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Ballet British Columbia - Legends of 20th Century Dance
by Leland Windreich -- April 12-14, 2007, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, CA
John Alleyne, who has been artistic director of Ballet British Columbia for 15 years, took a sharp right turn from his past artistic policies by offering for the company’s spring program a trio of restored American dance masterpieces. Since his early days in Vancouver he has concentrated largely on his own choreographic...

Martha Graham Dance Company - 'Appalachian Spring,' 'Errand into the Maze,' 'El Penitente,' 'Diversion of Angels'
By Toba Singer - October 23, 2004, Mondavi Center, Davis, California
The Martha Graham Company, its place in American History, legacy to the universal vocabulary of dance, singular choreography and roster of great dancers, could cause us to view it as a museum, rich with retrospective treasures, were it not for the timeless technique that birthed it.

'Shining Star', 'Caught', 'Reminiscin'', 'Revelations'
By David Mead - September 13, 2005, Birmingham Hippodrome, Birmingham, England
The Ailey company has achieved what few other dance companies have managed. They have a distinct image, a brand if you like, and present a form of American modern dance that almost no one else comes close to. There is a natural focus on Ailey’s own works, but Artistic Director Judith Jamison has worked hard to show that the company is not a museum piece. This evening includes one new and one nearly new work.

New York City Ballet - 'Thou Swell,' 'Ballade,' and 'Western Symphony'
By Kate Snedeker - June 20, 2003, New York State Theater, New York

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'Ballo della Regina,' 'Agon,' 'Slaughter on Tenth Avenue'
By Lori Ibay - November 3-7, 2004, Academy of Music, Philadelphia
Hench, who joined the company as a principal last spring for Wheeldon's "Swan Lake," looked princely once again opposite the regal Amy Aldridge.

New York City Ballet in London - 'Thou Swell', 'Tarantella', 'Western Symphony', 'West Side Story Suite'
By David Mead -- March 19, 2008, London Coliseum

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'Theme and Variations', 'Prodigal Son', 'Western Symphony'
By Sigrid Payne DaVeiga - February 3, 2006, Merriam Theater
The Friday evening performance of The Pennsylvania Ballet’s 'Tribute to George Balanchine' opened with the most traditional of the three pieces, “Theme and Variations.” The eyes could focus nicely on the beautiful costumes and the dancers’ delivery of the choreography...

San Francisco Ballet - 'Spring Rounds', 'Magrittomania', 'Rodeo'
By Toba Singer - February 21, 2006, San Francisco
Clue: Muriel Maffre in the red dress on the Opera House stage with a turned-in knee. She kills! The piece is Yuri Possokhov’s “Magrittomania”...

American Ballet Theatre - 'Kaleidoscope', 'Gong', 'Rodeo'
By Jerry Hochman - October 23, 2005, City Center, New York
Without doubt, the night belonged to Erica Cornejo, whose performance as The Cowgirl in the long overdue revival of “Rodeo” was simply fabulous. Cornejo nailed everything as if she’d been rehearsing for this role all her life.

Tulsa Ballet - Celebrate Oklahoma!
By Gretchen Collins -- November 12, 2006, Tulsa Performing Arts Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oakland Ballet - 'Les Noces', 'Les Biches', 'Double Happiness', 'Billy the Kid', 'Ella'
By Toba Singer -- October 16, 2005, Calvin Simmons Theatre, Oakland, California
Speaking to a full house at the Calvin Simmons Theatre, Oakland Ballet Director, Karen Brown, offered words of welcome in celebration of the company’s recovery from a financial setback that resulted in the cancellation of last year’s season.

360º Dance Company - 'Night Journey,' 'Maktub' and'The Devil in Massachusetts'
By Elizabeth McPherson -- May 9, 2009, The Ailey Studios, New York

San Francisco Ballet - 'Maelstrom,' 'Falling,' 'Company B'
By Mary Ellen Hunt - February 8-9, 2005, War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco
I had had a vague memory of "Maelstrom" being more energetic and lively, but must be at least ten years since I had seen it and it looked, frankly, somewhat enervated.

San Francisco Ballet - 'Stravinsky Violin Concerto,' 'Within the Golden Hour' and 'West Side Story Suite'
By Katie Rosenfeld -- April 4, 2009, San Francisco
The Saturday matinee performance of San Francisco Ballet’s Program 6 was an intriguing combination of the modernity of the 1970s, the subtle neoclassicism of the late 2000s and the exuberance of the American musical.

Paul Taylor Dance Company - 'Cloven Kingdom', 'Lost, Found, and Lost' and 'Company B'
By Hanna Takeshige - April 3, 2005, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
The Paul Taylor Dance Company is currently celebrating its landmark "first 50 years". Much cause for celebration is in order for the vast body of innovative dance works this company has produced, all of which have been choreographed by Paul Taylor.

'West Side Story': Forecasting Favorable Skies
By Joanne - July 27, 2002, Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon, London

Pacific Northwest Ballet's Broadway Festival Program
By Dean Speer - 14 March 2009, McCaw Hall, Seattle
It’s too easy to forget that not all that long ago, it was common for ballet dancers to perform outside the specialized area of ballet in other concert dance, in musicals, in films, and even (horror-of-horrors) for the new-fangled and suspicious medium, television.

Joffrey Ballet - 'Pas de Déesses,' 'Deuce Coupe,' 'Billboards: Sometimes It Snows In April'
By Katie Rosenfeld -- October 4th, 2007, Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley campus

'Shining Star', 'Caught', 'Reminiscin'', 'Revelations'
By Ana Abad-Carles - September 6, 2005, Sadler's Wells, London
The first piece of the evening was “Shining Star”, choreographed in 2004 by American choreographer David Parsons to the music of Earth, Wind & Fire. It opened with a section choreographed for ten dancers.


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