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A Dance Sets Sail In Our Minds And In Our Hearts
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Author:  Buddy [ Tue May 12, 2009 4:20 pm ]
Post subject:  A Dance Sets Sail In Our Minds And In Our Hearts

Some Thoughts on A Beautiful Day

Without a word the Dancer expresses the beauty of human sentiment.

".... artists burn with a need to convey by implication their personal conception of life and potential beauty...."

"I believe that the artist and his art are only a part of the total human experience; the viewer in the world at large is the essential other part. I feel that a true work of art is like nothing else in the world. It is not essential to know how the artist thinks or how he believes he relates to his profession or his society. What he creates is his message. For me a work al art does not cry for comprehension, only for reaction at the level of art itself."

("Ansel Adams An Autobiography", pages 110 and 111, paperback version)

Art asks "only for reaction at the level of art itself" ...or perhaps....'only for reaction at the level of what 'Beauty' means to us personally'.

The landscape about us, that Ansel Adams loved and illustrated, lives, dances and ultimately, sublimely -- warmly embraces.

A Dancer expresses All Beauty with the beauty of human motion.

Life is about living.

The human being also dreams.

The child is born living in a world of Complete Love and of Complete Beauty.

The artist, and we are all artists and we are all Dancers, dreams and creates.

'Life is about living' and the 'ability to dream' reach for harmony -- Living Beautifully.

The mind can ride the gentle currents of the imagination.

We can float gracefully along a flowing river or wonder at the embracing warmth of this world's many marvelous natural vistas.

We can enjoy, and we can play and we can love.

A Dancer's motion echoes this in a lyrical poem.

A Dancer's motions also tell a story. The face, the hands, all tell of a dancer's -- "need to convey by implication their personal conception of life and potential beauty."

It's a voyage for all of us to take -- to Feel, Love and Enjoy.

The World's Beauty Dances

The Dancer's Beauty Echoes All The World's Beauty

(These thoughts are fondly brought to mind by Maria Alexandrova, Svetlana Zakharova, Veronika Part, Gillian Murphy and many, many more -- by us who love them for the joy and richness that they add to our lives -- by Ansel Adams and the natural world that he loved -- by childhood and all children -- and by all beauty everywhere)

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