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Author:  Joanne [ Tue Sep 27, 2005 2:53 am ]
Post subject:  Dance Trainers/Sneakers

I have had a student come to me recently saying that her Bloch Dance trainers are causing her instep great discomfort. She has a reasonably high instep but I have to say I have never heard of these shoes causing discomfort in fact most people I know whatever their foot shape speak of great comfort from these shoes.

She says that the shoes are a little big but that the size down were too tight. It would seem to me therefore that her foot is perhaps not sitting correctly in the shoes but if the size down were too small then it seems a no-win situiation. I am really at a loss as to advise her what to do. I don't think the shop will take them back now as she has worn them twice. She has jazz shoes to wear for the time being but it is a lot of money she has wasted if they are poor fitting.

Has anyone else with a high instep had this problem with dance trainers and if so have you found that inserts help? Although she has a high instep it is not unusually high and she has not had problems with other shoes and has not been medically advised to wear supports.

Any ideas?

Author:  spangles [ Tue Oct 04, 2005 1:46 am ]
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there are some wonderful ways in which one can make a shoe fit more snuggly especially for those with feet in between sizes. has she tried applying a heel blister inside the heel of the shoe? (heel blisters a similar to a bandaid with a little extra padding in the middle. place this in the heel of the shoe and it makes the shoe effectively a little smaller and stops one's foot from sliding inside the shoe. one can buy these through any shoe store). just a thought. I am thinking that arch supports within the shoe may be of help also?

Author:  Joanne [ Tue Oct 04, 2005 2:55 am ]
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Thanks Spangles I will pass that on to her.

Author:  Joanne [ Sun Oct 16, 2005 4:09 pm ]
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Just to update - the student took the shoes back and demanded they be refitted. It turns out she had been sold totally the wrong size and has now been fitted correctly. This is not the first time I have heard of this happening at that particular shop.

So please everyone go somehwere recommended to have shoes fitted. Dance shoes have to fit properly and they are expensive mistakes to make.

Happy dancing!!!

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