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about criticaldance

www.criticaldance.com and www.ballet-dance.com are hosted, maintained, moderated and published by CriticalDance, an international non-profit entity founded for the purpose of promoting and supporting the dance arts, including dance arts professionals, organizations, companies, presenters, writers and audiences, through:

  • Moderated Public Forums and Events
  • Periodicals
  • Financial and Resource Support

Moderated Public Forums and Events: CriticalDance envisions a global bond not only among dance arts supporters but also between professionals and enthusiasts through moderated online forums, discussion salons, and dance festivals. Through an exchange of ideas, interactive discussion and sharing of information, CriticalDance hopes to enlighten the community and bring exposure to events, situations and organizations that do not otherwise receive adequate recognition. In doing so, CriticalDance aims to achieve a critical mass (hence the name CriticalDance) to effect changes and improvements to the artform, including facilitating support groups, fundraising efforts, and education of the public, and to raise its profile not only among arts lovers but also the general public. CriticalDance's current primary forum (CDf) is located at www.criticaldance.com/forum.

Periodicals: CriticalDance envisions publications that raise the global awareness of the dance arts, promote dance events and performances, educate the community about lesser known companies and issues, and encourage fresh voices in dance journalism. Through an expanding series of formats, CriticalDance hopes to project coverage among the general public and therefore elevate the stature of the dance arts. CriticalDance's current primary publication is Ballet-Dance Magazine (BDm), located at www.ballet-dance.com, which is published online around the second weekend of every month, drawn from an international mix of interviews, features, reviews and recent discussions from CriticalDance in addition to original material submitted by CriticalDance members and freelance writers.

Financial and Resource Support: CriticalDance currently provides financial and resource support to a variety of small and fledgling dance organizations around the world whose emphasis is education, promotion of the artform, publication of information related to the dance arts, promotion of new works, showcasing of up and coming choreographers, or fundraising for the arts. CriticalDance has provided financial support to the Retail Dance Festival, Words on Dance and DanceOff! among others.

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the criticaldance mission statement

CriticalDance is a worldwide collection of individuals passionate about dance as a performing arts. We are committed to educate and to inform and we seek to foster a global and inclusive dance arts community that encourages open discussion from multiple points of view. We strive to provide a positive environment for staff and volunteers through projects and responsibilities that are appealing and fulfilling. We aim to inspire and to achieve our vision through a high level of integrity at all times.

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how big is criticaldance?

The CriticalDance Forum membership and the Ballet-Dance Magazine subscription are worldwide, both numbering in the thousands. The forum registers up to 80,000 hits a day worldwide and the magazine, with up to 50 articles in each issue, may be the largest arts-related monthly publication in either online or print format. CriticalDance staff, volunteers and posters are located internationally, moderating or reporting from cities around the world including Amsterdam, Boston, Brussels, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Helsinki, Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Rome, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Petersburg, Sydney, Toronto, Vienna, Vilnius, and Washington, DC.

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criticaldance staff

CriticalDance Forum (CDf)

Executive Director and Administrator
Lisa Claybaugh

Ballet-Dance Magazine (BDm)

Executive Director and Editor
Kate Snedeker

Editorial Staff
Catherine Pawlick,
Heather DeSaulniers, Dean Speer, Francis Timlin, Lori Ibay,
Jerry Hochman, Elizabeth McPherson, Carmel Morgan

Additionally, there are many, many volunteers around the globe that continually provide resources and expertise on any number of subjects from marketing to newspaper clipping and from web design to dance technique. We are hugely indebted to all of them!

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board of directors

Board of Directors/Trustees
Francis Timlin, President
Jerry Hochman, Secretary
Azlan Ezaddin, SE, Treasurer (Founding Director)

Lori Ibay, MD

Kate Snedeker
Carmel Morgan

Stuart Sweeney (CriticalDance Ambassador, Founding Director)

Ed Lippman

Advisory Board
Michael Auer
Patricia Barker
Thea Nerissa Barnes
Kimberly Graves
Karen Hildebrand
Mary Ellen Hunt

Lauren Jonas
Gavin Larsen

Tina LeBlanc
David Mead

Holly Messitt
George Nunes
Dean Speer
Freya Vass-Rhee
Lyndsey Winship

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CriticalDance depends almost entirely on individual contributions from the public. Presently, funds are used for:

  • Webhosting for all of CriticalDance's online projects, including the forum and Ballet-Dance Magazine
  • Probono or discounted webhosting for dance schools, workshops, dance festivals, and small dance arts organizations
  • Nominal operating expenses such as internet access, software updates, advertising, bank fees, postage, and discounted design and administrative services
  • Domain name registrations for supported institutions, including dance schools and dance organizations

Additionally, private funding and inkind contributions have been earmarked for the following:

  • Festivals that promote dance
  • Choreographer showcases that promote new choreographers
  • Lecture events that educate audiences
  • Photography and art exhibitions that promote dance

Your contribution will not only sustain the above programs but will also help CriticalDance realize its goals to further promote the artform. Projects under consideration, both as CriticalDance productions or through the support of other organizations, include:

  • International dance festivals
  • Local and global dance salons
  • Expanded coverage of dance
  • Raising the awareness for dance among the general public
  • Support of up and coming dance artists
  • Support of new voices in dance journalism
  • Support of dance education
  • Fundraising for the dance arts community


  • Send a check to CriticalDance, 2412 Canyon Village Circle, San Ramon, CA 94583.
  • Donate online via Visa or Mastercard by clicking the button below (online payment is safe and secure in accordance with PayPal):

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