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Kirov-Mariinsky at Beau-Le-Soleil
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Author:  Buddy [ Sun Aug 20, 2006 12:44 pm ]
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****Beach Ballerinas****

Aimie and I, I'm Ami, live in Beau-Le-Soleil, a little mountain town. Each day during the Summer we can take the roller-coaster down to the ocean, where we Love to watch the Beach Ballerinas.

Beach Ballerinas Are Beautiful....Like....The Sun--The Ocean--The Sky

Beach Ballerinas Love To Glide Beautifully Through The Breeze Like The Waves And Through The Waves Like The Breeze

Little Beach Ballerinas Love To Jump Up And Down And Wave Their Arms

They Also Love To Move Like Lovely Little Lyrical Lullabies

Little Beach Ballerinas Love To Watch Big Beach Ballerinas

Beach Ballerinas Love To Do Arabesques And Attitudes--To Stand Beautifully On One Leg

They Do Jetes--Beautiful Jumps----They Do Tours En L'Air--Turns In The Air

They Move Like The Waves And The Clouds----And The Waves And The Clouds Dance Like Ballerinas

Little Beach Ballerinas Also Do Arabesques And Attitudes And Jetes And Tours En L'Air

They Also Do....

The "I'm Just Dancing" Dance

The "I'm Trying To Be Lovely" Dance

The "It's Beautiful And It's Fun" Dance

The "I Feel Like A Sunny Day" Dance

Beach Ballerinas Are So Beautiful !

They Make You Feel Happy And Glad----Like A Beautiful Day !

Aimie and I Love Beach Ballerinas !

Author:  Buddy [ Mon Aug 21, 2006 5:00 am ]
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Hi, this is Aimie and Ami. Buddy read us another nice verse today.

to the dancer in the window how many nights ago

as you have enchanted me with a timeless memory
reflecting the stars
reflecting your joy
stay beautiful
stay happy

sail on
dream on

There are so many lovely things to think about! Love, Aimie and Ami

Author:  Buddy [ Wed Aug 23, 2006 5:05 am ]
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****Starlite Lovelymoonbeam**** Will Be Dancing With The Kirov-Mariinsky Tonight****

Our own Starlite Lovelymoonbeam will be appearing tonight with the Kirov-Mariinsky. The Kirov-Mariinsky has decided to stay in Beau-Le-Soleil for another Month! Hi! This is Aimie and Ami.

When Starlight Lovelymoonbeam was Five-Years-Old she always walked past the Illustrious Beau-Le-Soleil Fun-Dance Academy. Dancers have come from all over the world to fun-dance here.

She Loved watching the Dancers dance so beautifully through the beautiful huge windows. Dancers inside would look out the beautiful huge windows to watch clouds in order to practice their moves and to watch the trees in order to practice their look and their posture. "There's nothing more graceful than the clouds and the trees", their Friendly Dance Coach would say, "except you beautiful Dancers when I see how lovely you can dance and how happy you are."

The Friendly Dance Coach would always say, "If you are having fun all the rest will follow. I know lots of things, which I am glad to teach you, but you also do beautifully by yourselves."

The Friendly Dance Coach and the Dancers always waved to Starlite when she walked by. They waved to everyone. Starlite always waved back. Starlite wanted to join the Illustrious Beau-Le-Soleil Fun-Dance Academy, but she didn't dance like the beautiful Dancers, so she never went inside.

One day one of the Dancers saw Starlite looking through the window and saw what a Beautiful Smile she had and the Dancer started to dance better. The Dancer went outside and asked Starlite to come inside and watch. Starlite sat down and watched the Dancers dance. When they saw what a Beautiful Smile she had they all started dancing better.

"You have such a Beautiful Smile", said the Friendly Dance Coach, "You must dance with us". "I don't dance like your beautiful Dancers do", said Starlite. "You just smile your Beautiful Smile and dance the best that you can", said the Friendly Dance Coach.

So Starlite Lovelymoonbeam danced with the Illustrious Beau-Le-Soleil Fun-Dance Academy. All that everyone noticed was her Beautiful Smile.

