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Kirov-Mariinsky at Beau-Le-Soleil
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Author:  Buddy [ Sat Oct 14, 2006 9:49 am ]
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****Sky and Angela Autumn-Gold****


Sky's favorite place is----The Sky. He can't be in the sky enough.

Most folks walk----Sky jumps.

Sky also happens to be one of the best Fun-Dance jumpers in Beau-Le-Soleil. When Sky dances his feet touch the ground as little as possible. His favorite dances to do are The Turkey Hop, The Tuesday Two-Step, the floating tap dance from "Classical Rave-On"(?) and all the Grands Jetes En l'Air (huge graceful jumps) from the famous classic ballet "Don't Quit, Okay?"(?).

Most folks sit in chairs----Sky Loves sitting in trees.

Sky Loves being in the Woods. It's the best place to climb up into the sky----especially in Autumn when the Woods are so beautiful. In the Autumn Woods everything overhead becomes spectacularly Yellow-Golden. This is the time of year when Sky Loves to climb up into his favorite tree and watch his wonderful friend *Angela Autumn-Gold* doing her wonderful *Angela Autumn-Gold* Dances.

****Angela Autumn-Gold****

*Angela Autumn-Gold* Loves walking in the Woods----Especially in Autumn when the trees are Golden !

*Angela Autumn-Gold* has a large galaxy of curly, curly hair on top of her bobbing head. Her hair is a very light brown color, but in Autumn it seems to be Golden. Maybe it's the Autumn air ? If You saw *Angela Autumn-Gold* from a distance with her large galaxy of Golden hair, You might confuse her with a Golden Maple, or a Golden Oak or a Svetlana Golden-Swan Tree.

*Angela Autumn-Gold* knows everything about the trees. She Loves watching them. She Loves watching them standing there. She Loves watching them grow.

Most of all she Loves watching them Dance.

When there's a breeze the trees start to lean back and forth. The branches start to sway. The leaves start to flutter. Each tree dances differently. Maple branches do the waltz. Oak branches do the tango. Svetlana Golden-Swan Tree branches do the Golden-Swan Dance.

*Angela Autumn-Gold* knows all the tree dances. She can dance them herself. She mostly uses her arms to dance like the branches and her fingers to dance like the leaves.

Hardly anybody can make Golden Leaf Filled Branches look as Golden as Angela can with her arms--and hardly anybody can dance Golden Leaves as beautifully Golden as Angela can with her fingers.

Even more--she can bob her wonderful galaxy of curly Golden hair through the air like an entire Golden Tree Ballet--Expansively-Goldenly, Sunburstingly under an opal-blue sky.

From Aimie's Poem Book

The Magnificent Sky
Searched The Entire World
For A Wonderously Beautiful Partner
To Dance With
And Found

Author:  Cassandra [ Tue Oct 17, 2006 9:31 am ]
Post subject:  Cassandra in Beau Soleil

I am now back from my weekend holiday in Beau Soleil, sadly I never did get to meet Aimie and Ami, but I heard their happy squeals as my hotel was opposite the Beau Soleil School and I could hear them in their playground.

Beau Soleil is above Monte Carlo, to be precise it is 117 steps up a long stairway from Monte Carlo and is quite a jolly place as all the paving stones on my street had suns with smiling faces carved into them. Every day I’d go down the long stairway to Monte Carlo and then get the lift down to the sea front to the theatre where the Bolshoi was dancing. The theatre was right on the edge of the sea and was surrounded by gardens full of flowers and there is a statue of Princess Grace (who loved ballet) right by the stage door.

I got to see Nikolai Handsome dance Soar-more (Solor) in ‘Buy-a-deer’ and he looked so wonderful in his Indian costume that I could quite see why Ami wants to marry him. The beach ballerinas that Aimie loves so much were all Bolshoi ballet girls on this occasion, making the most of the Mediterranean sun before going home to chilly Moscow.

