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Author:  Satin_Pointe [ Fri Jul 27, 2001 8:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Toes

When I first started dancing, I was training with a teacher who was an advanced student, and I used to constantly curl my toes when I pointed, but my teacher never corrected me. Now I'm with a different teacher, and she says to stretch my toes, like I'm reaching with them. But I feel like if I'm not curling my toes, they're just hanging there.<P>I have a problem with sickling, and I very rarely get corrected for it anymore, but when I feel like my foot is just hanging there and not really pointing, I try and point it harder, which makes me sickle.<P>It's really horrible to feel like my foot is just flopping around!<P>------------------<BR>*_*Satin Pointe*_*<BR>

Author:  Basheva [ Sat Jul 28, 2001 5:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Toes can be really difficult to figure it out can't it? When you point your foot you have to feel as if the energy is coming right out of your toes - stretching out somewhere - POINTING!!<P>Sometimes when we try very hard without visualizing that stretch - the toes will curl. So as you point your foot visualize the energy streaming out of the toes into the ground like this \ not this } .<P>As for sickling....stand at the barre and look sideways into a mirror. Watch your foot in the mirror as you tendu to the front. As you move it into tendu stretch out with the toes, but try to keep your heel hidden - so you can't see it in the mirror.<P>When you point to the side - look in the mirror and make sure you can't see your heel - it should be tucked under your foot so you can't see it. When you tendu to the back, watch your foot in the mirror when it stretches out, and again keep your heel hidden. Learn how that feels - so you can eventually do it without looking in the mirror.<P>Whenever you have a mirror - check your foot. Some feet are constructed so that sickling occurs - but you can work on it and correct it to a great extent. It is important to work on this because it will not only affect your "line" - it will also affect how you go up on demi-pointe and cause stress to your foot and weight placement.<P>Try these things and let us know what happens. It takes time - and hard work.

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