One day the Friendly Dance Coach looked carefully at Starlite and saw how beautifully her arms were moving and how beautifully her feet were moving. Then the Friendly Dance Coach looked carefully at the other Dancers and saw how Beautiful their Smiles had become. The Friendly Dance Coach couldn't have been Happier!

Tonight the Kirov-Mariinsky has asked Starlite to dance a lead. Starlite Lovelymoonbeam is only Five-Years-Old, but she Smiles and Dances beautifully. Now that we think about it, Everyone in Beau-Le-Soleil looks Five-Years-Old, Smiles Beautifully and Dances Beautifully. Maybe that's why the wonderful Dancers from the Kirov-Mariinsky have decided to stay here for another month. We hope so.

Love, Aimie and Ami

Author:  Buddy [ Thu Aug 24, 2006 5:07 am ]
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Hi ! This is Ami

Here is some very exciting news!

The World has just announced a Multi-Billion Dollar Outer Space Program to track the world famous ballerina Diana Vision, as well as many others, as they sail through the heavens.

The tracking station will be located in Beau-Le-Soleil.

Author:  Buddy [ Wed Aug 30, 2006 5:17 am ]
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*Sunshine*Over-The-Rainbow* lives in Beau-Le-Soleil. Beau-Le-Soleil is pronounced-- "Bo" (as in "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"), "Luh" (as in "Love"), "So Lai" (as in "Soleil").

*Sunshine*Over-The-Rainbow* is a Lyrical Dancer. She is Five-Years-Old, but she sometimes dances as if she was 2x'5' or even 6x'5' like a prima ballerina. *Sunshine* dances very gracefully to very graceful music like a ballerina. Each gesture of her hands tells a story. She dances like gentle currents of mountain air.

Lyrical Dancers such as *Sunshine* might jump up and start dancing almost anywhere at anytime. That is why they always like to have their Lyrical Dance clothes on. They never know when they might feel like dancing and they want to be properly dressed. Beau-Le-Soleil Lyrical Dancers like to wear legging-tights, loose hanging tunic-shirt-blouses and a long brightly colored ribbon tied around their head that sails through the air.

Beau-Le-Soleil Lyrical Dancers have been known to start dancing while climbing trees, sitting on their heads or riding their bicycles down the street backwards. Beau-Le-Soleil Lyrical Dancers even like to wear their dance clothes when they go swimming and when they take a bath. They never know when they might want to start dancing and they want to be properly dressed ! Beau-Le-Soleil Lyrical Dancers can be very silly !

*Sunshine*Over-The-Rainbow* dances running down the streets, running through the countryside, running through the shops and circling around the Sun(????).

She has been invited by the Kirov-Mariinsky to dance some of their most important leads along with *Starlight*Lovelymoonbeam*, who is also Five-Years-Old.

When *Sunshine* dances with the Kirov-Mariinsky she shines like....

The Beautiful Sun----Beau-Le-Soleil.

When *Sunshine*Over-The-Rainbow* goes home after performing important leads with the Kirov-Mariinsky she does her favorite thing----She Listens To Her Loveliest Lyrical Lullabies And Falls Asleep Hugging Her Beautiful Baby Ballerina Teddy Bear Doll.

Sweet Dreams To All *Sunshine*Over-The-Rainbows* Everywhere !

Love, Aimie and Ami

Author:  Buddy [ Mon Sep 04, 2006 5:14 am ]
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A Second Version

*Sunshine*Over-The-Rainbow* is a lyrical dancer. There is nothing in the world that she would rather do than dance.

When she dances, she shines like...."The Beautiful Sun"--"Beau-Le-Soleil".

She wears legging-tights, a loose hanging tunic-blouse and a long colorful ribbon tied around her head that flows through the air.

She dances as gracefully as currents of mountain air. Each gesture of her hands tells a story.

*Sunshine*Over-The-Rainbow* dances through the countryside. She dances in the park. She dances in her dreams.

All that she ever thinks about is dancing.

All that she ever dreams about is dancing.

