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best of 2007 features

Ballet Down Under - The Australian Ballet
by Kate Snedeker
The Australian Ballet is riding a high. The ballet world "up above" rarely has a chance to see this world-class company from Down Under.  Artistic Director David McAllister kindly took time out of his busy schedule to speak with me about his career and the company.

500 Years of Italian Ballet Exhibition
by Rosella Simonari

When Walter Toscanini, son of the renowned conductor Arturo, decided to start donating his collection of dance material to the New York City Public Library in 1955, he insisted on having his name replaced by that of his wife, Cia Fornaroli, who had been a famous Italian dancer during the 1910s & 1920s.

Mao's Last Dancer: Talking with Li Cunxin
by Kate Snedeker
"The experience in Houston was far more dramatic for me, because coming from China as an 18-year old boy who didn't speak much English; all I knew was the basic ballet terminology – plie, tendu, arabesque and all of that.

Twenty-Eight Artists and Two Saints: Essays -- by Joan Acocella
reviewed by Leland Windreich

Joan Acocella had some splendid credentials. Author of a biography of Mark Morris, editor of the unexpurgated diary of Vaslav Nijinsky, and a passionate advocate of the dance arts in her critical writings for several noted journals, she has a significantly broader interest base than Croce possessed

For Every Swan, A Song: A Farewell to Pacific Northwest Ballet's Patricia Barker
by Dean Speer
I’ve been dreading Patricia Barker’s “Farewell” event for awhile. Now that it’s nearly upon us, I’m strengthening my resolve to courageously meet and greet the passing of her talent from the Pacific Northwest Ballet boards. Each time someone leaves the stage, it’s a loss to the art and to the greater public, regardless of the reason(s) for doing so. 

The Men of the Ballet Russe
by Kathy Scott -- June 9, 2007, Wilshire Ebell Theatre, Los Angeles
A remarkable reunion occurred at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 9, 2007. Five of six former Ballet Russe male dancers gathered to be honored, and hundreds of their colleagues, friends, students and balletomanes joined them.


Small Dance Companies in New York City: The Economic Realities
by Natalie Bostick

New York City loves to see dance. This week alone I counted twenty-eight dance groups performing around town...Yet with all this variety of dance companies, most of the performances this week feature small scale modern/contemporary dance companies.


Jacques D'Amboise: Portrait of a Great American Dancer - DVD Review
by Leland Windreich

Premiere: 'Don Quixote' - Restored film of George Balanchine's 1965 gala performance featuring George Balanchine and Suzanne Farrell
by Carmel Morgan -- September 5, 2007 -- The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC

Frederic Franklin: a Biography of the Ballet Star, By Leslie Norton and Frederic Franklin
by Leland Windreich

Dance Umbrella: A Feeling of Practice
by Annie Wells


Seattle Dance Project Debut
by Dean Speer and Francis Timlin
A new dance venture launches itself as one of the babies of the New Year – Seattle Dance Project. We sat down with Artistic Directors Julie Tobiason and Timothy Lynch shortly before Christmas to hear about this exciting new series.

Ballet West's "Three Musketeers"
by Karen Webb -- November 2, 2007, Capitol Theatre, Salt Lake City
Very few works of theater feature a death scene that has you rolling in the aisles, but Andre Prokovsky’s “The Three Musketeers” does.

Pina Bausch
by Toba Singer -- November 16, 2007, Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley, CA

Maryland Dance Ensemble
by Carmel Morgan -- December 3, 2007, Millennium Stage, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC

Douglas Dunn and Dancers
by Juliet Neidish -- November 8, 2007, Dance New Amsterdam, New York

Royal Ballet's "Romeo and Juliet"
by Ana Abad-Carles -- November 20, 2007, Royal Opera House, London

best of 2007 reviews

Compagnie Linga - When a Table is Centerstage
by Rosella Simonari -- December 22, 2006, Pergolesi Theatre, Jesi (Ancona), Italy
Can four dancers sitting around a table create a thrilling dynamic quality? The answer is definitely yes when the four dancers in question are members of the Swiss Compagnie Linga and when the piece is “Concerto” (1996), their most successful work.

