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Kirov-Mariinsky at Beau-Le-Soleil
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Author:  Buddy [ Mon Jul 17, 2006 4:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Kirov-Mariinsky at Beau-Le-Soleil

"The Kirov-Mariinsky Comes To Beau-Le-Soleil!"

"A Children's Fantasy"

I live in a little mountain town called...Beau-le-Soleil (The Beautiful Sun).

I am a Five-Year-Old Boy and my name is Ami.

I have a Twin Sister and her name is Aimie. She's a Girl and she's Five Years Old also.

****She Loves To Dance****

****Beau-le-Soleil Has *500* Residents****

Last week one of the most famous dance companies in the world came to our town.

****The Kirov Mariinsky****

They will be performing here-- for a month.

The Kirov-Mariinsky Is Only Doing Ballets For Children.

****They do not have much time to rehearse as----.Most Of The Ballets Have Not Been Written Yet****

Some of our best writers are helping them. Aimie and I are writing at least one ourselves. We are only five-years-old, but we have lots of Imagination.

They are all very nice.

****They give us dance lessons----Then we give them dance lessons****

They used some of the steps that we taught them in their first performance...

"The Golden Horse Shoes".

This is a story about a Pair of Golden Horse Shoes that turn into a Magic Princess, who marries a Magic Prince and they live happily-ever-after and have lots of children, who love to dance.

Diana Vision (?) was wonderful along with Nikolai Handsome (?) (a guest dancer). Both danced beautifully. I particularly liked their Double-Split-Jetees-En-Renvers-Ou-Sur-La-Tete (a lot like our Aereal Break-Dancers would do)----following the Nijinsky-Jack Benny Silly-biz.

Diana danced beautifully some of the steps that Aimie had showed her. Aimie even jumped on stage during the performance and danced with Nikolai Handsome (?). I thought they were wonderful together!

It was a wonderful evening. Clement Critic was there and wrote a raving five page review in the Beau-Le-Soleil Gazette. The Beau-Le-Soleil Gazette has five million readers.

I hope to tell you more about us and other Kirov-Mariinsky performances in our town.

It may be a while. It sometimes takes a half-year for a letter to arrive, but we'll do our best.

Love from Aimie and me, Ami.

PS If you have any questions or comments, please post them here. No comment is too Silly. We take serious comments too. If you are a Child or an Adult-Child or have a Child or know a Child, we would Love to hear from you and/or them. We Love Children.

PS****We Absolutely Adore Catherine Pawlick****

All her reviews are printed in the Beau-Le-Soleil Gazette. It has five million readers. Each of Catherine's reviews is published two or three times--Sometimes In The Same Issue.

[Edited by Buddy July 21, 2006. A few sentences from this post have been put in the back of Aimie's doll house for temporary storage].

Author:  Cassandra [ Wed Jul 19, 2006 9:52 am ]
Post subject:  Beau Soleil is adjacent to Monte Carlo

NOT a fantasy:

The Bolshoi Ballet is dancing La Bayadere in Monte Carlo (adjacent to Beau Soleil) in October. Nikolai Handsome may well appear, as he will be in London quite soon I shall ask him.

The last time I saw the Bolshoi dance at the coast it was in Southampton. Without meaning to be disrespectful to the inhabitants of Southampton, it isn't the most exciting of venues. A trip to Monte Carlo is therefore very tempting and consequently I have just reseved a hotel room - in Beau Soleil!

Author:  Buddy [ Wed Jul 19, 2006 1:19 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hi Cassandra!

Aimie and I, I'm Ami, Love to read Your reports from London. They are also published in the Beau-Le-Soleil Gazette. The BLSG also sometimes called 'The Blissful Blog' by Adults with Silly Imaginations has five million readers. Aimie and I are Five-Years-Old. We Love the number "5". Do You have any "5"s that You Love. Next year the Beau-Le-Soleil Gazette is going to have six million readers.

We also "Love" the word "Love"! What do You Love? Aimie Loves to be Silly and Dance.