Someday she hopes to be a great dancer.

We think that she already is.

Love, Aimie and Ami


The Kirov-Mariinsky staged a special Gala as a way of saying thank you to the folks in Beau-Le-Soleil who have been so kind to the dancers and so enthusiastically supportive of the performances. The Kirov-Mariinsky has been performing here for over a month. Beau-Le-Soleil has 500 residents. Every one of us has attended every performance !

The Gala started with Svetlana Luv-Kind (guest dance star) dancing a tribute to Larissa Dobrjan, who was the Very Kind, Very Capable, Very Much Adored Teacher of Svetlana Luv-Kind, when Svetlana was only 14 years old. The statue of Larissa Dobrjan in the Main Square of Beau-Le-Soleil has recently been polished, repolished and polished again. Svetlana Luv-Kind danced an absolutely beautiful solo to the music "I Will Always Love You". It was possibly the most Heart-Warming event of the Gala.

Next to perform was Nikolai Handsome (guest dance star). Nikolai Handsome walked across the length of the stage--the girls went crazy ! Then he walked across the stage again--the girls were jumping up and down on their chairs applauding !--elegantly like ballerinas of course ! Then Nikolai Handsome did his wonderful solo from Act II of Giselle. The audience sat Awed with Admiration ! The applause that followed was overwhelming !

Finally Diana Vision performed. Diana Vision was also dancing to test the newly installed Multi-Billion Dollar "Diana Vision--As Well As Many Others" Outer Space Tracking Center. She danced to the music "How High The Moon". During her final jump she disappeared ! It has been rumored that she landed in St. Petersburg, Russia, several thousand miles away and is taking a nap. There was absolutely no trace of her jumping at the Diana Tracking Center. Technicians have been rushed in to investigate.

Diana Vision danced Beautifully ! The audience Loved her !

Everyone danced Beautifully ! So Beautifully in fact, that all the Cow Bells were going off in the overwhelmed Diana Tracking Station during the entire Gala ! The performances were off the scale ! They were Beautiful-Lovely-Spectacular--"B-L-S"--as in "Beau-Le-Soleil" !

After the performances Clement Critic was given a plant with 50 roses as a thank you for his Wonderful and Loving Reviews. Also one of our favorite dancers gave Aimie and I, I'm Ami, a beautiful plant with Five lovely roses. It was such a nice thing to do ! Since Summer is almost over don't forget to go outside and smell the flowers.

Love, Aimie and Ami

Author:  Buddy [ Sat Sep 09, 2006 2:13 pm ]
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Boy is one of the Guys. Beau-Le-Soleil Boys-Guys are great dancers. Boy is also one of Aimie's and my best friends.

Boy Loves to dance. He also Loves to draw pictures, surf (children's waves only), listen to lullabies and watch waterfalls. He and Aimie also Love to carry Diana Vision's dance shoes for her, when she goes to practice or to a performance. He and Aimie sit outside her door a lot, watching the Beau-Le-Soleil Waterfall, listening to the birds sing and waiting for Diana. Boy thinks that he will marry Diana Vision when he's older. If Diana marries someone else, then he thinks that he will marry Aimie, if she hasn't already married Nikolai Handsome.

Boy, Aimie, I, Diana Vision, and Nikolai Handsome are great friends. We play lots of Silly Ball together. Aimie is always giving Diana advise on how to dance. Aimie, my twin sister, is only Five-Years-Old, but she's a great dancer. Boy is a great dancer too, but he doesn't give Diana Vision advise. He just sits there watching her in Awe.

Boy usually wears jeans or baggies like most of the Beau-Le-Soleil Boys-Guys. He has curley hair and wears a colorful headband. Lot's of the Boys-Guys wear colorful headbands or brightly colored caps--usually berets turned backwards. They also usually wear brightly colored large loosely hanging shirts or T-shirts. Boy has five T-shirts with the same autographed picture of Diana Vision on each one.