It was so nice in Southern France that I’d like to go back some day and perhaps next time I go I will actually get to meet Aimie and Ami who will be waiting at the top for me as I climb up the 117 steps to Beau Soleil.

Author:  Buddy [ Thu Oct 19, 2006 9:14 am ]
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Hi Cassandra,

We're so glad to hear that You had such a nice time. BeauSoleil-MonteCarlo-Monaco can be so wonderful in October. As You may remember the Beau-Le-Soleil Gazette decided to write only about Your planned trip and Nikolai Handsome's planned performances for the last Five weeks.

We hope that You will write one of Your very nice reviews and allow us to copy it in the Beau-Le-Soleil Gazette. As You probably also remember most of the Beau-Le-Soleil Gazette's Five Million subscribers aren't old enough to read yet. Because of this, we will print only four or Five words each day, thus devoting the entire paper to Your review for the next Five weeks or so. (Aimie, who is my twin sister, and I, I'm Ami and I'm a boy, are still Five Years Old and we still Love the number Five.)

If all the girls at the school next to your hotel were wearing Indian princess leggings, Beau-Le-Soleil ballet-tutu-skirts and Nikolai Handsome t-shirts, then it was probably us that you might have seen. If the boys were wearing Indian princes' turbans on their heads backwards, multi-colored, baggy, break-dance pants, Nikolai Handsome t-shirts and were riding The World Famous Beau-Le-Soleil Dancing Cows, who were dressed up like elephants, then it surely was us that You might have seen.

All Five Hundred of us were given back stage passes to watch the performances, which is why You might not have seen us there. Aimie did run out on the stage occasionally to get a better view of Nikolai Handsome, but she was dressed up as an Indian princess' dancing shoe, so You might not have noticed her.

Nikolai Handsome did dance wonderfully as Solor-"Soar-more". We understand that this is a part that You created for him. Is it based on the famous Indian children's story about Solar ? Solar is one of the 'Smiling Sun' Paving Stones that you noticed. In the story they light up the stone paved streets of Beau Soleil each night after the Ballet so that everyone can find their way home. It's a Lovely story.

We hope to be able to get together with You sometime. Thank You so much for telling us about Your very nice trip.

Love from Aimie and me, I'm Ami.

**** Swan-ee ****

As You probably know many of the wonderful Kirov-Mariinsky dancers are touring North America and will be performing Swan Lake, starting Tomorrow, for the next several weeks (Oct.20-Nov.12).

Some of our wonderful dancing friends will be there.

"Diana Vision", "Ulyana Incredible", "Daria Divine", "Leonid Sail-Far-Above", "Eagle Za-Princely" and many other magnificent dancers will be performing.

All of us at Beau-Le-Soleil have plane tickets to Sesame Street International Airport, New York City. We then will be taking a boat along the Swan-ee Lake and Swan-ee River--made famous many years ago by the wonderful singer Al Joy-Song. After we get off the boat we hope to see as many of the Kirov-Mariinsky performances as possible.

If You would like to attend any of these Wonderful Dance Performances here is where to find out about the Kirov-Mariinsky cast and schedule.

We wish all our friends and all the incredible dancers of the Kirov-Mariinsky much success and much enjoyment on their tour.

Love from All of Us at Beau-Le-Soleil

Author:  Buddy [ Sat Oct 28, 2006 6:39 pm ]
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****The Day That Anna Pavlova Came To Beau-Le-Soleil****

The current Kirov-Mariinsky tour reminded us of the story about when Anna Pavlova came to Beau-Le-Soleil for the first time. Anna Pavlova, one of the most famous of all the Kirov-Mariinsky dancers, started her world tour many years ago. Her first stop on her way from St. Petersburg, Russia to Paris, France was Beau-Le-Soleil. She had heard that Beau-Le-Soleil was having it's International Dance Festival and She Loved Dance Festivals.

She danced outside that night. The Stars seemed to rearrange themselves so that she would be fully illuminated.

