualification, therefore I wanted to take this training further within Higher Education. My passion for dance lies within popular dance forms and I have discovered that there is very little popular dance currently being taught within HE, therefore I have decided to write my research paper on ‘Popular dance within HE’. I have compiled a questionnaire to collect other people’s opinions and help me find out more about my chosen topic and I was hoping that you could find the time to help me. I have included this questionnaire within this e-mail and I would be extremely grateful if you could complete this questionnaire to help me with my research, and e-mail the answers back to me.
 How do you think dance currently being taught within Higher Education?
 Do you think there are so little popular dance forms such as tap and street dance, being taught within HE?
 Is this something that we should be concerned about?
 Why do you think the two forms of Ballet and Contemporary dance considered more worthy of study?
 Do you think popular dance forms are worthy of study with HE?
 Why do you think the blurred boundaries of 'high art' and 'popular culture', not yet present within the study of dance in HE as they are within music and theatre?
 In your opinion where do the boundaries of ‘High art’ and ‘Popular Culture’ lie within dance?
 Do you have any further comments that may be relevant?

I recognise that you are a busy person and may not have the time to complete this questionnaire. However short answers would still be a great benefit to me and help me an awful lot with my research paper.
Thank you for your time. :D
Tracey Platt

Author:  Stuart Sweeney [ Sun Mar 12, 2006 3:05 am ]
Post subject: 

Hi Tracey, I see you have another post on this theme in "Dance Miscellany" and I think it best that we concentrate responses and discussions there:

Thus, I will lock this topic.

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