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Margaret Jenkins Dance Company - 'A Slipping Glimpse'
By Carmel Morgan - September 20, 2007, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, College Park, Maryland
It is an epic work in many ways, not in the least because it joins from across the globe dancers of differing styles. A spiritual, otherworldly quality suffuses “A Slipping Glimpse” whose title comes from a turn of phrase by Willem de Kooning – “Reality is a slipping glimpse.”

Jess Curtis/GRAVITY - 'Touched: Symptoms of Being Human'
By Rebecca Hirschman - June 2, 2005, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
Using modern dance, theater, acrobatics, and live music, Jess Curtis/GRAVITY’s "Touched: Symptoms of Being Human" explores the literal, cultural, personal, and political ramifications of contact between individuals and among people.

Savage Jazz - Jammin' and Clappin'
By Mary Ellen Hunt - February 15, 2004, Alice Arts Center, Oakland, California
One of the many pleasures of Savage Jazz Dance Company is watching their talented performers come through the ranks, and in the company's twelve year history, director Reginald Ray-Savage has shown us some enormously gifted dancers.

Dance Brigade - 'Cavewomen... The Next Incarnation!'
By Karen Hildebrand - February 1, 2003, Dance Mission Theater, San Francisco
More theater than dance, “CaveWomen... The Next Incarnation!” is a rousing combination of satiric verse, taiko drumming, martial arts, and dramatic storytelling that makes a biting statement about the cultural effects of U.S. and male dominance.

The Foundry - 'The Fleshing Memory'
By Karen Hildebrand - January 4, 2003, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
In "The Fleshing Memory," Foundry artistic directors Ketley and Burns incorporate visual media into their choreography as well as music, sound, and spoken word. Sometimes, as with the mood-setting opening projection, this is successful. Other times, it can be redundant or distracting, competing with the dancers for attention.

Joe Goode Performance Group - 'Folk' & 'Transparent Body'
By Mary Ellen Hunt - June 28, 2003, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
For the first time in my experience with the Joe Goode Performance Group, I had a real twinge. I think I was offended.

Magic Theater - 'Body Familiar'

Lizz Roman and Dancers - 'Here is Good: Playing in Stable Places II'

AXIS Dance Company - 'Secret Ponies'

Jess Curtis/Gravity Physical Entertainment and fabrikCompanie - 'Fallen'

Janice Garrett and Dancers - 'Hither and Thither'

Joe Goode Performance Group - Shut Up and Dance

Joe Goode Performance Group- 'What the Body Knows'

Deborah Slater Dance Theater - 'The Sleepwatchers'

Motion Lab - 'Bodies of Evidence'

Lizz Roman & Dancers - '8 1/2 x 11'

Savage Jazz Dance Company - 'Take Five'

Capacitor - 'Within Outer Spaces'

Liss Fain Dance - 'Quarry'

Margaret Jenkins Dance Company - 'Breathe Normally'

An interview with Jodi Lomask - Choreographer and Artistic Director, Capacitor

Element Dance Theater - 'Zoetrope'

David J. Popalisky and Cookie Ridolfie - 'Barred From Life'

Dandelion Dance Theater - Undressed Project

Performance Showcase 2004 - Tight performances in the House of God

California Contemporary Dancers - IT'S A SIGN Program

Kim Epifano - 'Mathematics of the Heart'

Summerfest/dance 2001 Gala Celebration


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