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Dancing with Doug Varone
by Nancy Bannon -- September 2008
I met Doug Varone when I was cast in a work he was creating for The Juilliard School where I was a student in my last year of training. I was instantly electrified by the movement. His vocabulary was athletic with diving to the floor, catching and throwing people, playing with momentum -- a traveling, twisting, reversing-on-itself series of unfinished or interrupted intentions, and yet at the same time, incorporated softly nuanced gestures, unrolling from the torso and spilling gently out from the center.

CityDance Ensemble - 'UnRavel,' 'Bubbles,' 'I Can Hear You. Can You See Me?,' 'Little Rhapsodies,' 'Harmonica Breakdown,' 'Salam,' 'Born to Run (Part One)'
by Carmel Morgan -- September 7, 2007, Lansburgh Theatre, Washington, DC
This year’s CityDance Ensemble season opener got off to a running start courtesy of “The Boss,” Bruce Springsteen. Titled “Born to Run,” the show featured a variety of modern dance pieces, including the Springsteen-inspired “Born to Run (Part One).”

Doug Varone and Dancers - Navigating a New Language
by Cecly Placenti -- May 19, 2007, BAM Harvey Theatre, Brooklyn NY
As the twelve dancers in Doug Varone’s company ran and slid onto the stage, sat in or moved chairs, abruptly stopped or forcefully changed direction, you got the feeling that this was going to be a deeply emotional evening. As a video of these dancers, plus one actor scribbling ferociously across the walls and floor of his small white room, was projected on to a series of onstage screens, you also got the feeling that these emotions were going to be disturbing, complex, and communicated not only through movement, but through gestures and words as well.

Doug Varone and Dancers - 'Castles', 'Rise', 'The Things of the World'
by Rebecca Hirschman-- April 7, 2006, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
15 years in the making, and Doug Varone and Dancers have returned to San Francisco. I wasn’t here the first time, as I was in middle school and probably off at a slumber party ordering pizza and talking about first kisses. But last night’s performance inspired me to make sure I catch the company again before another 15 years goes by.

Doug Varone and Dancers
by Becca Hirschman -- April 20, 2008, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
Doug Varone and Dancers, a fixture in the New York City dance scene and modern dance departments at various New England colleges for years, graced San Francisco with its presence this past weekend. The company, plus Mr. Varone himself, skipped across the stage and back into our hearts, reminding us that dance is an everlasting feeling, even when sitting upright in a well padded chair.

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6th July, 2005: Doug Varone and dancers/Kokoro Dance
Every choreographer should have some magical skills to breathe life into a dead space, otherwise his art will not touch anyone. Doug Varone and his dancers, even if they did not present any revolutionary attitude to making stage dances, surely have achieved one purpose – they made the stage of the Silesian Dance Theatre dance."

Doug Varone
For the setting, it has similarities to the site-specific work 'Salome' that I saw 2 years ago. It took place along a marked out route through a semi-derilict Victorian hotel. It was a stunning experience."

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