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Royal Ballet

'The Sleeping Beauty'
by Ana Abad-Carles -- 5 May 2008, Royal Opera House, London

The Royal Ballet presented The Sleeping Beauty as part of their regular season at the Royal Opera House, and I went to see the performance led by Lauren Cuthbertson and Rupert Pennefather.

Triple Bill: 'Serenade,' 'Rushes,' 'Homage to the Queen'
by Ana Abad-Carles -- 14 May 2008, Royal Opera House, London

The Royal Ballet’s programme opened with George Balanchine’s masterpiece “Serenade”. The company, especially in the opening section, looked really good and the soloists were really impressive. Marianela Nuñez, Lauren Cuthbertson and Mara Galeazzi danced with an assurance and freedom that is at times rare to see in Royal Ballet dancers when performing Balanchine.

Pacific Northwest

Having The Last Laugh: Pacific Northwest Ballet's "All Robbins" Program
by Dean Speer -- 31 May 2008, Seattle, Washington

By all accounts Edward Gorey was a very eccentric person with a bizarre sense of humor. He was a big fan of the New York City Ballet and was particularly smitten with the work of George Balanchine – never missing a performance for many years.

Ballet Across America: Pacific Northwest Ballet
'Jardi Tancat'

by Ali Duffy -- June 10-15, 2008, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC

Nacho Duato’s “Jardi Tancat,” performed by Seattle’s Pacific Northwest Ballet, cast a refreshingly earthbound light on the Kennedy Center June 14th in its Ballet Across America season. One of nine companies featured in the showcase, PNB displayed its dancers’ superior diverse technical strengths in the work based on Catalonian folk tales of hardship and survival.

Forums Flashes
Direct from the CD forum...

Standing Stones is utterly beautiful
by Lisboa

Standing Stones, from the Ascendance Rep Company, is utterly beautiful’ so says Kevin Berry (The Stage) and I have to agree with him.

To read more, click here


Remembering Nureyev: The Trail of a Comet
By Rudi van Dantzig. Translation by Katie de Haan
Reviewed by Leland Windreich

Yes, Virginia, another book about Nureyev. This will be number eight in my home library, and I don’t have all that have been published. But this study does not start with the dancer’s birth on a Siberian train..

Men to make Blackpool shimmy this spring: Bellydance Superstars
by Aurore Jouanin

As the long-awaited Blackpool event approaches, fans of the Bellydance Superstars are trying to book the last places available for the numerous workshops and shows scheduled for the weekend of June 13th to 15th. Both male and female dancers and spectators are welcome, as among the dancers will figure famous Middle Eastern male dancer Ozgen, as well as the acclaimed American Divas, who were last seen in the United Kingdom for the Tribal London event last February.


Akram Khan Company and the National Ballet of China - 'bahok'
by David Mead -- May 13, 2008, Repertory Theatre, Birmingham
Through dialogue and dance “bahok” explores relationships between people stuck in an airport departure lounge. It’s a place most of us will have experienced at some time, and choreographer Akram Khan has brilliantly captured the feeling of long periods of boredom punctuated by bursts of energy and hope as the departure board that dominates the stage flickers into life, only for it to be immediately doused as “delayed” or “please wait” appears once more.

Los Angeles Ballet
by Kathy Lee Scott -- May 17, 2008, Irvine Barclay Theatre, Irvine, California
Introducing a post-performance discussion, David Massingham, Festival Co-Artistic Director, said, “I wanted to find something for International Dance Festival Birmingham that dealt with current issues, that helped dissolve the myth that dance is just about beautiful bodies making amazing shapes.” He certainly did that.

Oregon Ballet Theatre's All-Russian Program: 'Tolstoy's Waltz'
by Dean Speer -- 7 June 2008, Portland, Oregon
I was very intrigued by a program that was to feature a ballet created by Oregon Ballet Theatre Artistic Director Christopher Stowell to music composed by Russians we normally don’t think of as having been composers all. Among these are the boy, Julian Scriabin (three preludes); George Balanchine (“Valse Lente”); and the eponymous Leo Tolstoy himself. Balanchine is not so surprising, I suppose, given his legendary mastery of the keyboard and his music reading abilities. I was more surprised and charmed by the rest.

Robyn Orlin & City Theatre and Dance Company - 'We Must Eat Our Lollipops With The Wrappers On'
by David Mead -- May 16, 2008, Repertory Theatre, Birmingham

Maly-Mussorgsky/Mikhailovsky Ballet - 'Spartacus'
by Catherine Pawlick -- 16 May 2008, Mikhailovsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia

Kirov Ballet at the Birmingham Hippodrome
by David Mead -- May 20-23 , 2008 -- Birmingham Hippodrome

State of the Art: Czech Dance Platform
by Stuart Sweeney -- April, 2008, Prague

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'Carnival of the Animals'
by Lori Ibay -- June 7, 2008, Academy of Music, Philadelphia

Element Dance Theater & Navarrete x Kajiyama - THE MAPPING PROJECT/
San Francisco International Arts Festival CounterPULSE
by Erica Milsom -- June 7, 2008, San Francisco

Ballet Across America: Boston Ballet - 'Brake the Eyes'
by Ali Duffy -- June 10-15, 2008 - Kennedy Center, Washington, DC

editors' choice

· 2008 Vail International Dance Festival
July 27 - August 10, 2008, Vail Colorado
The Festival presents a fantastic array of dance: from Paul Taylor Dance Company to Morphoses/The Wheeldon Company, from Pacific Northwest Ballet to Noche Flamenca, from Keigwin + Company to Buckets and Tap Shoes, and from the brilliant stars of the International Evenings to the thrilling champions of Ballroom’s Best.

· New York City Ballet in Saratoga
July 8 - 26,
Saratoga Performing Arts Center, New York
NYCB will once again perform outdoors in Saratoga.



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