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summer school
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Author:  fairydancer [ Sun Jul 24, 2005 1:27 pm ]
Post subject:  summer school

hi, im going to a summer school for a week later this month but im worried im gonna get tired and be the worst dancer!

at the moment i go to 3 dance classes a week (although i havnt been for a week due to summer holidays) and im studying to do the intermediate IDTA exam, would you say this is right for my age group (15/16)?

also any tips on staying awake and fresh during the week would be appreciated


Author:  citibob [ Sun Jul 24, 2005 6:52 pm ]
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Whether 3 class/wk are right for your age depends on your goals. If you have professional aspirations, you need to be studying 5 days/wk.

The best tip to keeping on things at the summer school is just don't give up. It's always a lot of work.

Author:  Gina Ness [ Thu Jul 28, 2005 11:13 am ]
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Hi fairydancer...Work hard and enjoy yourself. When you compare yourself to others, be positive about it. If someone is dancing a combination well, has good turning or jumping ability, see if you can learn from watching them and apply it to your own technique. It's a good thing to see where you are in relation to others your age and level; it can inspire you to "kick it up a notch"! Get your rest and eat well and take good care of yourself. You'll probably have a great time... :)

Author:  Dean Speer [ Tue Aug 09, 2005 2:47 pm ]
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And I would only add to be sure to hydrate yourself in between classes; drink plent of water and fluids, such as juice. Also, if you're taking an intensive kind of course, then stretching out after classes is a good idea too. 8)

To paraphrase what Gina said, taking an active role in your staying healthy will promote your successes in class and you will find yourself not getting too pooped to dance at your best -- and will continue to have fun. You will also find yourself building stamina, which is very important. Best wishes for happy dancing!

Author:  fairydancer [ Sun Aug 14, 2005 2:31 pm ]
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thanks for the advice, im so excited now that its close! Ill post another message afterwards telling you if i really do as bad as i think im going to! hehe i'll be sure to have lots of fun, thanks again

FairyDancer xxx

Author:  alvina [ Sun Dec 04, 2005 4:14 am ]
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i Agree too..its definitely a useful advise for all :D

Author:  salzberg [ Sun Dec 04, 2005 5:16 am ]
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So, fairydancer, how did you do?

Author:  Guest [ Sun Dec 04, 2005 3:54 pm ]
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ooo it was amazing! i loved it!

i was a bit nervous the first day, and in class there were a few things that i struggled with. there were the usual few that got everything perfect first time :roll: but by the second day id picked everything up fine

the teachers were great as well, really freindly but really good teachers as well. i made great friends with the girls in my dorm cuz we were jsut together all the time.

so yeah, it went really well, thanks for the advice
the only downside is that i want to go back! :lol:

xxx <3 xxx

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