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male dancwear
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Author:  pointe [ Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:31 am ]
Post subject:  male dancwear

just curious if guys in ballet HAVE to wear tights in class,i know its the normal thing to do but is it compulsory as i have seen some video clips where it wasnt done and for some reason [to me anyway] it does not seem the teacher can see the movements properly,as i say just curious :D

Author:  ksneds [ Sat Dec 10, 2011 8:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: male dancwear


Rules about class attire are up to the school, but they tend to be less strict for adults. In my classes, some guys wear tights, others wear track suit bottoms or running tights or even bike shorts. However, for a beginner class, it's important for the teacher to be able to see your muscles/turnout and for you to understand his/her corrections in terms of your body.

If you're not sure about the class, you might wear something you already have for a couple of classes before investing in new dance gear. But otherwise, I'd try to find black tights or black running tights - and make sure you are properly supported underneath (i.e. dancebelt, NOT an athletic supporter). If it's a good school and good teacher, you should NOT be made to feel self conscious.

If you aren't sure about dancewear, try to find a good shop that can give you advice - the local ballet school should be able to suggest a place.

Have fun!

Author:  pointe [ Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: male dancwear

thanks for the advice kate,uch appreciated

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