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Author:  Dncn*Court [ Sun Jul 08, 2001 6:14 pm ]
Post subject:  flexibilty

Hey!<BR> ok, I think I'm pretty flexible like all my splits are on the ground, and my center stretch is down, but I still can't get my leaps or kicks up, they're so bad! Does it have a lot to do with strength too? And are there any exercises I can do to strengthen in order to leap and kick? Another problem is my turnout. When I sit in a butterfly stretch, my knees are pratically down, but my turnout is so bad! Any help would be soo great!! Thanks!! Image<P>------------------<BR>*<3*Court*<3*

Author:  Basheva [ Sun Jul 08, 2001 6:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: flexibilty

First let me welcome you to our board - it's great to have you join us.<P>There is a lot of information here about the questions that you have asked. You can do a search for it by clicking on "search" which is at the top right hand side of the board.<P>There indeed needs to be both stretch and strength to attain the ballet positions and execute the ballet vocabulary such as leaps, kicks and jumps.<P>Here are a couple of threads you can read:<P><BR><A HREF=../../../ubb/Forum7/HTML/000291.html><B>STRETCH AND STRENGTH</B></A><P><A HREF=../../../ubb/Forum7/HTML/000499.html><B>Turnout - A Ballet Basic</B></A><P><BR>If you do a search for "turnout", "flexibility" and whatever else you want - you will find much more information.<P>Then, please ask questions, and we will be glad to try to help.<P><p>[This message has been edited by Basheva (edited July 08, 2001).]

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