Awhile ago, before we were all great friends, Boy was sitting on the mountain trail watching one of his favorite waterfalls and listening to the birds sing. He heard someone coming. It was Aimie in her ballet-tutu-skirt and hiking boots leading Diana Vision, Nikolai Handsome and myself on a walk. "I'm showing Diana and Nikolai our beautiful mountains", she said. "We Love the countryside here", said Diana Vision. "It makes us feel peaceful and happy. It makes us want to dance."

Boy was so happy to see them. He asked them if they would like to see some of his favorite places. He showed them his favorite nearby waterfalls and wildflower meadows, a beautiful view of the Beau-Le-Soleil Mountains and his favorite place to do his jump-up-and-down-it's-a-beautiful-day dance. We all had a wonderful time.

Several days later when Boy, Aimie and I were practicing at the Illustrious Beau-Le-Soleil Fun-Dance Academy, Diana and Nikolai walked in. "Can we watch ?", they asked. When our Friendly Dance Coach saw them she was so excited. "Maybe you could show us a step or two", she said.

Diana Vision and Nikolai Handsome danced for 50 minutes ! They showed us all sorts of incredible stuff. All of us were so Awed that we forgot absolutely everything that they showed us. Now they come back every week and we are still so Awed that we forget absolutely everything that they show us--except for Aimie. She always has a word of advise for Diana. For Nikolai she doesn't say a thing except--" Gee, You're Wonderful !! "

They invited Boy, Aimie and me to watch their performances from back stage. Whenever Diana Vision leaves the stage Aimie still gives her advise. Boy still just sits there in Awe. So do I !

It's great to have friends !

Love, Aimie and Ami

PS Boy, Aimie and I just saw the first touches of autumn color today. Golden sunshine, beautiful smelling golden flowers and a golden autumn----that makes us want to dance !

Author:  Buddy [ Sat Sep 16, 2006 9:21 am ]
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A Dance For Children In Two Acts




Leonid Sail-Far-Above

Yesterday the Kirov-Mariinsky Ballet Company performed their world famous children's dance "Giggle". *Giggle* was danced by the wonderful guest star Svetlana*Silver*Swan, who is not really a swan, but dances as gracefully as a swan. She has been described by Clement Critic as being "A Vertical Beam Of Prismatic-Rainbow Luminescence !" *Giggle* is an enchanted little girl who lives in a little mountain town called----Beau-Le-Soleil !! *Giggle* Loves to sing and dance and play the ride-a-passing-cloud-game.

Next door lives a little boy, Allbright, danced by Leonid Sail-Far-Above. Allbright also Loves to play the ride-a-passing-cloud-game. It's the best imaginary way to travel, but it involves a lot of running, jumping and dancing. He runs from one end of Beau-Le-Soleil to the other pretending to be traveling on a cloud from one end of the World to the other.----*Giggle* Loves watching Allbright.

One day Allbright asked *Giggle* if she would like to play a game of ride-a-passing-cloud. Nobody had ever asked her to play this game before, let alone Allbright ! She was so Excited that she went running through the village jumping and sailing through the air with Joy ! Allbright ran after her.

*Giggle* was So Happy and Jumped So High that She Actually Landed---- Right On Top Of A "Real" Passing Cloud ! !

Only Svetlana*Silver*Swan could have acted this with such grace. The audience applauded and applauded ! Then Leonid Sail-Far-Above---- Jumped Over Svetlana*Silver*Swan's Head ! ! The audience applauded and applauded and applauded !----End of Act I .

As Act II began *Giggle* and Allbright were sailing along on *Giggle's* cloud having a wonderful time. Then they saw the beautifully happy Mirth. Mirth is one of the Sillies. The Sillies are Fairy-Angel-like beings that live on clouds. All they like to do is play and have fun, but because they live on clouds they can't help but dance wonderfully sailing through the air.