We Love MonteCarlo-Monaco. It's our Magical-Miniature-Midtown-Manhattan-on the-Mediterranean. We live in Beau-"Le"-Soleil, which is on top of Beau Soleil (that's why it has more letters), which is on top of Monte Carlo-Monaco. We take the roller coaster from Beau-Le-Soleil to MonteCarlo-Monaco almost everyday to go swimming. Maybe we'll see You there. You'll recognize us because we are twins and have the typical Beau-Le-Soleil Port De Bras and Epaulement. Of interest maybe, the little Theater in the Main Square of MonteCarlo-Monaco was designed by Charles Garnier, who also designed the Paris Opera House. Aimie Has Often Been Seen Dancing There As Well As At The Paris Opera House.

The view of MonteCarlo-Monaco-on the-Mediterranean from Beau-Le-Soleil always reminds us of the view flying into Sesame Street in New York City. All flights from Beau-Le-Soleil stop at the Sesame Street International Airport. Sesame Street is the Capital of the Entire Universe, as I'm sure that You know. ... %7Clang_en

We hope that You have a wonderful visit!

Our teacher thought that You might enjoy this interview with "Svetlana" Luvkind (?), who maybe dances sometimes with Nikolai Handsome (?). I think that she must be "Svetlana" Zazagabora (?) 's sister, because they have the same name and are both very famous dancers.

Our teacher read us the interview in class today, She Loved it so much that she read it to us a second time----Backwards.

Our teacher is very Silly!

Two things that Svetlana Luvkind (?) says are...

"The Most Important Thing For Me Is My Family, Children, And The Joy Of Life. And Life In General."

"....One Teacher Who Really Influenced Me--Larissa Dobrjan. She Was Very Gentle, Polite....We Were 14 At The Time And She Had An Individual Approach To Everyone. She Was Such A Kind And Nice Person That We Loved, Even Adored Her." ... a_0306.htm

We Love Svetlana Luvkind and we have a Statue of Larissa Dobrjan in the Main Square of Beau-Le-Soleil.

We Love You Too!

Best wishes, Aimie and Ami

Author:  Cassandra [ Thu Jul 20, 2006 9:55 am ]
Post subject: 

Lovely to hear from you Ami,

I am not a five year old I’m afraid, in fact I’m closer to 105, but I do have a friend who will be 5 in September. I’m rather fond of the number 5 myself though, as I once bought a lottery ticket which I filled in incorrectly putting down the number 5 instead of 6 (I didn’t have my reading glasses with me at the time) and my mistake won me £70.

What do I love? I love trips to Paris, blinis with sour cream and caviar, Sunday lunch in English country pubs, opera seria, the Greek Islands and penguins. Sadly I don’t do much dancing these days, the last time was in a club in Barcelona about six years ago when I needed a substantial amount of vodka and Red Bull (a nasty grown-up drink) to keep me going.

I’ve never been to Monte Carlo, France is wonderful and although I intend to work my way south I keep being lured back to Paris. My favourite French seaside resort is Le Touquet because it’s so close to Dover. I am really hoping to go to see the Bolshoi in October in Monaco, but it depends on how much is left in my piggy bank after the summer sales, and more importantly whether my big bad boss will allow me the time off, so for the time being the booking at the hotel in Beau Soleil is provisional.

Charles Garnier is my favourite architect along with Gaudi and Wren and the Paris Opera is the theatre I love best; nothing beats a bit of grandeur in my opinion so that theatre in Monte Carlo you mention will be my first port of call.

I like Svetlana Luvkind very much but Svetlana Zazagabora isn’t her sister. Her sister is Yulia Luvkind who also dances with the Bolshoi. My special friend spoke to Svetlana L. in Southampton and asked her why she was in the theatre on a night when she wasn’t dancing. She told him that she had come to walk her little sister Yulia home, isn’t that sweet?

Best wishes to Aimie also


Author:  Buddy [ Sat Jul 22, 2006 9:52 am ]
Post subject: 

Cassandra, thank You very much for telling us about Yourself. Aimie and I absolutely Love Svetlana Luv-kind since You told us how nice she is to her Little Sister. She is so nice that I would like to marry Her!