She danced like a Celestial Being that belonged in the Sky. If her feet ever touched the ground nobody really noticed.

The *Beau-Le-Soleil Fairy Angels* danced in the background that night.

There was no music.

She Danced To The Unheard Symphonies Of The Overhead Stars.

Her arms embraced the clustered Stars--Her fingers touched each of the brightest Stars--Her beautifully expressive face lit up the Sky like the Stars.

Her sparkling eyes joined the Stars----She belonged to the Stars.

It was Wondrous ! She promised to come back soon.

The night after She left there seemed to be a Star in the Sky that nobody had ever noticed before----It seemed to be Dancing.

The Beau-Le-Soleil Gazette reported several days later that She had arrived in Paris, France and had lit up the entire city with her wondrous dancing. They say that the Lights of Paris have been brighter ever since.

Our Dancing Star is still shining over Beau-Le-Soleil as well. It is now one of our favorite Stars.

We call it----*The Anna Pavlova Dancing Star*.

It seems to shine brightest on the first night of each Dance Festival--the night that Anna Pavlova first danced at Beau-Le-Soleil.

Aimie and I, I'm Ami, make all our favorite Dancing Wishes on our favorite Star----*The Anna Pavlova Dancing Star*.

Tonight we wish that All The Wonderful Kirov-Mariinsky Dancers have A Wonderful Time Dancing their Wonderful Kirov-Mariinsky Dances----Just like Anna Pavlova.

Love, Aimie and Ami

Author:  Buddy [ Sat Nov 11, 2006 6:30 pm ]
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From Aimie's Lullaby Book

Star Light

Star Bright

Thirty-two Dancing Stars

Will Guide You Home Tonight

Author:  Buddy [ Fri Nov 17, 2006 5:18 pm ]
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This is a review that was printed in the Beau-Le-Soleil "Dancing Lullaby" Magazine about the recent wonderful Kirov-Mariinsky performances of Swan Lake.

"We Loved the Clown. He jumped so high and spun so fast ! He was very funny and he also seemed so nice and kind and always tried to make everyone feel Happy. Everyone wore such pretty costumes and moved so nicely. The lady dancer was so beautiful and danced so wonderfully. The man dancer almost jumped over her head !

"Everyone seemed so Happy at the end. After the ballet, when we all clapped our hands, all the dancers came out on the stage and bowed and smiled and waved to us. We had such a good time. We think that they had fun too.

" They were so Wonderful ! "

Author:  Buddy [ Sat Dec 02, 2006 11:20 am ]
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**** Thirty-Two Dancing Stars ****

Everyone has come back now to Beau-Le-Soleil after having seen as many as possible of the wonderful Kirov-Mariinsky Swan Lake performances. Everything is the same here except it looks like there are more bright stars in the sky than there used to be.

Every night at sunset first there is one bright star, then two, then three, then four.... They are all in a long line that goes to the left and then to the right. Finally they seem to be dancing in six rows--six rows of four--then there are four and four more...that makes...Thirty-Two ???? Since most of us are not old enough to count that high yet (we are mostly Five and we Love the number Five), we had to ask the scientists at the Beau-Le-Soleil Diana Tracking Center how many stars there are.

* Thirty-Two Dancing Stars *

Our Wonderful Dancing Anna Pavlova Star also becomes so very bright and just twinkles and twinkles and twinkles. Then some other stars begin to twinkle. Sometimes there are four, then sometimes four others, then sometimes just two. Our Wonderful Anna Pavlova Dancing Star just keeps twinkling and dancing.

After several hours all the other dancing stars seem to go to bed except Our Wonderful Anna Pavlova Dancing Star. It just keeps on twinkling and sparkling and dancing all night long like it always does.

Something else is also different now. At our Annual December Beau-Le-Soleil Bird Count there were more birds.

There were...