The corps de ballet danced beautifully as the Sillies. They danced like Celestial Waves. Svetlana*Silver*Swan danced like, well, A Celestial Silver Swan Sylph. The special duet from the Fred Astonishing and Ginger Ravishing movie "Dancing On A Cloud" was a great success. Finally the cloud returned to Beau-Le-Soleil and Leonid Sail-Far-Above grand jete'd--did a beautiful huge jump--back to Earth carrying Svetlana*Silver*Swan over his head. She was posed in her amazingly beautiful Silver Swan pose. *Giggle* and Allbright had returned to the village and Lived Happily Ever After. The audience applauded and applauded and applauded-applauded and applauded again !

It was a wonderful performance and now Aimie and I are on our way to get together with Svetlana*Silver*Swan and Leonid Sail-Far-Above to play a game of Ride-A-Passing-Cloud.

By the way---- The Diana Tracking Station had been reporting, not a cloud, but a Comet ! ----flashing back and forth all day over Beau-Le-Soleil. It Turned Out To Be ---- Just Svetlana And Leonid ---- Practicing.

We Love clouds----and we Love keeping our heads in the clouds.

Love, Aimie and Ami

Author:  Cassandra [ Tue Sep 26, 2006 2:59 am ]
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I shall be sailing through those clouds to land in Beau Soleil (well, Nice actually) on Friday 13th - only 17 days to go!

Will be looking out for Aimie and Ami when I get there.

Author:  Catherine Pawlick [ Fri Sep 29, 2006 9:44 am ]
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Ever thought of publishing children's books? I can imagine many young girls would adore your writings.

Cassandra -- oh to go to Nice at this time of year! THe grey skies have already come over Petersburg. What is there (vacation??) :-)

Author:  Cassandra [ Fri Sep 29, 2006 10:21 am ]
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Catherine, Nice is the airport for Monaco where the Bolshoi is dancing three Bayaderkas. I doubt if it will be much warmer than London though as we are enjoying a real 'Indian summer' right now, even when it rains, as it did earlier today, the temperature stays up.

Author:  Catherine Pawlick [ Sat Sep 30, 2006 5:54 am ]
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Cassandra - You're going to MONACO?!?! I AM SO JEALOUS! Oh my God. Have a great time.

[Jealous of your London Indian Summer weather too....]

Author:  Buddy [ Sat Sep 30, 2006 9:52 am ]
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Hi Cassandra,
We understand that *Giggle* and Allbright Love to take Cloud Five, starting from Skye, flying over Nice and landing at Grand, which is much closer to Beau Soleil. We would Love to see You there and we hope that You have a wonderful time !

Hi Catherine,
Buddy asked us to please Thank You sincerely for the compliment.

Love, Aimie and Ami

****Tuesday Two-Step****

Although Tuesday Two-Step was born on a Tuesday, she still Loves Saturdays, when she can help out at the Beau-Le-Soleil Cow Supply Store. All the visiting dancers from the Kirov-Mariinsky Ballet Company come here to buy their Cow Supplies.

Tuesday Two-Step Loves to help everyone carry out their supplies. She helps carry designer picture windows for the cow stalls as well as stacks of the new musical recording "Rockin Moo Does Mozart" which the cows just Love to dance to.

Whenever she carries anything, she dances her Joyous Tuesday Two-Step Dance--two hops on the right foot and two hops on the left foot. She Loves doing her two-step dance. Everybody who comes into the store--walking, running, summersaulting or Turkey Hopping--goes out doing the Joyous Tuesday Two-Step Dance.

One Saturday Nikolai Handsome (guest dance star) came into the Beau-Le-Soleil Cow Supply Store looking for some Cow Bells for the Kirov-Mariinsky Orchestra. Tuesday Two-Step helped Nikolai Handsome carry out the Cow Bells, doing her two-step dance. Nikolai Handsome joined in doing the two-step. He Loved doing it. "What a wonderful dance !", he said. "I want to teach it to all the other dancers."

It just happened that the Kirov-Mariinsky was adding a new Joyous Sequence to one of it's ballets. The Joyous Tuesday Two-Step Dance was just what it was looking for !

Tuesday Two-Step has since been asked to create other Joyous Sequences for the Kirov-Mariinsky to use in their Beau-Le-Soleil performances. Tuesday Two-Step is Proudly Joyously Happy to be doing this, but she really enjoys helping the stagehands on Saturdays, when they are brushing The World Famous Beau-Le-Soleil Dancing Cows. After they are done they all dance The Joyous Tuesday Two-Step Dance.