Sadler's Wells Sampled
by Ana Abad-Carles -- February 4, 2007, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London
As part of their newly formed partnership with New York’s City Center, Sadler’s Wells presented a new initiative called Sadler’s Wells Sampled as part of their spring season.

Seventh Erik Bruhn Prize Competition
by Denise Sum
March 3, 2007 - Toronto, Canada
NBoC first soloist, Hirano, burst on to the stage and commanded the audience to take notice. His jumps were huge and his landings soft and secure. I have seen him dance several times, but I have never seen him look so strong.

Ballet British Columbia - Legends of 20th Century Dance
by Leland Windreich -- April 12-14, 2007, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, CA
John Alleyne, who has been artistic director of Ballet British Columbia for 15 years, took a sharp right turn from his past artistic policies by offering for the company’s spring program a trio of restored American dance masterpieces.

Sylvie Guillem and Akram Khan: 'Sacred Monsters'
by Toba Singer -- May 5, 2007, Zellerback Auditorium, Berkeley, California
Sylvie Guillem puts the body back into “bodisattva” in her crossover collaboration with the esteemed Kathak practitioner, Akram Khan. “Sacred Monsters” is the medium for the meeting of two classical traditions: Ballet and Indian Kathak, where a fluent ionic exchange leaves neither dance form nor dancer quite the same.

Eifman Ballet - 'Anna Karenina'
by Catherine Pawlick -- June 29, 2007, Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg

In a fourth program by the Eifman Ballet during this celebration of their thirtieth season, the company presented one of its newer works, “Anna Karenina”, which was created just two years ago, prior to their 2005 US tour.

Pennsylvania Ballet - 'The Sleeping Beauty'
by Sigrid Payne DaVeiga -- June 7, 2007, Philadelphia
Entering the Academy of Music, one could feel lightness in the air on this lovely summer evening. This audience came to see a “Sleeping Beauty” that would match the magic found only on a crisp summer night such as this at Philadelphia’s Avenue of the Arts. The presence and excitement of the children in the lobby...

Edinburgh International Festival - Compagnie Montalvo-Hervieu - 'On Danse'
by Lea Marshall -- August , 2007, Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland
In the sense that “On Danse” sets out to emulate a lush piece of 18th century entertainment through fantastical imagery and lovely dancing, it succeeds. Using a seamless combination of live dancing and video imagery enhanced by computer animation, Compagnie Montalvo-Hervieu gives us goats, horses, frogs, giant bunnies, living statuary, rearing lions, and groups of floating naked people soaring through the sky, among many other virtual creatures with whom the real dancers interact, on two levels of stage.

Mariinsky Theatre 225th Season - 'Giselle'
by Catherine Pawlick -- September 19, 2007, St. Petersburg, Russia
The beginning of the Mariinsky’s 225th season began in hallmark fashion earlier this week. Per tradition, the Opera had the honors of the first performance, offering up “Life for the Tsar” on September 16th.

Siobhan Davies - 'Two Quartets'
by Annie Wells -- October 3, 2007, Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank Centre, London

Solid and coherent, “Two Quartets” worthily marked the current position of British dance stalwart Siobhan Davies’ four-decade spanning career.


'Festival of Lies'
November 8 , 2007 - Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Forum, Yerba Buena, California
by Becca Hirschman

Faustin Linyekula/Les Studios Kabako returned to the Bay Area this week after a two-year hiatus. The company's previous work, a mainstage performance of "Triptyque Sans Titre," garnered applause and dripping admiration for the choreographer and his dance troupe, and many eagerly awaited their return...last evening provided a very different sensory and imagery experience from the first moments to the last breath.

editors' choice

· New York Flamenco Festival
Feb 15 – Feb 17, 2008, City Center, New York
The flamenco event of the season featuring dancers and musicians direct from Andalucia, Spain.

· San Francisco Ballet's 75th Anniversary Season
Jan 23 - May 6, War Memorial Opera House and various venues, San Francisco
Heritage ballets, a new works festival, visiting companies, exhibitions, a commemorative book with CD, and other events and treats mark the company's 75th anniversary season.



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