Five Nightengales
Five Mountain Monkey Birds
Five Beau-Le-Soleil Babble Birds
One Svetlana Silver Swan
One Eagle Za-Princely
Thirty-Two White Dancing Swans ! (There only used to be Five.)

A funny thing is that at night the Thirty-Two White Dancing Swans are gone.

Last night was a very clear night and scientists at the Diana Tracking Center got a very good look at our Thirty-Two Dancing Stars and they look a lot like...

* Our Thirty-Two White Dancing Swans * .

Love, Aimie and Ami

[ Added later in the month from Aimie's Poem Book ]

To all Dancing Swans above in the Sky

We never knew you could fly so high

Our nightly dream-wishes you do satisfy

Sparkle twinkle Star-brightly, be our Stars-lullaby

Author:  Buddy [ Fri Dec 08, 2006 12:14 pm ]
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**** The Wonderful Winter Wood Nymph Dancers ****

There is a belief that Beau-Le-Soleil was founded by Wood Nymphs. Wood Nymphs were beautiful young maidens who danced through the woods in flowing white gowns.

They floated like velvet clouds as they skipped, glided and bowed--a reflection on all the Love and Beauty that they were feeling.

They enchanted the countryside with the gently flowering patterns and delicate wavelike motions of their poetically dream-filled dancing.

They made the leaves want to turn gold, the snow want to sparkle, the grass want to turn green and the flowers want to bloom. Most of all they made the Children want to Smile !

Wood Nymph searching was a favorite passtime for centuries in our countryside, but only Little Children, usually Five or under, ever saw or heard them.

*Winter* was considered the best time for Wood Nymph sightings, when the snowflakes were falling or the clear skies were alive with twinkling stars.

*Winter* is the season when the Wood Nymphs would light up the snow covered countryside like earthly stars. They would make everyone feel Warm and Happy.

Even today Wood Nymph Dancing is one of the most requested dance classes in Beau-Le-Soleil. Famous dancers from all over the world come to Beau-Le-Soleil to get lessons. Many dancers become accomplished Wood Nymph dancers without any lessons at all.

They say that the stars and the swans and even Anna Pavlova got their first dancing lessons from

*The Lovely And Irresistably Loveable Wonderfully Wonderful Wood Nymph Dancers*.

Author:  Buddy [ Sat Dec 16, 2006 1:29 pm ]
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We found this in one of Buddy's books.

There's A Certain Kind Of Dance


A Poetry Of Motion

The Love Of Life

The Joy Of Life

A Physical Grace

That Makes A Watching Child Smile With Awe

That Makes A Dancing Child Happier Than Happy

That Makes An Adult Feel Love And Wonder

That Lets An Adult Be A Child Again

That Sets A Dancer Free To Shine Like A Star

We Love to watch Beautiful Dancers

And we Love to Dance--It makes us feel Happy and Graceful and Wonderful !

Love, Aimie and Ami

Author:  Buddy [ Sat Dec 23, 2006 11:21 am ]
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Beau-Le-Soleil Is All Lit Up With Winter Cheer !

Children are all over the countryside playing, singing, dancing, sledding, hiking, skiing, making snowmen...

The Main Square of Beau-Le-Soleil has Winter decorations everywhere.

There are bright colorful lights wherever you look. "The Doll's House Theater" (The Beau-Le-Soleil Far-Above-The-Clouds International Dance Theater) is lit up in beautiful changing colors. The 50' high evergreen trees surrounding the Main Square are all lit up. The trees throughout the village are covered with lovely decorations.

The Outside of Beau-Le-Soleil looks quietly over the Beautiful Countryside as it always does.

It blends in unnoticed, facing the Wonderful Snow Covered Mountains and the Wonderful Star Filled Skies.

Beau-Le-Soleil Is A Winter Wonderland !

The Beau-Le-Soleil Children's Toy Exchange Market is busier than ever. The Children bring the toys that they don't play with anymore and trade them with the other Children. Also there is always a new free toy raffle going on. There are several days each Winter when Every Child in Beau-Le-Soleil wins a wonderful new gift.