Cows too !--We all do--We all dance "The Tuesday Two"--Words and music all brand new--

Sung of course by 'Rockin Moo' !

We really Adore our Dancingly Joyful--and Loveable You

Our Dancing Friend--'Tuesday Two'.

Love,   Aimie and Ami

****What is Dance ?****

Buddy woke up this morning with this nice idea dancing on his pillow.

the world
as a dance
it is motions, rhythms, expressions and images
of physical realness and limitless imagination
it is music that you can see

and there's the world
as an art masterpiece
as a symphony
as a poem

maybe it's all the same thing
an expression of love and beauty

We also Love to wake up in the morning and find beautiful ideas dancing on our pillow.

"Love and Beauty"----Fun and being Happy----that's what we Love best about dance.

If You would like--Please tell us here

What You Love best about Dance

(And we'll give You a Cheer !)

Author:  Catherine Pawlick [ Sat Sep 30, 2006 1:48 pm ]
Post subject: 

Aimee et Ami,
thank you for the news about Tuesday Two Step -- I enjoyed the post and I think I may actually *know* this Nikolai Handsome of whom you speak. :-)

Author:  Buddy [ Sat Oct 07, 2006 9:47 am ]
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We'd Love to tell You something about where we live.

Beau-Le-Soleil is a little mountain village. It sits on a hill in a valley above the Beau-Le-Soleil Lake and River and is surrounded by the Beau-Le-Soleil Mountains.

The village is mostly lovely houses with little shops on the Main Street. The houses are all "Heidi Houses"--wood chalets. There is one difference from the normal "Heidi House". All Beau-Le-Soleil houses have two fronts.

One front of the house looks out on the valley and has a balcony to sit on and watch such wonders as --the sun rising, the sun setting, meteors showering or Diana Vision and Svetlana*Silver*Swan walking through the countryside. The other front of the house faces the village and is the Children's side. This is the side for silly-dancing, playing under the tables and chairs, indoor mountain climbing and formally entertaining visiting fairy-angels.

The front of the house looking out on the valley is all natural colored wood and stone to blend in, almost unnoticed, with the beautiful natural landscape. The other front of a Beau-Le-Soleil house facing into the village is usually painted White and decorated like Aimie's doll's house in bright beautiful Rainbow Colors.

In the center of the village is the Main Square. There's always something Fun happening in the Main Square--stage performances, musicians, dancers, singers, clowns, dancing cows--just everything ! The Main Square also has two of Beau-Le-Soleil's most famous buildings--The Beau-Le-Soleil Far-Above-The-Clouds International Dance Theater on one side of the square and the Illustrious Beau-Le-Soleil Fun-Dance Academy on the other.

The Beau-Le-Soleil Far-Above-The-Clouds International Dance Theater is a village size Doll's-House-Style version of the Paris Opera House. It is also simply known as "The Doll's House Theater". It is all White and decorated with beautiful Rainbow Colors like the village houses. It is Very, Very Beautiful ! In front are wide stairs leading up to the terrace. The terrace is also the Outdoor Stage. Everyone can sit in the Main Square and watch the outdoor performances. If it starts to rain during a performance, a large tent, made up of huge beautifully colored sailboat sails, can be easily hoisted up to cover the entire Main Square in less than 50 seconds.

At this time of year the Beau-Le-Soleil Mountains are incredibly beautiful ! The trees that cover them have turned Yellow-Golden in the autumn air. The Mountains surrounding the valley Glow like a Golden Sunrise all day long.

Each year we have an Autumn Golden Leaf Festival and an International Dance Festival. Aimie and I would be glad to show You the best places to see the most beautiful Golden Leaves and Aimie would be delighted to give You a dance lesson. Do come and visit us !--or the nearest "Beau-Le-Soleil" in "Your Neighborhood". We're sure that You have one !

Love, Aimie and Ami

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