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Many Tools, One Toolbox: An Introduction
By Liz Lerman, Founder and Artistic Director of Liz Lerman Dance Exchange
I was raised classically. Early on I learned to enjoy the rigors of a world that values line and form, to admire a concept of beauty as an ideal that can lie apart from an object or a person. I learned to devote myself to craft and to time spent preparing. But as I trained within classical systems, I came to see that some thing or some purpose was missing.

Capital Fringe Festival -- Choreography by Christopher Morgan and dancers from the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange
in 'Muscle and Mortar: Animating Architecture'

By Carmel Morgan - July 26, 2008, National Building Museum, Washington, DC
The Liz Lerman Dance Exchange’s site-specific work, “Muscle and Mortar: Animating Architecture” gave the 2008 Capital Fringe Festival a unique hit. It’s a tall order to choreograph a work that highlights the architecture of a huge, amazingly beautiful, historic building – in this case the National Building Museum in downtown D.C. Christopher Morgan and the Dance Exchange dancers successfully achieved this monumental task, and then some.

Liz Lerman Dance Exchange: 'Drift,' Choreographed by Cassie Meador
By Carmel Morgan - September 19, 2008, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Millennium Stage, Washington, DC
On September 19, 2008, “Drift,” a work about the interaction between humans and their environment choreographed by Local Dance Commissioning Project award winner Cassie Meador of the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, premiered at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage. Meador, who is originally from Augusta, Georgia, playfully and sensitively fuses a history of her small Southern town into a highly theatrical piece that reflects upon fields as diverse as geology, ecology, archeology, and architecture, and also fields of the agricultural sort.

Liz Lerman Dance Exchange and the Theater and Performance Studies Program at Georgetown University -- 'Love, Etcetera: Dances to William Shakespeare and Willie Nelson' - 'Nocturnes' and 'The Farthest Earth From Thee'
By Carmel Morgan - February 14, 2008, The Gonda Theater, David Performing Arts Center, Georgetown University, Washington, DC
The Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, along with students from the Theater and Performance Studies Program at Georgetown University and guest artists, presented “Love, Etcetera: Dances to William Shakespeare and Willie Nelson” on February 14, 2008. With love as its inspiration for this Valentine’s Day show, the performance featured two dynamic Dance Exchange works, “Nocturnes,” and “The Farthest Earth From Thee.”

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Liz Lerman
"Dance is everywhere and everyone can dance" written by critic Clare Croft of The Washington Times and quoted above-what an interesting perspective. This brings to mind the philosopy of the Judson Church Group, among other innovators of the 60's. It appears that Ms. Lerman is one of the few figures on the contemporary scene to have taken this ethos into the 21st Century. Hmmmm."

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