The little shops along the Main Street also have all sorts of beautiful Winter gifts displayed in their windows.

The Main Square is alive with activity. There are entertainers of all kinds--singers, clowns, dancers, acrobats, musicians...

There is also a dance performance almost every night at "The Doll's House Theater". Such famous dance celebrities as Svetlana Luv-Kind, Diana Vision, Nikolai Handsome and Leonid Sail-Far-Above will be appearing in Winter Spectaculars. Beau-Le-Soleil's own much loved dancers, Sunshine Over-The-Rainbow, Starlight Lovelymoonbeam and Angela Autumn-Gold will be appearing as well.

By the way....

There Is A Day Or More Each Winter In Beau-Le-Soleil

When Every Little Child's Most Loving Wishes Do Come True !

Love From All Of Us At Beau-Le-Soleil

To Every One Of You !

Author:  Buddy [ Sat Dec 30, 2006 2:46 pm ]
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**** Sunshine*Over-The-Rainbow Dances ****

She lets her arms glide through the air

She lifts herself up into the midday calm

She feels the warmth of the the sun

She feels the warmth of the soft earth

She smiles with her eyes, her mouth, her hands, her Heart

She feels every kind word ever said to her

She wishes to be beautiful, to be seen, to be Loved

When she dances everything is Beautiful, everything is Happiness

Her gift to us is Herself

She dances to the symphonic call

Of every cherished moment

Of every beautiful dream dreamed

Of every beautiful wish wished

Of every moment of Joy Lived and To Be Lived


Is The Heart Dancing

Author:  Buddy [ Fri Jan 12, 2007 9:18 pm ]
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Everyone knows
Why Happiness grows
That's why everyone goes
To the Happy Dance shows

Will they make you Smile
Just wait awhile

Happy spins
And Happy Dance grins
Wonderful Grace
Puts a Smile on your face

Do you want sweet dreams
Well the glide step seems
To be the way
To Smile----Hurray !

How do you do it
There's nothing to it

If you want to fly
Like a lullaby
Think of fairy-angels in flight
Wow, now that's out of sight !

The steps are easy
Gentle, breezy

Do an old soft shoe
Like a kangaroo
Does the bugaloo
How do you do ?
Let the Joy shine through !

To Dance like a swan
Just think of the dawn
Of a morning in May
You Can Dance All Day !

Author:  Buddy [ Tue Jan 16, 2007 5:44 pm ]
Post subject: 

In the Wonderful World of Ice Crystallized Trees

One can hardly believe what one actually sees

In a wonderful, beautiful, glittering way

The stars dance to earth just to light up the day

Water sparkles and dances

Snowflakes dance like romances

Branches sparkle and shine

It's so fine, it's so fine

Children's eyes open wide

So much wonder inside

Dressed up warm for the day

They can play, they can play

Snowflakes in the air

Float and dance everywhere

How high is the sky

There they fly, there they fly

Fairy-angels it seems

Could dance on snow beams

And diamondly clusteredly willowy trees

Like glittering angel hair float in the breeze

On such a day of amazing delight

Like a spellbound dance partner--hold on tight, hold on tight

To this sunlit vision and sparkling day

When the stars came to earth just to dance and to play

Author:  Buddy [ Sun Jan 21, 2007 11:20 pm ]
Post subject: 

**** Four Friends ****

Four Friends first met at a dance class

They never stopped

They never stopped dancing

They never stopped being Friends

Author:  Buddy [ Tue Jan 30, 2007 12:17 pm ]
Post subject: 

A little child was looking through the big beautiful window

Watching the wonderfully graceful dancers dancing.

The look on the child's face was one of

Wonder, Love, Longing and Reverie.

A dancer came by on the outside and smiled at the little child.

"You dancers are so wonderful !", said the little child.

"And You are the reason that we want to dance ", replied the dancer.

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