Buddy asked us to tell You that he sat next to the famous ballerina from London, Alina Cojocaru on a plane flight. You might know her. He says that she is "Very Unassuming and Very Lovely". She must be a lot like Svetlana Luv-kind. Can I marry Her too? I'm only Five-Years-Old. Is that OK?

We now think that it is "Svetlana" Za-glamorous, who is the other famous ballerina and not "Svetlana" Zaza-gabora, who is another extremely beautiful looking woman. Maybe 'They' are Sisters.

Is Your friend "Piggy Bank" the famous "Miss Piggy", who danced with Rudolph Nureyev in "The Best Of The Muppet Show...." Video?

No need to respond if You are busy. We understand. Maybe we can ask You some more questions another time.

Author:  Buddy [ Wed Aug 02, 2006 8:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

Buddy read us a bedtime verse tonight.

Like a dance of the universe
A row of little ducks
Follow their mother out across the lake
Gliding out across the water
In the distance are two peaceful white swans
As if their destination
And as the little ducks swim on towards the swans
With loving certainty
We know that we will dance our dreams.

Aimie and I feel like little ducklings sometimes.

Sweet dreams of dancing wonders to you all.

Love, Aimie and Ami

Author:  Buddy [ Fri Aug 04, 2006 4:49 pm ]
Post subject: 

Buddy read us another verse today.

the always changing sky is a dance
the breeze that flows through the branches is a dance
birds dance
butterflies dance
the little children at play are a dance
love is a dance
falling rain is a dance
waves on the ocean sparkle and dance
leaves changing color are a dance
flowers blooming are a dance
the light on the hillside dances
a smile is a dance
the stars twinkle and dance
we are always dancing
life is a dance

Love, Aimie and Ami--"we love to dance."

Author:  Buddy [ Sat Aug 12, 2006 4:35 am ]
Post subject: 

The Beau-Le-Soleil Gazette--The BLSG--"The Blissful Blog" liked the nice verses so much that Buddy read to us, that they sent him on assignment to *Detroit USA* cover....

"The Giggles Concert" !

Hi! I'm Ami and my twin sister is Aimie. We are Five-Years-Old and we Love the number Five.

The Giggles are a TV group like the Beatles for Little Children. They sing and dance and are funny and very nice. This was part of the "Giggle Dance Tour Of The USA". Adults say that a Giggles concert can sometimes bring a tear to your eye--it can be so charming.

Buddy has reported back that Dorothy Dinasaur is definitely someone for the Kirov Mariinsky to watch. She has trained at the "Ahh, Go On Now!" Ballet Academy and Buddy thinks that she has the potential to be a great prima ballerina some day. She does an already remarkable "Turkey Hop".

Buddy also says, that if you want to see "Really Marvelous Dancing", you have to go to a Giggles concert and watch "The Little Children Dancing in the Audience". He says that they are **Wonderful** !

The average age of 50% the audience was Five. Clement Critic was also there and wrote another raving Five page review for the Beau-Le-Soleil Gazette. The BLSG as you know has Five Million subscribers. Some of them are even old enough to read !

Author:  Buddy [ Sun Aug 13, 2006 4:52 am ]
Post subject: 

Hi ! Mistake. Please Delete This Post.

Author:  Buddy [ Sun Aug 13, 2006 4:56 am ]
Post subject: 

The Beau-Le-Soleil Gazette has just released it's "Top Ten List of Hot New Dances" for the Five-And-Under-Generation! As Buddy would say in one of his sillier moments----" If you are Five or less than Five or wish you were Five----Give Me Five !----Then Take A Look And Jive ! "

Brand new this week from London entering the countdown at Number Ten...

10) "The Banister Slide" (From the new Possokhov version of Cinderella.)

Continuing with All-Time Favorites...

9) "The Bop A Snowball" (On-Your-Own-Head Variation)

8) "The Jump On The Back Of The Shopping Cart Glide"

7) "The Walk Down The Street Like A Princess And Fall On Your Bottom Into A Pile Of Soft White Snow Waltz" (The "Snow Flake" Variation)

6) "The Running Up To And Waving Your Arms At The Sunrise-Sunset Dance" (The Be-Sure-Not-To-Look-Directly-Into-The-Sun Variation)

And now to the last Fabulous Five...

