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Please help what can i do?
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Author:  Angharad [ Wed May 05, 2004 7:50 am ]
Post subject:  Please help what can i do?

ok I really need help, first I live in west wales and there are virtually no facilities. I want to be a professional dancer preferably ballet.

I'm 17 so it is already to late for me to join a ballet school as all I get told is "Directors are not looking for first corps de ballet at 20 so you will never be hired, you should have come at 16" when I was 16 noone would take me they all wanted A levels. Now I also have the problem that I was studying for elementary but people have left and now there are not enogh people to run the class so I am back in pre-elementary as that is now the highest class available, I only have one year left of school now. Also I have been told I am not the right shape to be a ballet dancer so it doesn't look as though I have any chance, I also have none to compare with to see how good I am as I am the highest standard person in the school.

Is there any point in me carrying on? I can't afford to travel somewhere for classes I could try and get on a teaching course (the RAD said they would treat me as a special case) but I really want to perform)

the other option is to try and get into a contemporary dance course but again noone teaches contemporary here an I may not be able to afford to go to a summer school to try it out before I would need to audition.

(sorry its so long)

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