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Dancing and The Foot
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Author:  MissJan [ Thu May 17, 2001 7:00 am ]
Post subject:  Dancing and The Foot

Hey all! on another post of mine Basheva replied to and meantioned something of dancing can change the foot.<P>Ok all how can dancing change our feet? like the shape and what not?<BR>What happens to our feet when dancing?<BR>Is this Good Or Bad?<BR>How do we protect our feet when dancing as well as in everyday life?<P>Thanks,<BR>Jan<BR><P>------------------<BR>Teaching Today Touches Tomorrow!<BR>

Author:  Anastasia [ Thu May 17, 2001 7:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dancing and The Foot

For example, because i dance en pointe now, my feet are a bit more narrow in the toes, and both bunions are a bit bigger, i think. <BR>And, you can improve your arche and instep a bit, it will become a bit higher (or not, ofcourse). Also, your toenails can change because of pointe work. <BR>Now, i'm talking about feet that are ready for pointe work. If not, they'll also change, but in a way you don't want i think Image.<P>Ehh, what do i know about feet anyway? Not so much... it's a shame for someone who dances ballet not to know somehting about feet! Bad, bad girl... Image

Author:  Basheva [ Thu May 17, 2001 8:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Dancing and The Foot

Anastasia - good, good girl.<P>Basheva sometimes bad girl.<P>Jan - another good question. The feet will change through your life whether you dance or not. It is not "good" or "bad" - it's what happens. People don't stay the same year after year. Everything changes, take it from an old lady!!<P>I found that my feet got bigger - not a whole bunch but a bit. They got longer when I went on pointe. Then as I got older they got a bit wider. Also the top - arch - of my foot got higher so I had to pay attention to my street shoes how they fit - like tennies - or any shoe that encloses the foot.<P>Also pay attention to the sole of the shoe. So many women's shoes have very, very thin soles which provide very little cushion for the foot. This leads to problems in the natural cushioning in the bottom of your feet. That can wear out with time. So not only pay attention to your dancing shoes - but your street shoes. I wear very few shoes that are really beautiful - though I love those high fashion ones - I stay away from them.<P>And care of the toe nails is very important even if you are not dancing. If you let them grow too long that can affect how they fit inside the shoes, too. Always cut straight across. Do it on a night when you don't have ballet class the next day. And it is easier right after a hot shower - they are softer. <P>Always dry your feet very carefully after showering - get really in between those toes - this is to stop fungus infections. Remember dancers spend a long time with sweaty feet inside shoes - so you need to be aware of good clean habits.<p>[This message has been edited by Basheva (edited May 17, 2001).]

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