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the shoe fits....both feet
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Author:  shanabee [ Fri Sep 16, 2005 12:22 pm ]
Post subject:  the shoe fits....both feet

This may be the oddest question ever, but I just started pointe this Sept after taking many years off and coming back to work incredibly hard last season. My instructor felt I was ready to start a pointe open class, along with an Intermediate class on flats. Anyways, I took my first class in Bloch Synergies, and of course by the end of class my feet were sore. After wearing them around the house for the next few days they softened up enough to be more comfortable to wear. Well, I decided to try them on the other feet after being broken in, they feel way better than on the other feet! The only problem is that on the left foot, not the shank necessarily, but the heel is a little off center, not really twisted, but not exactly underneath my heel. I was told that if I sew the outside ribbon a little farther back it will keep the heel centered. (its a 3/4 shank). Just wondering if anyone has thoughts on this. Otherwise, the shoes fit well.

And just as a sidenote, theres has been alot of comment on this board about late starters and waiting to go on pointe. I am 23 (8-10 years older than my classmates lol) and I worked really hard to go on pointe. My pointe class is an hour long and half is at the barre and half is in the centre. My teacher feels and I feel like I have the strength and technique to do it. Does it still seem to early for pointe? Or does it really depend on the dancer? Just curious.
Sorry for the long post, thanks for replies in advance!

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