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Help and advice about my balance
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Author:  Ushdbdancin' [ Wed Sep 29, 2004 11:21 am ]
Post subject:  Help and advice about my balance

hey everyone...

I've recently started tap & ballet and loving it but, this might sound weird, when doing certain balance is really rubbish.I mean, I know after a while it will start getting better but I was just wondering if there was anything I could do to speed it up :)

Anyone got any advice on exercises or anything like that to help my balance?

Author:  balletowoman [ Thu Sep 30, 2004 12:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Help and advice about my balance

Balance is affected by a lot of factors, and I find that usually, it's got little to do about how 'still' or 'erect' your body is (obviously if it's not straight in the first place, you've got no chance), but more to do with general posture. Make sure your abdominals are held tight, that your shoulders are down (REALLY down!) and that your shoulder blades are flat on your back (which will allow your arms to be strongly held).

I know it's a lot to remember and do, but if you do this while pushing through the floor (so, no bent knee or 1/4 demi pointe :p

Author:  citibob [ Thu Sep 30, 2004 11:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Help and advice about my balance

When you do a particular step and you don't maintain balance through it, there is usually something you're doing wrong --- some body part that is not where it should be to stay on balance. There are a zillion things that could be going wrong here.

Unfortunately, it impossible to know what's happening without seeing you.

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