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Kurt Froman: From Ballet to Broadway
by Kate Snedeker

First they hired me as the first understudy as James, doing two shows a week for Ben Bowman, and also a partial swing for the ensemble.

'Mary Poppins' on Broadway
By Elizabeth McPherson - March 2, 2007, New Amsterdam Theatre, New York City
“Mary Poppins” is a thoroughly enjoyable production based on the stories of P. L. Travers and the Walt Disney film. The center point of the set, designed by Bob Crowley, is a brilliant treatment of the Banks’ home, at 17 Cherry Tree Lane, as a multi-storied dollhouse.

Jerome RobbinsJerome Robbins: His Life, His Theater, His Dance
by Deborah Jowitt
Review by Leland Windreich

Jowitt, always a friendly writer in her dance critiques, maintains a presence in each chapter, and her obvious affection for her subject and admiration of his extraordinary gifts prevails in the rich tapestry of experiences that unfolds.

One Singular Sensation - 'A Chorus Line' Returns
by Toba Singer
“A Chorus Line” opened its one-stop pre-Broadway tour at San Francisco’s Curran Theater on August 2, 2006. Just minutes after the curtain, a 4.4 earthquake struck 40 miles north of the city. The audience felt – nothing – as jazz-thighed dancers step-kick-kick-touched their way through the first number, “I Hope I Get It.”  The show is a classic: a Broadway love letter to dance chorines that has written elegy, alongside caveats and insider humor, into its book and lyrics.

'The Phantom of the Opera'
By Gretchen Collins - June 20, 2008, Tulsa Performing Arts Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Everyone’s favorite phantom skulked into Tulsa during June. It was obvious from the audience reaction that his return, courtesy of Celebrity Attractions, was Phan-tastic!

'Kiss Me, Kate'
By Emma Pegler - November 2001, Victoria Palace, London
I am not generally a fan of musicals - well on stage, at any rate. I love the old black and white screen versions for their catchy tunes with clearly enunciated lyrics that I can sing along to and for their glamorous dance numbers. But there is something terribly garish about stage musicals, as if the colour control is turned up too high.

Bombay Dreams - The Perfect Recipe
by Preeti Vasudevan
How can a three-hour melodramatic formulae of a native film industry be presented to an uninitiated western audience? Do we need an original formula to access an exotic culture still viewed through its immigrant minority populations?

'A Chorus Line'
By Elizabeth McPherson - January 16, 2007, Schoenfeld Theatre, New York City
Having seen “A Chorus Line” as a child, both on Broadway in New York and a road version, this reviewer eagerly anticipated seeing a revival although one is always a bit worried that it will not live up to memories. That was not a problem. This production stands as a masterwork of musical theatre that has carefully maintained its integrity.

'The Lion King' Roars in Tulsa
by Gretchen Collins
With a mighty roar, Disney’s “The Lion King” packed up its trucks in Tulsa and moved on. In its wake, it left an economic impact estimated at $20,000,000...  People from 46 states and three continents purchased tickets and traveled to Oklahoma to see the musical. During its run, 101,548 people saw “The Lion King.”

Tulsa Ballet: Celebrate Oklahoma! - 'Nine Lives: Songs of Lyle Lovett', 'Rodeo', 'Oklahoma! Suite'
By Gretchen Collins - November 12, 2006, Tulsa Performing Arts Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma
November in Oklahoma is always a beautiful month, but this one is especially so because it marks the start of a yearlong celebration of the state’s centennial. Tulsa Ballet was chosen as one of the organizations to kick-off premier events. Artistic director, Marcello Angelini, rose to the occasion, offering the world premiere of “Oklahoma! Suite.”

'On Your Toes' - Music, Lyrics, and Book by Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart, and George Abbott with Choreography by Adam Cooper
By Emma Pegler - August 9, 2003, Royal Festival Hall, London
A triumph and a thoroughly good night out! It is truly a pleasure to see such accomplished ballet dancers acting and singing so well. Adam Cooper is a feast for the eyes. He is tall, slim and beautifully proportioned – no overdeveloped muscles – and looks handsome in an all-American way as the bespectacled Professor Dolan, in his baggy but well-cut 1930s trousers and billowing white shirt..

'Jersey Boys'
By Toba Singer - December 10, 2006, Curran Theater, San Francisco
Oh what a night! The trained ear could detect the accents of Jersey men and women who crowded around the lobby booth where the Jersey Boys sweatshirts were on sale. “Ooy wuhnt wahn foor moy hesbend: He weers a soyze foorty-foower” [translation: “I want one for my husband; he wears a size 44”], a woman said to the concessionaire.

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'A Chorus Line' revival
'A Chorus Line' is timeless in its themes - love, ambition, betrayal. And it is, as original co-choreographer Bob Avian told the Herald last week, Broadway’s first reality show/competition, long before 'American Idol' took over the world."

'The Phantom of the Opera' (stage & film)
This merely reinforces that which Chorus Line has already demonstrated -- that longest running is not the same as best."

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