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Author:  spangles [ Tue Aug 30, 2005 7:54 pm ]
Post subject:  ROUND SHOULDERS

What corrective exercises would you give to a student with a rounded shoulder line?

Author:  spangles [ Mon Sep 05, 2005 9:04 pm ]
Post subject: 

Firstly I would correct posture and if need be ALWAYS refer to physiotherapist.
1. Ankles to be well pulled up. no rolling. even weight distribuion over entire foot. toes to be stretched, not scrunched. small space between the metatarsals and underneath the big toes and underneath the instep.

2. Legs pulled up. kneecaps flat. pelvic girldle held firm. pulled in tummy. hip bones level and facing the same plane.

3. Legs rotated correctly withing the hip socket. (using the deep rotators underneath the buttock)

4. Centre of gravity must be on a vertical line that passes through the supporting foot. Balance.

5. Lumber curve from waist to sacrum to be stretched downward.

6. Waist is slimmed and spine streched upward. lift the rib cage. lift up and out of the hips apart from the downward pull of the lumbar region.

7. Diaphram is held


9. No Tension in neck/shoulders. Eyes directing focus.

10-. Spine is flattened where possible bearing in mind the need for the spine to act as a shock absorber whcih should not be stiff but relaxed yet held.

Rounded shoulders can lead to joint pain throughout the body. Correct posture should be constantly kept in check within the ballet studio. Practice. Practice. Practice. UNLESS there is pain - if there is pain, seek medical advice before commencing any postural corrective exercises.

Exercsises to correct rounded shoulders would include:

Any exercise that opens/stretches/strengthens the muslces of the back and shoulders. example:

Place palm flat on the wall
keep shoulders down and back and open up the chest
rotate away from wall stretching out tension
apply pressure to tight spot with free hand

Yoga and pilates are very good
Aerobic and/or gym exercises that strengthen the back are very good
Hot baths that help imporve circulation and releases muscle tension
Postural assessment and corrective exercises from a qualified physio.
Lifestyle changes (example) the way we sleep, watch tv, sit at a computer

Hoping that this may be a start to a topic within the forum. I look forward to hearing of people's experiences, advice, comments, thoughts, observations etc. :D

Author:  aude [ Fri Sep 09, 2005 4:27 am ]
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This is an interesting topic as my daughter has recently been assessed by a physio and has been given postural exercises to do and as she has shoulder blades which protrude quite a bit, she has been told to correct this. Can anyone talk about this as I always thought that these 'chicken wings' were a common thing in dancers and were desirable...obviously not!

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