5) " The " Wow ! " "

4) "The " I'm Anna Pavlova ! " "

3) " The "Silly" "

2) " The " Look At Me ! " "

And Finally At Number One...

Number One !----" The Hug "

Aimie will be teaching all of these at her next "Five Minute Intensive" for fast learners.

As Buddy would say in another one of his sillier moments----" Be There Or Be Square ! "

Author:  Cassandra [ Mon Aug 14, 2006 4:24 am ]
Post subject: 

I'm a little disappointed that the doggie on a bicycle from The Bright Stream hasn't made the list.

Author:  Buddy [ Tue Aug 15, 2006 5:35 am ]
Post subject: 

Hi Cassandra !

This is Ami. I have just talked to the Beau-Le-Soleil Gazette. They said that the reason that The Doggie On A Bicycle from The Bright Stream Ballet was not included in The Top Ten Dance List is that...

....The Doggie On the Bicycle wasn't wearing a Safety Helmet.

Otherwise we are sure that The Doggie On The Bicycle Dance would have easily tied for number Five with the " Wow ! ".

Since most of the Beau-Le-Soleil Gazette's Five Million subscribers are not old enough to read yet, we rely upon the discerning eye of those like yourself to keep us focused on the really important issues such as this one.

Thank you so much !

Love, Ami

Author:  Cassandra [ Tue Aug 15, 2006 7:27 am ]
Post subject:  Silly doggie

Ami, you are quite right, that silly doggie wasn't wearing his helmet, but like the subscribers of the Beau-Le-Soleil Gazette, he probably can't read and even if he could the Covent Garden Health and safety rules aren't written in Russian anyway. Poor doggie! and he was so cute when he rolled over to have his tummy tickled.

Next time you talk to the editors of the Beau-Le-Soleil Gazette, Ami, you must tell them to clear the the front page for a scoop as I can now confirm that Nikolai Handsome will be dancing in nearby Monte Carlo in October. He is dancing La Bayadere with Hope Grabchops on 13th and 15th.

Author:  Buddy [ Wed Aug 16, 2006 4:58 am ]
Post subject: 

Hi Cassandra !

Aimie was so * Glad * to know that Nikolai Handsome will be dancing in MonteCarloMonaco in October. Nikolai Handsome is Aimie's favorite dance partner. I think that She is going to Marry Him!----When She is older of coarse! This is Ami speaking. As You know Aimie and I are twins and We're both "Five"-Years-Old.

Aimie Loves----La "Buy-A-Deer"----(the Santa Claus version) which is from the original Indian Children's story, Lala "Buys-An-Elephant". Aimie is rehearsing the lead right now in case Hope needs some assistance.

The Beau-Le-Soleil Gazette will not only "Clear The Front Page!", but is planning "To Write About Nothing Else!" for the next "Five Weeks!" !!

Beau-Le-Soleil has Five Hundred residents. We are all planning to be there!----to see Nikolai, Hope and Aimie(?) perform! It would be wonderful if You are able to join us!

Love, Ami

Author:  Buddy [ Fri Aug 18, 2006 5:23 am ]
Post subject: 

Hi ! I'm Ami. The Beau-Le-Soleil Magazine----"The Dancing Lullaby"----has just printed it's " Top 15 Summer Birthday Dance List ". It includes...

The Heaven On Earth Waltz

The Being Asleep In Your Knit Cap And Little White Gown * I Was Just Born * Dance

The Feeling The Breeze And The Sunshine Dance

The Dreaming Of Lovely Colors And Fairy-Angels Dance

The " Good Morning ! " Dance

The Walking In The Garden Dance

The Loving The Wildflowers Dance

The Lying On The Grass Dance

The Taking A Nap Dance

The Day Dream Dance

The Wave Dance

The I'm A Snowflake Dance

The Butterfly Dance

The Sound Of The Ocean Dance

The Sitting At The Children's Beach Early Afternoon Watching Everything In Perfect Peace Waltz

It's so wonderful to be able to dance !

Love, Aimie and Ami

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