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'Phantom Rose' - a hybrid Chinese Afro-Caribbean Dance
by Margaret Chan -- February 14-16, 2008, The Al Green Theatre, Toronto, Canada
On February 14 – 16, 2008, the Little Pear Garden Collective presented three nights of dance performances to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Rat. Showcasing traditional and contemporary Chinese dance, six dances were performed each night at the Al Green Theatre, Toronto.
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National Ballet of China and City Contemporary Dance Company
by Holly Messitt -- October 11 and 15, 2005, New York City

Tsai Jui-yueh Festival
by David Mead -- November 9-11, 2007, Tsai Hui-yueh Studio, Taipei
The history of modern dance in America and Europe is well-documented and widely known. But it is sometimes forgotten that these two continents by no means had a monopoly on the art form. The recent Tsai Jui-yueh Dance Festival in Taipei certainly showed that developments were happening in East Asia too.
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Cloud Gate Dance Theatre - 'The Tale of the White Serpent'
by David Mead -- December 10, 2006, National Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre - 'Wind Shadow'
by David Mead -- November 26, 2006, National Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan
In Spring 2005, Lin Hwai-Min met New York-based contemporary artist Cai Guo-Qiang backstage at a Cloud Gate performance...Lin suggested they work together on a new production for his company. The outcome is the at times stark, but often visually stunning and thought provoking “Wind Shadow.”

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre - 'Cursive III'
by David Mead -- November 21, 2005, National Theatre, Taipei

National Ballet of China - 'Raise the Red Lantern'
by Toba SInger -- September 17, 2005, Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley, California
What a bold experiment! The National Ballet of China invited the award-winning director, Zhang Yimou, to adapt his film, Raise the Red Lantern for the ballet stage... This is my first exposure to a film that has been made into a ballet.

National Ballet of China - 'Raise the Red Lantern'
By Stuart Sweeney -- August 1, 2008, Royal Opera House, London

Shen Wei Dance Arts - 'The Rite of Spring,' 'Folding'
by Mary Ellen Hunt
September 26, 2004 -- Cal Performances,Berkeley

Precariously balanced contradictions seem to be the theme of “Folding,” in which pairs of dancers in long blood-red, fishtail-trained skirts and ivory-painted bodies cut silkily across the stage like swaying carp.

Shen Wei Dance Arts - 'Connect Tranfer'
by Rosella Simonari -- November 26 , 2005 -- Teatro Rossini, Civitanova, Italy

Shen Wei in Folding Shen Wei Dance Arts - 'The Rite of Spring,' 'Folding'
by Holly Messitt
July 23, 2003 -- Lincoln Center Festival, NY

We watch the cohesiveness of an expansive mind, a new hybrid of Eastern and Western that brings freshness of vision even to music that may now seem overdone.


Mao's Last Dancer - by Li Cunxin
Book review by Leland Windreich
For Li Cunxin, born in 1961, the chances of becoming a world acclaimed ballet dancer were a million to one. Number six in a Chinese family of seven boys, sleeping head to toe in a peasant commune hovel near the costal city of Quingdao, Li had neither special talents nor childhood yearnings to be a performer.


Hong Kong Ballet - 'The Last Emperor': Twilight of the Small
by Jeff Kuo
May 25, 2004 --
Warner Theatre, Washington, D.C.

Dramatically, the ballet’s narrative trajectory is a kind of Cinderella story in reverse. Told largely in flash back in the ballet, Pu Yi lives out his fall down the years from the Forbidden City of his youth to the confetti littered street he in middle age must sweep.

Peking Acrobats: The Body as Theater
By Jeff Kuo
January 24, 2004 -- Carpenter Performing Arts Center, Long Beach, CA

One must be in a really bad mood not to at least smile a little at the sight of tables being foot juggled between three girls in pink pajamas. In their aesthetic, the human body is itself a kind of theater...

Peking Acrobats: Defying Physics
By Toba Singer
January 17, 2004 --
Marin Civic Center, San Rafael, CA
Unlike other circuses that aim to bewitch their audiences with the ubiquitously occult “magical,” this troupe presents the very best kind of conscious tribute to the wonders of the noumenal world and its ineluctable laws of physics...

Za-Ji AcrobaticsAnhui Acrobatics Troupe - 'Za-Ji': A Feast of Feats
by Stuart Sweeney
November 17, 2003 -- The Peacock Theatre, London

This is a delightful show and the primary reason is the brilliance of the artistes as they balance and spin in a series of remarkable acts. Overall the women impress more than the men, showing that precision and elegance score more highly than sheer power.  Maybe that is why London's dance critics were out in force for the press night.



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